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Is Your Lack of Sleep Causing Hair Loss?

In most cases, hair loss is natural due to getting older, or genetics. However, it’s never a bad idea to have the problem diagnosed to ensure there isn’t a larger issue. Many times people have to change their lifestyle once they find out the reason why they are losing hair. And sometimes it’s a simple fix, like getting more sleep.

No matter how many hair products for Remy hair you use, you can’t cover up a lack of sleep. Losing hair due to not getting enough sleep can make your hair lose shine, volume and even make it prone to breaking. Here are some things to consider regarding the connection between hair loss and lack of sleep.

hair products for remy hairStress and Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Hair Loss

One of the main reasons why people don’t get enough sleep is because of going through constant stress. If stress doesn’t completely prevent people from sleeping, then it can impact the sleep habits enough to where the person doesn’t get a good night’s rest. Studies have indicated that stress leads to sleep deprivation, which can lead to hair loss.

Actions to Take to Prevent Hair Loss

Using a great sulfate free shampoo will protect your hair, but it won’t prevent it from falling out. One of the main things to consider is to maximize the amount of sleep you get, and making sure to get at least seven or eight hours on average every night. Don’t fall asleep watching television or working, as these are triggers for insomnia. You can also consider changing your pillow, sheets, sleeping arrangement or your bed in general. Whatever it takes to get a good night’s sleep should be done, and you’ll likely notice a decrease in the amount of hair you’re losing as a result.

Find A Routine That Works and Stick With It

Everyone is different, whether you’re talking about a quality hair care routine or how you deal with stress. Every day you’re deprived of sleep is another day you could be losing your beautiful hair. And as you undertake the journey of finding a good sleep routine, also remember to incorporate hair products for Remy hair to ensure the hair is healthy along the way.

RemySoft not only wants to make your hair look great, but we want to help you protect it as well. Sometimes all it takes is a great sulfate free shampoo, but sometimes you may need other hair products for Remy hair. Everyone is different, and we will take the time to learn more about your hair so you can have the healthiest hair possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time for product recommendations or tips on how to keep your hair looking great.

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Celebrity Inspired Short Ombré Hair

great sulfate free shampooIf you’re looking for something a little different to do with your hair, but don’t want to do anything too drastic, ombré hair may be an option for you. Many women believe ombré hair is only suitable for people with longer hair, but with the right quality hair care products, you can pull off ombré hair with a short haircut as well.

How do you know what a particular ombré hairstyle will do for you? This style is becoming popular among different celebrities, so let’s take a look at some of the celebrity inspired short ombré hair so you can get a feel for the options you have available to you.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba pulled off a slightly less than shoulder-length ombré hairstyle. Her brown hair with golden undertones are nothing short of flattering, and it’s clear she uses a great sulfate free shampoo to make her hair look healthy and flawless. Subtle and classy is the best way to describe Jessica’s hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has taken the ombré hair to a different level. Instead of a gradual fade of colors, she has gone more with a dyed-tip look. With brown hair on top and white tips at the end, this hairstyle is definitely going to make you stand out in a crowd. If you’re not shy about having a noticeable hairstyle to draw attention to yourself, try to replicate Miley’s short ombré hair.


Beyoncé is an idol for many women, and her ombré hair should be idolized as well. Her dark brown roots are shown, but quickly transitions into a golden blonde from the top of her head all the way to the tips. You can pull off this look too with a little protective hair serum and experimenting with different styles.

Vanessa Hudgens

What makes Vanessa Hudgens’ short ombré hair unique is it incorporates three different colors instead of the traditional two. It starts on top with black, slowly transitions to brown and then quickly ends with a blonde color at the tips. At first glance, you may not even realize the trio of colors, but it’s definitely a unique look when replicated.

RemySoft wants you to achieve the hairstyle you desire at any time, which is why we have all the quality hair care products you would ever need. Replicating a celebrity’s hairstyle is always fun, especially when you’re trying to create short ombré hair. Be sure to contact us to see which hair products you need, or if you need tips on how to pull off a certain style.

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2017’s Hottest Prom Styles

Prom season is here, which means it’s time to begin coordinating your look for the big night, starting with your hair! Now is the time to stock up on sulfate free shampoo and conditioners to see which ones work the best for your hair. A lot of time and thought goes into creating the perfect hairstyle for prom. It only comes once a year, after all, so we understand how important it is to impress. Sometimes you just need a couple hair products for Remy hair to look like a princess on your prom night. Here are some of the hottest styles to consider for prom this year.

1. Wavy with Braids

If you’re looking for a classy, but relatively simple hairstyle for prom, wavy braided hair may be perfect for you. Just a simple braid or subtle waves don’t seem like very dressy hairstyles, but when you combine them with the perfect hair products for Remy hair, you’ll be sure to impress.

2. Side CurlsRemySoft best sulfate free shampoo

People with longer hair can easily pull off the glamorous side curls look. Use some of the best sulfate free shampoo you can find first to make sure your hair will curl perfectly. Afterwards, all it takes is curling your hair and sweeping it off to the side. This is one of the easiest (and most elegant) hairstyles you can choose for prom this year.

3. Twisted Halo

If you’re going to the prom, you’ll want to look like a princess on your big night! Wave your hair (if it isn’t already naturally wavy), then twist your waves around the back of your head to create a halo. With the right hair products for Remy hair, you’ll be able to look and feel like a princess at this year’s prom.

4. Half and Half

We know a prom hairstyle takes a lot of thought and consideration. If you’re deciding whether you want to wear your hair up or down, why not do both with this half and half style? You can dress it up even more with different hair accessories, and it looks even better combined with an off-the-shoulder dress.

These certainly aren’t the only hairstyles to consider for prom this year, but they definitely are some of the classiest and easiest to recreate. For recommendations on other hairstyles or hair products for Remy hair, be sure to contact us.

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Our Tips for Textured Hair

One of the hottest hairstyle trends today is textured hair. It takes some time and effort to create a great-looking textured hairstyle, but just about anyone can accomplish it. Depending on your current hairstyle habits, you may not have to change your routine much. It may be as simple as using sulfate free shampoo and conditioners rather than your normal product. Regardless of your current habits, here are some great tips for getting the perfect textured hairstyle.

1. Ditch the Comb

Your comb may be good enough to make your hair look presentable, but if you truly want a good textured hairstyle, it’s time to invest in some new quality hair care tools. Combs make it difficult to texturize your hair, so opt for a brush with boar bristles instead. Remember, you’re going for a natural look, so a comb is rarely your best option.

2. Don’t Over-Wash

Washing too frequently can lead to dry hair. Reducing the amount of times you wash your hair each week will allow you to add some texture to your hair and you’ll notice an almost immediate difference in the appearance. It will also help to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioners for the few times you do wash your hair.

3. Invest in a Quality Towel

The more you dry and rub your hair, the more friction you cause. Friction will cause hair strands to break and become frizzy, which means less friction will lead to better overall hair quality. Choose a microfiber towel to dab your hair dry, since it has proven to be gentler on hair. If you’ve tried different products and techniques to improve your quality hair care, consider changing your towel and see if it makes a difference.

4. Opt for Conditioner Over Shampoo

The whole purpose of having textured hair is the definition it provides. Shampoo doesn’t usually help in that regard, but conditioner will. Many conditioners provide your hair with the right amount of moisture you need to be able to style your hair how you want. Avoid using shampoo a few times and just use conditioner instead to see how you like the results. If you need to, you can also apply a small amount of protective hair serum to help your hair quality as well.

Textured hair can be difficult to achieve, but it is possible with the right products and mindset. Be sure to contact us if you need any more tips or would like recommendations on the best quality hair care products.

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Our New Years Resolutions for Healthier Hair

A new year means it’s time to think about resolutions we want to make to ensure 2017 is the best it can possibly be. Most people want to lose weight, make more money or be more active in the community in the New Year. Those are great resolutions, but maintaining healthier hair generally gets overlooked as a resolution. Whether you’ve got your list of New Year’s resolutions finalized or not, here are some healthy hair resolutions you can make for 2017.

1. Watch Your Diet

This is one of the top New Year’s resolutions people make, and if you take it a step further, it can lead to healthier hair too! When a healthy diet is combined with hair products for Remy hair, you will be able to produce healthier-looking hair this year. If you’re already trying to eat a better diet anyway, simply add some hair care products and you’ll be knocking out two resolutions just that easily!

2. Protect Your Hair

Always keep your hair in mind no matter what’s going on. Don’t wait until your hair gets dry or damaged to use protective hair serum. Use it when you know you’ll be spending a lot of time out in the sun. Try different products as well, like sulfate free shampoo and conditioners, which may be better for your hair than the generic products you are currently using.

3. Use Less Heat

Straighteners and hair dryers are convenient when you’re short on time. However, they can be damaging to your hair by making it dry, rough and frizzy. Instead, try out different hair products from Remy hair as substitutes for these heating tools. Sometimes it may be unavoidable to use those heat tools, but try to at least avoid making it a habit to use them on a daily basis.

RemySoft hair products for remy hair4. Don’t Avoid the Salon

Men generally visit the salon more than women to get their haircut, but everyone can benefit from more frequent trips to a trusted hair care professional. Your hair salon will give you advice on how to properly take care of your hair from visit-to-visit. Sometimes we can’t tell if our hair is showing signs of damage until it’s too late. Make it a point to visit your salon regularly in 2017.

We hope these New Year’s resolutions for your hair will help you have healthier hair in 2017. Be sure to contact us for specific resolutions for your particular hairstyle.

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How Will Freezing Temps Affect Your Locks?

Winter will be here before you know it, and among all of its benefits comes an equal number of negative effects, especially where your hair is concerned! Everyone wants to look good, no matter the time of year, but the cold winter air can make everyday seem like the worst hair day. How can you cope, and why is this happening to you in the first place? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions!

The Drying Effects of Winter Air

This may come as no surprise to your perpetually chapped lips and flaking skin, but one of the worst aspects of the freezing air is its drying effects. This holds especially true for your hair. Freezing temperatures can easily suck all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it a brittle, dry mess. Luckily, there are several ways you can combat this, which we’ll describe below!

Ways You Can Conquer the Cold

Helping your hair fight back against the cold weather is as easy as following these tips:


  • Restock your arsenal. You can’t expect to be able to help your hair survive the winter without a decent stock of hair products for remy hair. Before winter officially hits in your area, it would be worth your while to either swap your summer hair supplies for your fall and winter set or go out and purchase a brand new supply of winter hair products. Sprays and hydrating shampoos will help preserve your hair’s natural moisture, making them excellent picks for the season.

  • There’s no such thing as too much hydration! Frequent use of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and spritzing isn’t the only way to keep your hair rejuvenated. You can also invest in hair masks, which should ideally be applied on a weekly basis for maximum effects.

  • Tame those rowdy stray hairs. With your hair drying out thanks to the winter air, you may find your scalp riddled with flyaways. These can easily ruin your hair day, which is why you’ll want to nip them in the bud as early as possible. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are, again, the best remedy for this problem because they supply the extra moisture and nutrition you’ll need.

  • Don’t forget to trim. It’s amazing what snipping those brittle ends can do to rejuvenate your hair! Most experts recommend having your ends trimmed on a six-week basis.

  • Let your hair shine. Diminished moisture can lead to dull, lifeless hair. This can prove true even for dyed hair, which is already vulnerable enough to moisture issues. Luckily, there are scores of rejuvenation products you can turn to to restore your hair’s shine.

  • Protect your hair from heat as well. You may be tempted to rely on flat irons and blow dryers more than ever this season, but heat damage is still a definite risk! Be sure to prepare your hair with plenty of conditioner before applying any kind of heat.


While these aren’t the only ways you can protect your hair during winter, we hope these tips will get you started on the right foot! As always, contact us to learn more about winter hair care and how hair products for remy hair can help you continue looking your best.

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The Long Hair Styling Guide for Men

There are few elements of physical appearance people pour more effort into than their hair. After all, let’s face it: maintaining great hair is hard work! If you’re a man with long hair, you’ve likely not only overcome any bit of existing stigma about long hair being “too feminine” and invested tons of time and careful effort into growing your hair out to just the right length. You’ve worked hard and it shows! Now that you have so much hair, however, you have to learn how to groom and style it in a way that is comfortable for you. Luckily, we have a few quality hair care tips to help you get started.

Use the Right Products

If you don’t use the right hair products for remy hair, you may find all of your hard work breaking off. Hair products provide ample support for your hair to ensure it stays healthy and continues to grow. For best results, you’ll want to include styling gels, sulfate free shampoo and conditioners and mousse. A good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will not only keep your hair clean, but sleek and hydrated—two important keys to having healthy and manageable hair!

If you have long hair, you need quality hair care.

Quality hair care is a must for long-haired men.

The Best Styles for Your Hair

There’s absolutely no shortage of great hairstyles for men with long hair! In fact, the type of style you can wear depends mainly on your own preferences. A whole host of hairstyles are popular at the moment, but we’ll list those that are most popular right now:


  • Straightened: This style works best for men whose long hair is naturally wavy or curly. You can use a flat iron to achieve this look, though it’s not without its own risks. Flat irons, as well as any kind of heating tool, easily cause damage to your hair. This is because hair is not meant to be exposed to direct heat, especially on a regular basis. To limit any damage to your hair, professionals frequently recommend limiting the amount of heat you use on your hair, as well as using heat protectant products when you do wield a flat iron. If you like the idea of having silky straight hair, this particular styling method might work well for you!

  • Loose: Loose hair is perhaps one of the most popular styles for long-haired men! This may be because it requires the least effort. All you have to do is brush your hair out, perhaps adjust the part to the side or center and you’re done. Many people find the look of loose, sleek hair to be more attractive, which is a great bonus!

  • Bun: There’s nothing sexier than a well-crafted man bun! One of the best parts of this particular hairstyle is its protective qualities, which make it a great candidate to add to your quality hair care routine. Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to pull off and works for both casual and formal situations.


Now that you’ve grown out your hair, the sky’s the limit as far as your hair styling options! To learn more about the hottest styles for long-haired men, contact us anytime!

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Guys, Are You Ready for a Spiky Hair Come Back?

For years, it seems spiky hair has gotten something of a bad rap. It’s been associated with only the sleaziest guys—macho men who bathe in cologne and spend half their time in tanning beds or teenage boys who hope to become the same thing. However, things could be on the upswing for the underappreciated hairstyle soon! If you’re interested in helping to revive the look, here’s what you’ll need to know and do.

Products Are Key

As with any kind of hairstyling, if you’re going to spike your hair, you’ll need the right hair products for remy hair. For instance, if you plan on spiking your hair and have an undercut underneath, you’ll need clippers to maintain that specific length in the back. You may also want to keep a decent arsenal of hair gel (for the spiking process), a hair dryer (to enhance your hair’s spikiness), pomade (water-based, for glossy spikes) and hair wax (for subtler spikes). You’ll also want to stock up on sulfate free shampoo and conditioners to help your hair’s hygiene amidst all the extra product!

How Long Does My Hair Have to Be?

Ideally, you should have hair measuring between a half inch and two inches—at the top, at least. You can do whatever you want with the sides, from including them to buzzing them off. Which style you choose will depend largely on your hair texture. If your hair is on the curlier side, you may simply want to fade your non-spiked hair. Straight-haired people will enjoy the undercut look. Be warned the longer your hair is, the longer it will take to spike and the more likely your spikes will turn into large, lumpy masses. You’ll also need to use more products to achieve a successful look—hair spray included!

Create great spikes with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair help create great spikes.

What Kind of Spikes Do You Want?

As far as this hairstyle goes, there are two varieties: natural and gelled. Natural spikes typically use lighter products, such as mousses, to ensure your hair is still styled how you wanted it but able to last through the night. Gelled hair can only be achieved with the use of hair oil and some hair spray to ensure your mess isn’t that bad! Your spikes can point either slanted to one side or straight up.

A Little About the Spiking Process

Spiking your hair is quite easy! Apply the styling product of your choice to your hair to get the process started, then either comb your fingers through your hair or go through shaping the spikes by hand. Doing so will help to further shape and set the spikes the way you want. Additionally, you may want to blow dry your new spikes from a reasonable distance (around a whole foot, at minimum). This will really set your spikes by drying the product you’ve used.

Spiky hair may be making a comeback, but it isn’t considered 100 percent cool yet! On this site, you’ll find a lot more information about both men’s styling suggestions and quality hair care. And don’t forget to contact us any time with any questions you may have about your hair care!

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10 Ways to Style Your Natural Curls

While a head full of natural curls is one of the most envied qualities on the planet, those who have them don’t always agree. If you’re in the camp that disagrees, we don’t blame you. Curly hair can be a struggle to maintain properly, much less attempt to pull into any kind of remotely attractive hairstyle! When you’re fighting against frizz and shedding, is there anything you can do to help your hair look good? The answer is”Yes!” We’re here to show you how.

Coconut Oil Magic

It’s amazing what wonders the vast amount of hair products for remy hair can do for your follicles. This, of course, includes coconut oil. A popular moisturizer, coconut oil can truly revitalize your hair by supplying it with a whole host of minerals and vitamins it needs to thrive. Simply spread a bit of it through your hair on a monthly basis and you’ll soon enjoy bouncier, softer curls!

Wash Day Wonders

Regular maintenance can also make your hair easier to work with. Regularly using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner with every wash helps your hair be not only clean, but far more manageable.


Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are the winners here yet again! Rather than rinsing your conditioner out, why not consider leaving it in? It already renders your hair into a wonderful smoothness after a wash out so you can only imagine how it helps to be left in for longer.

Skip the Towel

How often do you reach for a towel after climbing out of the shower? While this may be the most natural solution to dry soaking wet hair, it isn’t necessarily the best. The naturally rough texture of the common towel can harm your hair, causing breakage. Instead, you can let your hair air dry or use an old t-shirt.

Add Argan Oil

When it comes to hair products for remy hair, argan oil is not only nourishing, but it has the added property of potentially refining your curls into a sleeker shape.

Healthy, beautiful hair starts with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is key to healthy, beautiful hair.

Wash More Frequently

Sometimes the problem simply comes down to not washing enough! If you only wash once a week, for instance, try washing every other day or even every single day and you may notice some surprising results.


Proper hydration is key to maintaining your curls, and you’ll need plenty of products to get the job done! Consider stocking your arsenal with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, as well as gels and lotions. Hydrated hair is happy, manageable hair!

Lay Off the Heat

While it may be tempting to break out your flat iron or other styling tools, try to limit this. Heat can quickly and easily damage your curls, ruining their look when you decide to go all natural for the day.

Watering Your Roots

Sometimes something as simple as running water over your hair can help it thrive! If you find your hair needs a little extra moisture, consider doing this on a regular basis and letting it dry naturally.

Protective Styles

Of course, protective styles can be key to helping your hair flourish! By simply braiding it or putting it into a bun before bed, you’ll wake up to gorgeous, full curls.

These 10 tips aren’t the only ways to style your hair, but we hope they’ll give you a bit of inspiration. As always, contact us to learn how else you can help your curly hair thrive!

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Using Hair Shows to Market Your Remy Hair Care Product Business

Hair products for remy hair sell well at hair shows.

Use hair shows to market your hair products for remy hair.

Hair shows are becoming a great way for distributors to get their quality hair care products into the hands of their customers. Although hair conventions and other meetings have been the norm since the birth of cosmetology, these glitzy, full service versions have only recently become popular. Many aspiring product manufacturers or distributors have made names for themselves by attending and marketing their hair care products for remy hair in the heart of the hair world, the hair show. If you are looking to market your brand of wig care products, sulfate free shampoo and conditioners or other quality hair care, there are a few large hair shows you should consider for your marketing plan.

Beauty Expo USA

This beauty expo occurs every February in Las Vegas. Since its inception in 1998, this show has become one of the top beauty and hair shows in the United States. Attendees can watch seminars and visit a wide variety of vendors. Beauty Expo USA focuses on the latest trends and innovations, which is perfect for aspiring distributors of hair products for remy hair. Held at the Rio Hotel Convention Center, this expo is a great choice for anyone looking to get their foot in the door of the quality hair care world.

America’s Beauty Show

This melting pot of vendors and buyers takes place in beautiful downtown Chicago every March. Many of the latest innovations in quality hair care, such as sulfate free shampoo and conditioners, were seen first at the demonstrations during America’s Beauty Show. Along with vendor booths, the show also offers a large number of exhibitions for hair, makeup and style. This show presents a golden opportunity for anyone looking to get their brand noticed, especially new and innovative distributors.

Bronner Bros International Hair Show

Every February in Atlanta, this show becomes the mecca for stylists, vendors and patrons interested in African-American hair trends. This event continues to grow from year to year and has far surpassed its beginnings to become a large and extremely popular show. In fact, many of its attendees have no stake in hairstyling and beauty but want to be a part of the revelry and beauty of this event. New and existing distributors of extension and wig care products can join hundreds of other vendors to provide hands on demonstrations at this incredible yearly event.

If you are looking to become a distributor in the quality hair care industry and want to join the thousands of vendors at one of these fantastic hair shows, contact us. Our hair products for remy hair are a fantastic addition to your collection of hair and wig care products.

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