Winter will be here before you know it, and among all of its benefits comes an equal number of negative effects, especially where your hair is concerned! Everyone wants to look good, no matter the time of year, but the cold winter air can make everyday seem like the worst hair day. How can you cope, and why is this happening to you in the first place? Keep reading to learn the answers to these questions!

The Drying Effects of Winter Air

This may come as no surprise to your perpetually chapped lips and flaking skin, but one of the worst aspects of the freezing air is its drying effects. This holds especially true for your hair. Freezing temperatures can easily suck all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it a brittle, dry mess. Luckily, there are several ways you can combat this, which we’ll describe below!

Ways You Can Conquer the Cold

Helping your hair fight back against the cold weather is as easy as following these tips:


  • Restock your arsenal. You can’t expect to be able to help your hair survive the winter without a decent stock of hair products for remy hair. Before winter officially hits in your area, it would be worth your while to either swap your summer hair supplies for your fall and winter set or go out and purchase a brand new supply of winter hair products. Sprays and hydrating shampoos will help preserve your hair’s natural moisture, making them excellent picks for the season.

  • There’s no such thing as too much hydration! Frequent use of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and spritzing isn’t the only way to keep your hair rejuvenated. You can also invest in hair masks, which should ideally be applied on a weekly basis for maximum effects.

  • Tame those rowdy stray hairs. With your hair drying out thanks to the winter air, you may find your scalp riddled with flyaways. These can easily ruin your hair day, which is why you’ll want to nip them in the bud as early as possible. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioners are, again, the best remedy for this problem because they supply the extra moisture and nutrition you’ll need.

  • Don’t forget to trim. It’s amazing what snipping those brittle ends can do to rejuvenate your hair! Most experts recommend having your ends trimmed on a six-week basis.

  • Let your hair shine. Diminished moisture can lead to dull, lifeless hair. This can prove true even for dyed hair, which is already vulnerable enough to moisture issues. Luckily, there are scores of rejuvenation products you can turn to to restore your hair’s shine.

  • Protect your hair from heat as well. You may be tempted to rely on flat irons and blow dryers more than ever this season, but heat damage is still a definite risk! Be sure to prepare your hair with plenty of conditioner before applying any kind of heat.


While these aren’t the only ways you can protect your hair during winter, we hope these tips will get you started on the right foot! As always, contact us to learn more about winter hair care and how hair products for remy hair can help you continue looking your best.