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Guys, Get Rid of That Frizzy Hair!

Prevent frizz with a hydrating shampoo.

A hydrating shampoo can help prevent frizz.

Frizzy hair isn’t just a female problem. Many men can also experience frizz that makes it difficult to manage their hair and keep it looking neat and respectable. Because many anti-frizz products are marketed toward women, many men don’t know where to start when it comes to managing their frizzy hair. These tips can help you keep your hair frizz-free and looking great.

Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Many men think they need to wash their hair with a good hydrating shampoo on a daily basis to keep it looking great and to remove any excess oils. However, if you’re not using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, shampooing too often could be a contributing factor to your frizz. Instead of daily, consider shampooing every three days or even just once a week.

Keep It Moisturized

Curly hair is more susceptible to frizz because it can dry out more easily than straight hair. For this reason, it’s important to use a sulfate free hydrating shampoo that is designed to keep your hair fully moisturized. Using a leave in conditioner can also help seal the moisture in for even better results.

Use Lukewarm Water

Heat is one of the leading factors in damaging your hair. Those hot showers you take can more quickly lead to damaged hair so it’s important to tone your showers down to lukewarm temperatures to help protect your hair and keep it from frizzing.

Don’t Rely on Gel

If you want to get rid of your frizz, use quality hair care products.

Quality hair care can help reduce your frizz.

Most men turn to gel when they need to reduce frizz instead of taking care of the root cause of the problem. Hair gels and other styling products more quickly dry out your hair, which is one of the leading causes of frizz. While it’s okay to use gel occasionally, consider mixing it up by using a leave in conditioner or nothing at all on most days.

Get Rid of the Brush

Shorter, curly hair doesn’t typically take well to a brush, resulting in more frizz. This is because brushes can pull the essential oils away from the scalp and out of your hair. Instead of using a brush to style your hair, choose a wide-tooth comb. Your fingers can also be useful in styling your hair if you don’t have a comb to use.

Quality hair care lies at the foundation of preventing frizz in your curly hair. Even though many commercials you see feature women, there are things you can do to minimize your frizz and keep your hair looking great for all occasions. A good hydrating shampoo used on a regular basis, along with these tips, can provide the valuable moisture your hair needs.

If you’re looking for sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and frizz free, contact us. We carry a selection of products that will produce the results you’re looking for.

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Classic Hairstyles for Men: The Side Part

Get a great hairstyle with quality hair care.

Quality hair care will allow you to create a great hairstyle.

We spend a lot of time discussing the latest hairstyles for women because let’s face it, women focus more on creating the ideal look. However, this doesn’t mean men don’t think about it at all. In fact, it’s just as important for men to exercise quality hair care, such as using a sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, as well as pay attention to the way they style their hair. Today, many classic styles are still on trend, such as the side part.

Tips for Creating a Great Side Part

Creating your side part requires a little practice. You may even have to break away from everything you’ve been taught since you started combing your own hair as a young child. Choose a side and carefully pull your comb through your hair from your temple, straight to the back of your head. Make your part as straight as possible. This will create the classic look you see in television shows and movies from the 50s and 60s.

Consider the Length of Your Hair

Create a good side part with the help of a leave in conditioner.

A leave in conditioner can help you create a good side part.

The classic side part works best for short to medium length hair. While you can achieve this style with longer hair, it doesn’t have quite the same effect. In fact, it can begin to look sloppy and less formal. In these situations, a center part or slicked back look can be better. In addition to making sure your hair is the perfect length for your side part, this hairstyle typically works better on hair that is tapered at the back and front of the head. However, be careful not to ask for a fade haircut because this doesn’t look as nice.

Use the Right Quality Hair Care Products

Once you have mastered the placement of your side part hairstyle, you need to make sure you’re using the right hair products to hold your look and keep it looking great. Sulfate free shampoo will keep your hair healthy and shiny without leaving behind too much oil. A leave in conditioner can help create the finished look you want. Hair gel or styling wax can also be used to ensure your hair stays in place. This may become a necessity if your hair is particularly short.

While many men don’t put a lot of effort into their hair, it’s still necessary to make sure you choose a hairstyle that looks polished and finished, especially for work and special occasions. The side part may be a classic look that dates back decades, but it is still a simple hairstyle that can be formal, as well as casual. With the right quality hair care products, you will be able to produce the look you want and keep your hair looking great.

If you’re looking for the best quality hair care products, including sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, contact us. We carry a full line of products designed to keep your hair healthy.

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The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep conditioning is the perfect supplement for sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should be used with deep conditioning.

Quality hair care is one of the most essential aspects of keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. In addition to using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, deep conditioning treatments should be performed occasionally to ensure your hair maintains its shine. When used in conjunction with a hydrating shampoo, it can also reduce the amount of damage.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Chemical processing, such as perms, hair coloring and other similar processes, can severely damage the hair. Even heat exposure from styling tools and certain medications can cause damage to your hair. This is where deep conditioning comes into play. Using this process as part of your quality hair care can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved elasticity
  • Restored moisture
  • More resistant to breakage

This means your hair is more likely to remain healthy when regularly conditioning your hair.

How Often Should It Be Done?

Deep conditioning is part of quality hair care.

Quality hair care includes deep conditioning.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should be used on a daily basis to protect your hair in between deep conditioning treatments. One of the biggest questions people have is how often they should use a deep conditioner. For most people, deep conditioning should be done two to four times a month.  However, if your hair is severely damaged because of daily styling or regular chemical treatments, it should be done at least once a week to help restore health and vitality to damaged hair.

Tips for Deep Conditioning

There is a specific process you should follow each time you deep condition. First, it’s important to wash your hair with a hydrating shampoo. Once your hair is clean, apply the deep conditioning product from the ends to the scalp and allow it to sit in your hair for five to 30 minutes. This is best done in the shower. You can then wash and shave while you wait to rinse it out. In addition, the steam from the shower can help the conditioner work better. Rinse the conditioner out with cold water for the best results. If you can, leave the deep conditioner in overnight and rinse it out in the morning.

Regardless of how long you leave the deep conditioning treatment in your hair, you will find your hair begins to look healthier. Quality hair care requires careful attention to detail and hard work to make sure your hair remains healthy and strong. The less damage that occurs with your hair, the easier it will be to take care of.

If you’re looking for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to use in between your deep conditioning treatments, contact us. We carry a full line of quality hair care products.

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How to Blend Your Extensions with Short Hair

Help your extensions blend in with quality hair care.

Quality hair care will help your extensions blend in.

When you have shorter hair and want to enjoy a longer hairstyle, you either need to wait until your hair grows on its own or introduce shiny hair extensions into your existing hair. The ability to use hair extensions to lengthen your hair more quickly can allow you to create a greater number of hairstyles without the wait. However, not only do you need to know how to care for hair extensions using quality hair care products, but you must also learn how to get them to blend seamlessly with your shorter locks.

Choose the Right Colors

One of the quickest ways to make your hair extensions stand out from your natural hair is to choose a color that doesn’t match your natural color. Some people like to choose extensions that stand out a bit and accent the hair, but if you want them to blend in and look like your natural hair, you need to match them as closely as you can. When you work with the right stylist to install your extensions, they can make recommendations for the right colors for your hair.

Match Your Hair Type

Learn how to care for  hair extensions.

Do you know how to care for hair extensions?

It’s not just the color you need to worry about when you choose your shiny hair extensions. You also need to make sure you find an exact match to the texture of your hair. If you have straight hair and choose curly or wavy extensions, they’re going to really stand out and won’t look like they are your natural hair. When you closely match the texture of your hair, no one will ever know you’ve added hair extensions to provide some additional length.

Create a Layered Look

When you have short hair, it can be more difficult to create a natural look with longer hair extensions. For starters, it’s important not to choose the longest extensions possible. Select the shortest ones that will achieve the look you want. Once you choose the length of your extensions, it’s best to create a layered look to your hair, rather than hide your shorter natural hair. Pinning back your shorter locks can accent the longer hair extensions and help them blend in.

Shiny hair extensions can be the perfect way to add some length to your hair, especially if you have shorter hair. Regardless of why you want to lengthen your hair, learning how to care for hair extensions and ensure they blend well with your natural hair are important factors in the overall look. With the right care and attention to detail, you can pull off the look of longer hair without raising any suspicions.

If you’re looking for quality hair care products to care for your extensions, contact us. We carry a vast selection of products designed to keep your hair extensions looking great.

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VIDEO: Be a RemySoft Vendor

RemySoft carries a vast selection of quality hair products for remy hair. Find out what you need to know about becoming a vendor.

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How to Minimize Hair Tangling

Reduce tangling with quality hair products.

Quality hair products can help reduce tangling.

One of the biggest complaints individuals have regarding hair care, whether they have their natural hair or use hair extensions or wigs, is tangling. There are many reasons your hair may become tangled, which is why it’s so important to use the right quality hair products for remy hair to help minimize the amount of tangling that occurs. The following are several tips to help you keep your hair tangle free.

Conditioner Is a Must

A good leave in conditioner is one of the most important elements in keeping your hair free of tangles. The conditioner moisturizes the hair and helps keep it naturally shiny and smooth, which can play a dramatic role in the number of tangles you are susceptible to. A daily conditioner should always be used after washing your hair, and deep conditioning should be done once every couple of weeks for the best results.

Use a Wide-Toothed Comb

What you use to comb or brush out your hair can also play a part in tangling. Many people use a brush because it’s faster, but these items can quickly damage your hair, especially if you end up pulling it through the tangles and knots. A wide-toothed comb will gently separate your hair. When you do encounter a knot, gently comb through it, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Brush Consistently

In most cases, brushing your hair once in the morning isn’t enough to stave off the tangles later in the day. For many women, it’s important to brush your hair several times throughout the day. The more often you brush it, the less likely it will become tangled. For the best results, always use a soft bristle brush and be gentle. Before going to sleep and after washing are the best times to brush.

Protect It While You Sleep

Most women experience tangles when they wake up in the morning. However, you can protect your hair by taking the right steps. For instance, sleep on a silk pillow case. Silk is kind to your hair and will reduce tangling and other damage. Braiding your hair can also help. Finally, never go to sleep with wet hair.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

Quality hair products for remy hair are an essential if you want your hair to be beautiful and healthy. In addition to a leave in conditioner, make sure you choose a sulfate free shampoo to protect your hair from damage. The less damaged your hair is, the less likely it will be to become tangled.

Tangled hair can be difficult to deal with, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of tangling. When you hair becomes tangled, it can more easily break, which will lead to frizz and other physical signs of unhealthy hair. However, when you use quality hair products and follow these tips, you will find your hair is easier to comb through and style.

If you’re looking for the best hair products for remy hair, contact us. We carry a full line of quality hair products designed with your needs in mind.

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3 Perfect Beach and Vacation Hairstyles

Be sure your vacation style includes sun protection for hair.

Sun protection for hair should be part of your vacation style.

Whether you’re heading to the beach or another vacation destination, you may not just be worried about what you will wear, but how you will fix your hair as well. Using proper sun protection for hair is a necessity if you plan on spending a lot of time in the sun. The following hairstyles will give you the look you want, while keeping you cool, especially if you use hair extensions.

Use a Scarf

A scarf can be a stylish way to keep your hair off your neck and out of your face, especially on a sweltering summer day on the beach or about town. There are many ways in which you can use a head scarf to style your hair. For example, place the scarf along your neck under your hair and tie it at the front above your forehead to keep your hair back. You could also pile your hair on top of your head before tying the scarf around your head to help keep it off your neck altogether.

Messy Updo

Today’s hairstyles are trending toward a messy style that looks like you hardly took any time at all to fix your hair. As long as you’re using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, you will be able to pull off this look without looking grungy. Simply secure your hair into a ponytail at the center of the back of your head. Place a headband in the desired position on your head. Then use the pointed end of a comb to gently fluff the hair directly behind the headband forward for extra body. Separate a small section of your hair from the ponytail, tease it with a brush, curl it underneath toward the ponytail holder and secure the ends in place with a bobby pin. Repeat this step until all of the hair from the ponytail is secured in place.

Curly Loose Bun

Get great beach hairstyles with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can help you achieve great beach hairstyles.

The bun has long been a preferred hairstyle for those hot summer days. If you have curly hair, achieving this look can be difficult. To create this look, pull your hair back into a ponytail. Apply a small amount of hairspray to the scalp area to help prevent frizzing. Separate a small section of hair from the ponytail and twist the strands tightly. Grab one strand at the end and gently push the remainder of the hair back toward the ponytail band. Secure the hair in place with a bobby pin. Repeat this process until all of your hair is secured into the bun.

When you’re heading to the beach or out to have fun on your vacation, you don’t always have a lot of time, but you need a hairstyle that keeps you comfortable without looking sloppy. These hairstyles, along with sun protection for hair, can be a great way to keep your hair looking great and ensures you don’t waste too much of your vacation time getting ready to head out.

If you’re looking for a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair extensions looking great, contact us. We have created hair products designed with your hair in mind.

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Should You Color Your Hair?

Ensure a great color with quality hair care.

Quality hair care will ensure a great color.

One of the easiest ways to transform your look is to change up your hair. For some, this means a hair cut, extensions, a wig or a brand new hair color, but should you color your hair? With all the information going around about how dyes affect your hair, you may be worried about what coloring will do to your hair. Let’s talk about the hair dying process and what effects it can have.

What’s in a Strand?

First, we need to talk about your hair itself. If you’re using quality hair care, your hair will be nice and healthy so there shouldn’t be much damage to your strands. Each strand is made up of a protein called keratin, which is also what your fingernails are made of. Keratin is arranged in overlapping scales to form each hair strand, making the hair flexible.

Each hair strand has a cuticle, which is the protective outer layer. This actually determines how healthy and shiny your hair looks so if you’ve been using your sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, your cuticle will be in top shape! If you haven’t been using quality sulfate free shampoo, your cuticle could be raised, making your hair seem dry and damaged.

Hair Dyes

Color your hair while using a sulfate free shampoo.

Use sulfate free shampoo when you color your hair.

Now that we know more about hair (and the importance of quality hair care!) let’s talk about the dying process. There are a few types of hair color we need to look at. Permanent, semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair color all have different ingredients, processes and effects on your hair.

  • Permanent: Permanent hair color is a two-step process. This is without a doubt the most damaging of the options because it forces your cuticle open to let the color in. First, ammonia is applied. This chemical causes the cuticle to open up in order to let the dye into your hair. Then, peroxide is used to penetrate the hair and remove your existing hair color. Once this process is finished, you’ll have a brand new hair color! You’ll then use a conditioner to close the cuticle again in order to seal the color inside. This process is the one used in average salon color treatments and most box hair color you buy at the supermarket or drugstore. It is important you use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in order to preserve the color after you dye it!
  • Semi-Permanent: This process is much gentler and usually lasts about a month. This option doesn’t involve ammonia or peroxide, instead adding tiny molecules of color to your hair cuticle without dramatically changing the color. The color will fade after a few shampoos so using a sulfate free shampoo is important in order to make your new color last.
  • Demi-Permanent: This type of dye lasts longer than semi and contains no ammonia but does use a small amount of peroxide. The process coats each strand with large color molecules, helping it last longer than semi-permanent. Quality hair care and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will help your color last even longer.

Does dying damage your hair? When done in moderation, no. However, if you dye your hair too often, it can and will result in damaged and dry hair, which will be extremely difficult to repair. If you’re looking to dye your hair, make sure it’s the color you want to cut back on dying too often!

If you want to change your hair color without damage, contact us. Our quality hair care will keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful long after you color!

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How to Care for Your Curly Hair, Extensions and Wigs

Learn how to handle curly hair with quality hair care products.

Quality hair care is a must with curly hair.

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you achieve the look with the use of hair extensions and wigs, learning how to properly care for it is essential. Without quality hair care, curly hair can become frizzy and may be difficult to style. In addition to using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave in conditioner, these tips will help you manage your hair so it always looks great.


Taking care of your curly hair all starts with the use of a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean and healthy. Curly hair has a tendency to dry out easily, which means you only need to wash it a few times a week to keep it in good condition. When you do wash your hair, make sure you massage the scalp well to remove dirt and oils that can slow hair growth.


Due to the issues of drying out, moisturizing is a critical element of quality hair care. A good leave in conditioner can be a great way to lend your hair the moisture it needs to be healthy and frizz-free. While this type of conditioner is great for regular use, occasionally using a deep conditioner or oil treatment can help improve the health of your curly hair.


Another common difficulty in taking care of your curly hair is drying. Unlike straight hair, it’s best not to rub your hair vigorously. Instead, use a soft cotton t-shirt or towel to pat your hair dry and gently squeeze out excess moisture. Don’t use a hair dryer; allow your hair to air dry. Avoid brushing wet curls or running your fingers through them to prevent frizz. If you must use a blow dryer, use a diffuser and dry your hair from the underside.

Other Tips

To keep your hair looking great and cooperating with your styling needs, avoid using a brush. Only comb through your hair with a wide-toothed comb. It’s also important to avoid using heat whenever possible and never use hairsprays or mousse because of the high alcohol content, which can dry out your hair further and make it crunchy.

Curly hair can be beautiful, but it can also be difficult to manage. It doesn’t matter if your hair is naturally curly or you have chosen curly hair extensions or wigs to create the look you want. Quality hair care is required to ensure your hair remains healthy and in good condition. Using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is an absolute necessity to keep your hair moisturized and frizz-free.

If you’re looking for quality hair products to keep your curly hair healthy and free of frizz, contact us. We have created a formula that provides the moisture and care your curly hair requires.

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2015’s Best Celebrity Summer Styles

Every year, individuals across the country and even around the world turn to celebrities to find out which summer hair styles are in. This year, many celebrities are choosing shorter hair styles that keep them cooler, despite the rising temperatures. With the right sun protection for hair and a good hydrating shampoo, your hair style can be just as amazing as the ones the celebrities are rocking.

Scarlett Johannson

Scarlett Johannson is sure to use a hydrating shampoo for luscious locks.

Scarlett Johannson is sure to use a hydrating shampoo for luscious locks.

This summer, Scarlett Johannson is sporting a short, wispy hair style that features an asymmetrical sweep toward the side. Her light blond hair with its layers that just barely brush her cheekbones has created a feminine look out of what is typically considered a boyish cut.

Katie Holmes

Sun protection for hair can help you look like Katie Holmes.

Sun protection for hair can help you look like Katie Holmes.

For women who are looking for hair that reaches a bit lower, the feminine bob sported by Katie Holmes can be the ideal choice. The sharp lines look great against a rounded face and can completely change your look, especially if you are known for wearing your hair longer.

Jessica Alba

For a hair style that’s even longer, look to Jessica Alba, who is wearing her hair in a shoulder-length style that is sure to turn heads. Her hair has been cut to one length around her head with feathery ends that have been flipped toward the outside. This creates a brilliant look that keeps you cool without having to put your hair up.

Mindy Kaling

Use a hydrating shampoo like Mindy Kaling.

Use a hydrating shampoo like Mindy Kaling.

Previously known for her longer hair, Mindy Kaling has chosen to go with a lower maintenance cut this summer. She is currently promoting a book and movie and wanted something that looks great without the need for a lot of maintenance. Her short bob perfectly frames her face and is much easier to manage with quality hair care.

Jennifer Lopez

Quality hair care is a priority for Jennifer Lopez.

Quality hair care is a priority for Jennifer Lopez.

Another celebrity who typically sports longer hair, Jennifer Lopez has opted for short this summer. Instead of falling far below her shoulders, Jennifer’s hair now sits elegantly at her shoulders with the same beautiful honey color.

Suki Waterhouse

Quality hair care creates Suki Waterhouse's beautiful waves.

Quality hair care creates Suki Waterhouse’s beautiful waves.

Bangs are no longer seen on a regular basis, but many people fear the awkward stages that occur while growing out their bangs. Suki Waterhouse is currently making this look popular. With her hair parted in the center and delicately curled into waves, no one would ever guess she’s in the awkward stages of growing out her bangs because they blend right in with the rest of her style.

Jaime King

Jamie King is setting trends with bangs and quality hair care.

Jamie King is setting trends with bangs and quality hair care.

Despite the absence of bangs in most hair styles, Jaime King has bucked the trend and is sporting her own set of bangs. However, what sets her style apart from the style many are trying to avoid is the thin fringe she has created. Her bangs aren’t a thick, heavy curtain of hair, but instead, are a feathery addition to the rest of her style.

Lily Aldridge

Sun protection for hair keeps Lily Aldridge's hair beautiful.

Sun protection for hair keeps Lily Aldridge’s hair beautiful.

For fans of long hair styles, Lily Aldridge is the perfect example of chic this summer. Her hair has been layered at the chin, collarbone and chest to create a new fullness to her hair style. It also creates the illusion of more depth for a fabulous look many people envy.

If you’re looking for the best quality hair care products, such as a hydrating shampoo and sun protection for hair, contact us. We carry a full line of sulfate-free products to help you create the style you want.

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