RemySoft feedback

I’ve been hearing for so long about the RemySoft system, I was curious to try it and see if it lived up to all I’d heard about it.  So I tried it and, if anything, it’s better than what I’d heard. The cleanser seems more powerful than the (high quality) shampoo that I’d been using, it simply cleaned more “stuff” off of the hair.  But it’s still really gentle, it doesn’t seem to dry the hair very much at all.  The conditioner, well, it’s conditioner but it’s the conditioner that’s made to work with this cleanser and serum.  The serum is great stuff, an oil based silicone product.  I think maybe this is where a lot of the magic happens. I first used this on an older unit, about 4 months old.  It was in pretty good condition but getting towards the end of it’s life.   After the first time with the Moisture Lab system, it was a lot softer and the reduction in tangling was very impressive.  The hair really did seem like it was months younger and now that I use the Moisture Lab system all the time, the useful life of the unit looks to be extended by a couple of months.  Now that’s real results! Bottom line: the shampoo cleans better than other shampoos, the conditioner and serum make the hair softer, smoother and almost eliminates tangling, even on older units.  I’d give it six stars if I could! LISA

I recently tried the RemySoft 3 step system and I must admit I tried it with a healthy bit of sceptisim. I had, after years of trial and error, settled upon a care protocol that worked very well for me and I, quite frankly, did not think this product would convince me to change it. I could not have been more wrong! I liked the sulfate free formula of the hydrating cleanser. It was very low sudsing…which is a good thing….and cleansed my system very well. I followed up with the recovery cream, which was very easy to work throughout my system. I used very cool water to wet and rinse my system during/after each step. I finished with a small amount of Blue Max proctective sealer, which I rubbed between my palms, then distributed throughout my system. I always let my system air dry, sitting it on a styrofoam head in front of a cool fan, to speed up the air dry process. After about an hour, my system was dry, smelled absoutely wonderful and was (dare I say) softer than new!!!! Because I prefer to clean my system while off my head, I wash it only weekly. As I write this reveiw, it is the seventh day since I used the RemySoft system… hair is still soft and still virtually tangle free, Another surprising benefit that I have experienced after using this 3 step system, is significantly less hair shedding! I imagine this is because my system has barely tangled this week, which in turn equaled less shedding. So, after all of my sceptisim….Goodby old protocol!!! Hello RemySoft!!!!  🙂 KATHRYN

I just wanted to share with you all that after washing/conditioning/sealing with the RemySoft products and Blue Max sealer the hair quality is 1000 times better! I am so impressed with these products and think they are amazing. I wish that I would have known about them throughout all the previous years of wearing hair units. So… I just want to say “Thank you” to JRob for creating this stuff. I think it’s pretty awesome and will be in my shower at all times. ALWAYSTIPA

Just wanted to send a quick message about the RemySoft products.  I have had extensions in my hair for the past year or so and have tried tons of shampoos/conditioners (as my bathroom closet would show.)  My hair certainly is much softer, less loss of extensions and with use of the sealer less tangled.  All this being said probably the biggest suggestion I have is to use less of the product than you think you need – first couple times my hair was too oily.  Since my own hair is thin I wash my hair every day and extensions quickly dry out and look like straw – this has “cured” that look! JUDITH

I think that RemySoft is amazing. It’s a product designed for ALL PEOPLE and that isn’t just a tag line. I used it on my very sensitive scalp. I recently had MRSA and an outbreak and I had to wait until some infection cleared up. This product did not hurt my scalp. My hair is fluffy, shiny and feels like it’s BRAND NEW. I can’t even describe how beautiful and fresh my hair feels. I love it. I am IN LOVE! <3 RemySoft Haircare is amazing and the product does stand up to my measures. I have tried so many different things and you won’t find me give a recommendation for many things at all unless it works. This works. I am a new forever client. LISA

Remysoft worked wonders on my Hair… I highly recommend for High End Remy Human hair as well others, especially on Human Lace Fronts.  Excellent Product a great investment!!!!! RENA

The remysoft is a bit expensive at first glance, but a little goes a long way and the conditioner really does it`s job .. ..really breathes new life into the hair which has become coarse /dry with age… system is now going into it`s 8th month and it`s in  great condition still… is still  nice and soft and no shedding at all. PAUL

Well I must say this was really good. My hair weave looks so good after washing. The product really works. EUGENIA

“I personally am sold on the RemySoft: Blue Max Moisture 3 Step Program (Shampoo/Conditioner/Sealer). I’ve been wearing hair for over 8 years now and it is by far the best products that I personally have found to keep my units soft. It’s my favorite..”  SUSANB

“On another note to JRob……congrats on the new formulation of the RemySoft 3 step process. I tried it for the first time a week ago and WOW!!!!  My hair has never been more soft, more manageable, more tangle free! After first using the new formulation, my hair was softer than when it was new! A week later it is still very soft and manageable. Consider me a convert….. I ordered a full sized kit today! Great work!” KATHRYN

This is a product that is part of a 3-system package called Blue Max 3-system products. I’m just pleased that this product, the shampoo and the Protective Sealer are all NATURAL, without harmful chemics, and specifically designed for hair systems. I rather protect my financial investment and pay a competitive price for quality and long term satisfaction. DONALD

I don’t know why this was given 3 stars because it’s the best I have ever used.  HD sent it to me about a while back to test along with some other Blue Max products.  I thought it made my hair too shiny and it seemed a little too oily. Months later my girlfriend used it to restore her hair after she bleached and I was so amazed I tried it again.  I was so wrong before.  This time I tried only a few sprays and brushed it in to get the shine out and it lasted all day. Up until this point the best leave in conditioner would dry out after half a day and have to be reapplied.  I like the fact that it lasts all day since I only wash/condition my hair once or twice a week.  The oiliness is so close to natural scalp oils that I don’t use anything else – not even Nearly Natural. JONATHAN

This product is a hair cure in a tiny bottle! I love love love this stuff. I will continue to use this product forever. It makes my unit so soft and protects it all day. I use it after washes, co washes, and even mix it with my leave in conditioner for double protection and softness. So great! if you don’t have it BUY IT!!! <3 <3 JAMEKA

I just tried this product for the first time and really like the way it makes my hair feel. My hair feels really soft and healthy and I like the protection benefits it offers. Very good product. SUSAN

SAVED MY HAIR!!!! It was a dry, tangled, frizzy mess and this totally solved my problems!! Thanks so much, JRob!! 😀 LILLIAN

It is a great product..and it has that feel and look ..I wish the price wasn’t so high..It’s worth a try for sure, I loved it. JOHNNY NIC

I’m ordering a second bottle.  It scared me at first but WOW, so many uses and lots of fun.  Use it generously (like 8 drops I’m talkin) to slick back dry hair for a great Italian director look.  Use a little (3 drops) to style normally, or use more to mess it up for that wild look, or apply it wet and blow completely dry and fluffy.  I continue to be amazed by the great look and feel it gives hair both left in wet or blown dry.  You will not be able to keep your hands out of your hair. RICHARD

I use Blue Max Protective Sealer every time I wash my hair and sometimes between washings on dry hair.  I have a longer system and it keeps my hair shiny, smooth and manageable. KIMT

Blue Max Protective Sealer is the best! I use it on a daily basis, along with my leave-in conditioner. With my full lace, short hair texture, with 55% density, I can easily manage my hairstyle with this product, along with the fact that it seals in moisture. I’m always amazed about this silicone-based hair sealer product and the benefit that is excellent for any hair system. DONALDT

This is one that I consider essential when it comes to my maintenance routine. A little dab goes a long way and it keeps my hair smooth and tangle free. You can use it any way you like! Use it alone when it feels dry, after a shower, add a drop to your styling  products… it all works well. DAVID

I am very happy with the Blue Max 3-step system.  My hair is so soft and manageable.  The scent is incredible and really lasts!  I highly recommend! DEBBIEANN

Definitely made a difference to my hair. I recommend this strongly and plan to reorder a full kit. ARUNKUMAR