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Guys, Let’s Talk About the Undercut

We’ve seen it all over. The undercut is coming back into style for girls and guys alike. You may be an undercut veteran yourself or interested in trying the look for the first time. After all, it’s attractive on so many other people, so it may be worth giving a chance. First, we’d like to say kudos to you for either finding a hairstyle that works for you or being willing to try something brand new. Here are a few ways you can rock an undercut and look great doing it!

The Swoop

Sometimes you may want to add a bit more flair to your undercut. Maybe your hair’s already naturally on the unruly side, but you still want to help it look managed. Sometimes a product as simple as a protective hair serum can help. Alternatively, maybe the limp look just isn’t your thing. In any case, you can always muss your hair forward to create a stylish swoop effect. This can take many forms, from a messy and high, slightly spiked look to a new spin on the Caesar cut. Of course, you can always rock a fringe, too! You just want to make sure you get them cut in a way that coordinates well with your facial shape and features.

The Traditional Look

RemySoft protective hair serumAs the old adage says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you’re a newbie to the wide world of undercuts, you may want to start off with its usual interpretation: long on top and slicked back. This look works well for just about any occasion and is easy to care for with regular quality hair care.

The Pompadour

It seems the ‘50s aesthetic is back in full swing, and the pompadour has made a modern resurgence! This look will take gel and maybe some protective hair serum to maintain, but we guarantee it’s easy to pull off! Just make sure to ask your stylist to leave you an ample amount of hair up top. The bigger the pompadour, the better (and sexier, if that’s the look you’re going for)!


Not all undercuts are made of gel and careful mussing. You may be interested in a more natural look, which is attainable through the help of layering the top portion of your hair. This is great for those with thin hair or who just want their undercut to look a bit more interesting and “bigger” without making it too long or using a ton of product. This look may prove to be a bit experimental for some, however. You may want to ask your stylist to play around a bit with length until you can both agree on what looks best.

The Top Knot

It seems these days it’s all about either the man bun or the undercut—but now guys are combining both for two times the charm! Naturally, you’ll need to keep the top section of your hair long. All that’s left is to bundle it up into a quick bun near the crown of your head. With the right amount of length, you’re guaranteed to look great!

While these aren’t all the ways you can rock an undercut, we hope this list of suggestions will give you some ideas. No matter which style you choose, be sure to invest in some hydrating shampoo to keep your look sleek and healthy. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for more style suggestions and hair care tips!

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How to Keep Your Remy Wig Safe and Comfortable This Summer

We'll give you only the best tips on how to care for a wig.You want to look good every time of year, but especially during the summer. The problem, however, comes from all of the heat bearing down, persistent and at times overpowering. If you’re a wig owner, this can present a special conundrum altogether. You don’t want to go without your wig for the day during an outing, but you don’t want to sweat it out either. What is there to do?

With these tips from us, you’ll not only know how to care for a wig throughout the summer months, but be able to rock it just as easily as you do during the rest of the year!

Cover Yourself

RemySoft full cap partial cap hair replacementOne easy way to help your wig look its best this summer is to protect it in the same way you would your natural hair, with a shady accessory like a hat! A hat, scarf or similar addition to your outfit is a great way to stay cool and block your wig from those harmful UV rays. Best of all, a well-coordinated piece of head wear will boost your summer wardrobe tenfold! If you’re worried about your wig losing its grip as you take your hat off, you can always invest in a liner. This will take care of any sweat beading up along your hairline and keep your wig nice, dry and tidy.

Ditch the Cap

While this idea may certainly sound unorthodox, you’ll be able to stay that much cooler if you stop relying on a wig cap during the summer. In fact, you can buy wigs that are perfectly wearable without a cap! You won’t have to worry about the quality of the wig, either. Wigs without a cap are just as wearable as wigs with caps. The only differences are breathability and their weight because they’re designed to be worn during warm weather months.

Invest in Protective Products

Because wigs cannot replenish their moisture the way hair attached to the scalp can, a wig is far more prone to heat damage and dryness, which shortens its lifespan tremendously. To fix this, start using wig shampoo and conditioner. This will help keep the wig hydrated and less vulnerable to harmful sun rays, enabling you to wear your wig as much as you want, even when it’s scorching out! There are other products you can invest in as well for the health of your wig. This includes sprays meant to boost the sheen of your wig. Finally, you should give your wig a nice shampoo after wearing it for five times in a row, at the most. While this may seem excessive, taking the time to perform a wig wash will help eliminate damage from your sweat.

There are many other ways to protect your wig from the summer heat, but these few suggestions are some of the most important to follow. We at RemySoft can help you with any dimension of your remy wig care needs, including full cap and partial cap hair replacement and more. Contact us to learn how you can help your wigs stay at their fullest potential!

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The Top Three Summer Hair Problems (and How to Resolve Them!)


While summer is perhaps one of the most enjoyable seasons for many, thanks to its ample supply of free time and opportunities for outings with friends, it isn’t so good for your hair. The summer sun inflicts a lot of damage on your hair and can easily render it a barely manageable mess. If you’ve dealt with this unfortunate downside of the summer, we are here to the rescue! Here are a few handy tips for sun protection for hair, as well as helpful information and why and how your hair can go wrong.

For Frizziness…

Nearly everyone has dealt with this beast of a hair problem at some point, when a frayed, cloud-like mass takes over the space where your lovely hair used to be. People who treat their hair frequently with chemical products tend to experience this problem the most. In fact, the chemicals are the problem. Perms, dyes and other similar hair styling tools we rely upon on a frequent basis can harm our hair by stripping it of the oils and moisture it needs to thrive. As a result, your hair becomes brittle and dehydrated to the point it will take in moisture wherever it can get. Summer humidity tends to be the perfect source.

To remedy this problem, you want to first invest in sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, which will help restore and lock in moisture within your hair. You may also want to consider relying on anti-frizz products until the next time you wash your hair.

For Dull Hair…

This problem is quite the opposite of what we discussed above. Rather than your hair puffing out, you may experience it weighing down until it becomes a lackluster straggle hanging floppily from your scalp. What’s the deal? Again, it’s the summer humidity! The excess water hanging in the air will easily latch onto your hair and make it far heavier than it should be.

To fix this, you want to try using a leave in conditioner and related products to boost the amount of proteins in your hair, which will make it more resistant to weighty moisture. In the meantime, you can use sprays that fight off moisture to help your hair thrive.

For Chlorine-Damaged Hair…

This problem is especially relevant for pool lovers. The sunlight and chlorine from the pool (and/or simply using far too much product) can combine to create less than desirable effects upon your hair, eliminating the sheen. Either way, your hair suffers from one of two problems: too much residue or too much dryness.

Again, a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should do the trick by cleaning your hair of any residue and restoring necessary moisture. You can also flat iron your hair to tide you over until your next wash day.

Interested in other quality hair care tips? Feel free to contact us to learn how else we can help you and your hair!

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Picking the Best Bridal Hairstyle: What Should I Consider?

RemySoft quality hair careThis may sound vain, but you cannot have a truly great bridal ensemble without the perfect hairstyle. Think of your hair as the pièce de résistance of your wedding attire, the cherry on top of the world’s most artful sundae. You can’t just pick a hairstyle haphazardly for this special occasion! You want something that meshes well with your dress and helps you feel even more beautiful than you already are. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before heading off to see your wedding stylist.

Don’t Forget Your Hair Accessories

Don't forget to use some sun protection for hair on your big day!When you went dress shopping, you likely already decided on which accessory you wanted to go with it. For many people, this would be either a veil or a tiara, though plenty of other options exist and complement a well-made and becoming dress just as beautifully. You will have to consider the accessory you want to wear as part of your bridal ensemble while you’re deciding on a hairstyle because it will have to incorporate this accessory in some way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment!

You definitely want to research all types of styles before you decide which one is right for you. The best time to do this would be several weeks before your actual wedding date for the sake of allowing yourself ample time to really think about this. Do a bit of googling. Sift through bridal style blogs. Hop onto Pinterest and flip through all the bridal images, saving the ones you really like. If you’d like, you can even consult your hairstylist with a few references you’re considering in tow. They can help you decide which hairstyle would be the most fitting.

Your Natural Hair Texture Matters

Help your hair look great on your wedding day with our hair products for Remy hair!Think about the natural attributes of your hair, as well as what you personally like to wear or what styles you have never tried before. You may surprise yourself by picking something you would have never worn otherwise but still looks splendid on you! Be sure to take other elements into account alongside your hair texture, including the venue and theme of your wedding. If you’re going for a traditional wedding, a classic hairstyle, such as an updo, would probably be more fitting than loose hair with a unique adornment. Be sure to stick to your quality hair care regimen for maximum results too!

Match Your Hairstyle to Your Dress.

This last point goes back to what we said in the paragraph before this: think about the theme of your wedding and what style of dress you’ve chosen. You want to pick a hairstyle that matches this, if only for the sake of consistency.

No matter what hairstyle you choose, there are many ways to create a stunning bridal look for yourself with the help of hair products for remy hair. This will prove especially useful for those planning outdoor weddings because sun protection for hair will matter just as much as the right style. For other tips and suggestions, feel free to contact us!

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Consider These Three Hot Bridal Hairstyles for Your Big Day!

For most people, there are few occasions more beautiful than their wedding day. We know just how important and special your wedding day is to you. That’s why we want to help you find the best possible hairstyle so you can be the most stunning! In this article, we’d like to give you a few suggestions based on the most beautiful bridal hairstyles we’ve discovered this year.


RemySoft quality hair careBraids are always an elegant choice for any occasion. Best of all, they work with every possible hair texture and can be combined with loose hair for a more playful look, depending upon your bridal theme. The particular style we have in mind is, in fact, a mixture of loose hair and braids. Before having your hair styled in this way, you’ll naturally want it to be freshly washed with a healthy dose of hydrating shampoo. Afterward, you can blow dry it and then begin the styling process. Ask your stylist to scatter braids around your head in an array of braiding styles. These braids should not be too tight because winding them in such a way makes the look neater than the fanciful, bohemian style we’re going for. You can then bundle up your braids, either with the rest of your hair to create a colorful updo or just the braids for a romantic half updo.

Romantic Chignon

Shiny hair extensions can help you replicate these gorgeous styles!The chignon has long reigned as a signature hairstyle for women around the world. However, this version of the chignon is a little different from the usual fare. Again, you want to start with freshly washed and dried hair by curling random tendrils. You can then part it to one side and tie your hair back into pigtails, which will then be bundled into knot-like buns. Pin them together into a spiral shape and you have a wonderful, fresh and adorable hairstyle for your wedding! If your hair isn’t quite long enough for this style, you can always add in some shiny hair extensions.

Natural, Floral Accessories

RemySoft hydrating shampooThis hairstyle is sure to make you look lovely, as well as match with your bridal bouquet! To start this hairstyle off, you should first wind it into big, soft curls with your tool of choice. You don’t want the curls to be too tight because they’re only there to help shape the body of your hair. Brush them out once you finish the curling process, then add elastic bands to your loose hair in whatever manner you wish. The last step is to thread your flowers into your hair by the stems, finishing off this ethereal look.

At RemySoft, we are totally devoted to helping everyone look gorgeous, no matter the occasion. This is why we provide products and tips to help you maintain quality hair care. To learn more about how you can look and feel your best with your remy hair, contact us!

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A Traveler’s Guide to Great Hair Care

RemySoft quality hair careWhen it comes to hitting the road, you’ll run into many emotions, ranging from excitement over all the sights you’ll see to worry and scrambling to get all of your ducks in a row before you take off. There will undoubtedly be all sorts of things to take care of. You may need someone to watch your house or care for your pets while you’re gone. Transportation may be an issue. Another important but often neglected aspect of vacationing is your quality hair care routine! If you’re going to be gone for an extensive amount of time this summer and have invested ample time in your hair health, you’ll want to keep reading this guide. We have a few tips to help your hair stay at its absolute best!

Ditch the Heat!

This saying goes not only for staying cool during those hot summer travels, but for drying your hair while you’re away from home. Rather than toting your hair dryer along, after a wash you can simply let your hair dry the old-fashioned way—with air! While you probably know this from experience, this suggestion will be much trickier for those with thick hair. In this case, you may want to plan a relaxing day at the hotel while letting your locks shake off the moisture. However, taking this step will be much easier on your hair throughout your trip. You can even compromise by going 50/50 between blow drying and air drying! Just be sure to remember your leave in conditioner!

Make a Pre-Vacation Appointment

If you’re planning on staying away for a considerable amount of time, it will do you a world of good to take a trip to your favorite salon and get a professional wash and treatment, if you’re so inclined, done. Compared to any home care you might attempt, the work of a professional will ultimately have much lengthier endurance, unless you’re a professional yourself! Taking care of your hair before you head off will prove to be much more convenient in the long run and keep you looking great for an unbelievably long amount of time, as long as you don’t go anywhere near the ocean, of course!

Be Gentle with Your Hair

Invest in sun protection for hair for those big summer trips!We know you’ve heard this a million times, but you absolutely have to be careful with wet hair, whether it’s from a dip in the resort pool or after a fresh wash. Wet hair is the daintiest type of hair and requires a different kind of care than it would while dry. Treat your hair gently with the help of a wide comb and absolutely no elastics or brushing. Finally, after you’ve invested all that time in washing your hair, you want the hydration and nutrients from your products to stick around. Take a hat and some protective spray along for some ample sun protection for hair if you’re planning on basking in the sun for a day!

We hope these tips will help you keep up with your quality hair care, even while on vacation! Contact us to learn more about how to keep your hair healthy and vibrant.

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Here’s How to Pick the Best Hair Color for You!

Here’s How to Pick the Best Hair Color for You!


RemySoft quality hair careExperimentation has always been deeply ingrained into human behavior, from the way we live to the way we style ourselves. This includes our clothing, our makeup and especially our hair. It’s entirely natural to look for a change of hair color, but making that decision can be tricky! While your first impulse may be to pick the color you like best, you may also be concerned with choosing one that looks good on you, which is understandable! Selecting any kind of hair styling you like and makes you look great is vital to quality hair care. We’re dedicated to helping people look and feel good, which is why we have put together this guide on how to select the best hair color as well as lend you some suggestions.


Where Do I Start?


Maintain your hair color with our sulfate free shampoo and conditioner!This is the first and most common question people ask when they’re considering dyeing their hair. Luckily, the answer to this question is somewhat simple: start with your skin tone! Almost every person on Earth will find their skin tone fits into one of two undertone categories: cool or warm. How can you figure out just what your undertones are? The easiest way is to take a glimpse at your wrists. Study the veins running through them and take note of what color they appear to be through your skin. Blue veins mean your undertones are cool. Green veins mean they are warm. The darkness of your skin matters to some extent. For instance, if you are pale with cool undertones, you may want to try warm, sunny hair colors.


If you don’t want to base your hair color off your undertones, you can also observe your eye color. Certain hair colors look much better with light eye colors, while others look better with dark eyes. For the sake of simplicity, we will be offering suggestions based on your undertones.


For Warm Undertones


Cool hair colors will thrive against warm skin. Consider going with an auburn, ash brown, brunette or dusky blonde color for your next dye work! If you don’t want to go all the way with your hair color, feel free to add cool-toned highlighting instead to give your hair more dimension and still create a pleasant contrast against your skin.


For Cool Undertones


Invert the advice we gave to those with warm undertones and you’ll be set. If you have cool skin, warmer hair color will look best on you! Think rich browns, bright strawberry-like reds and nutty shades of blonde. Again, highlighting is a great option if you don’t want to commit full-on. No matter what you decide to do with your hair color, however, you should be sure to keep it healthy with a regular routine and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. The dyeing process is strenuous and drying for your hair so leave in conditioner will work wonders to limit any damage.


For other tips on your hairstyle and general hair health, feel free to contact us!

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Check Out the Newest Celebrity-Inspired Hair Trends!

Your hair will stay ever vibrant with these styles and our sulfate free shampoo and conditioner!Are you searching for a brand new look for your hair this summer? If this is the case for you, there’s no better place to look than the stars! We mean celebrities, of course. Since the dawn of Hollywood, we’ve always looked to celebrities to guide us on the path of what’s in style. Indeed, celebrities have already left their mark upon 2016’s hair and fashion trends and what they’ve worn is worth checking out for the sake of seeing what you like and weighing your options!


You may remember the ombre hair trend that swept across 2014. Think of balayage as its more subtle relative because the general concept of these two coloring styles are quite similar. Balayage got its initial start last year and is showing no signs of stopping just yet. It is actually the better coloring option for those interested in maintaining quality hair care because the look requires a bit less maintenance than ombre hair does. Balayage is a more natural form of gradual, root to tip highlighting that allows your natural hair to peacefully coexist with the lightened ends. Best of all, this style works with any hair length and your natural hair color will easily blend in with the rest as your roots grow out!

Rainbow Locks

If natural coloring isn’t your thing, bright and pastel colors are still perfectly in. You can even blend several together at once if you’re so inclined! Mixing wild colors into your bangs, for instance, is becoming extremely popular, especially for those interested in alt styles or general trends. Feel free to play around with colors as much as you wish. There’s a whole spectrum out there to experiment with until you find the perfect combo for you!


You can achieve these looks with our hair products for Remy hair!While grey dye swept the world last year, we can’t leave out the original trendsetters for fantastic grey locks: the middle-aged and aging. Older people are finding all sorts of amazing ways to welcome these silvery wisps, whether it’s through shaping a full head of grey hair into gorgeous and becoming hairstyles or blending them in with their original hair color as a stunning display of color streaking.

Dip Dye

RemySoft quality hair careWhile we mentioned the waves balayage is making this year, the dip dyeing trend that got off the ground years back has yet to fade out entirely and may even make a comeback! This is another great option for fans of unnatural coloring who want to add a small pop of color to their hair. There’s no limit to the colors you can choose but most tend to pick either soft pastel shades or vibrant, bright colors. The next time you go shopping for hair products for remy hair, be sure to browse through hair dyes to see which color would look best on you.
No matter which style you go with, it’s important to invest in quality hair care products, such as a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. At RemySoft, we want to help your hair look its best so you can feel your best! Contact us to learn all the ways we can help you.
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Five Best Ways to Blend Your Remy Extensions With Your Natural Hair

Five Best Ways to Blend Your Remy Extensions With Your Natural Hair

Versatile styles for RemySoft hair extensionsHair extensions can be a tricky thing. We know how they should work in theory, but getting them to look exactly the way we want is easier said than done, especially without professional help. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve great looks with your extensions all on your own. It just takes a bit of practice and knowledge of how to blend your extensions in properly with your hair. We have a few style tips to help you get started!

Side Braids

The classic side braid is perfect for almost any occasion! To wear this style, all you have to do is layer your extensions underneath your natural hair, at the crown. You can then weave both your remy extensions and hair into a proper braid. Be sure to make it as neat as possible! You can leave your bangs be or sweep them back for a more formal look.

Try our shiny hair extensionsLoose Waves

This style for shiny hair extensions is yet another classic, which is best saved for after you’ve freshly washed and blow dried your hair. Simply apply your extensions and work on curling your hair to make it all mesh together. For a bit of extra girlishness, you can add in an accessory. This style is quite flexible and suits any kind of outing.

Curled Updo

If you’re looking for a flirty, semi-formal style, this is one of the best options to keep in your arsenal! There are two steps to this particular style. First, you need to curl your hair prior to adding in your extensions. Be sure to brush out your curls before you snap your extensions in! This will help them look neater and more separated. Layer your extensions just so and then work on blending them in. You’ll want to use wavy extensions for the fullest effect.

After this is done, you can then bundle your hair into a slightly tousled side bun, using a band to hold it all in place. This hairstyle also goes great with accessories so make sure you pick out something that’s both pretty and able to complement your ‘do well!

Side Ponytail

This style is a little more intricate, just like the side bun we mentioned above. Take a round brush to your hair to enhance your roots and raise the hair at the crown of your head. Bundle all of your hair so it makes a neat bun, with some strands hanging loose. In order to blend them with your curled extensions, which will be applied on top of the bun, curl the strands of hair you leave loose from the bun.

Crown Braid

Last, but not least, comes this ever popular hairstyle! Simply gather all your hair and pin it back with the help of a banana clip. Don’t do this too neatly, however, because leaving a few strands unattended creates the chic tousled look we’re going for! You can then put in a headband shaped like a crown braid to complete the look.

We hope this style guide will give you some great ideas to try out this summer! At RemySoft, we make it our priority to offer our clients quality advice and hair products for remy hair. To learn how we can help you, contact us!

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There Are Even More Hair Trends Expected to Make Waves in 2016!

There Are Even More Hair Trends Expected to Make Waves in 2016!

Every year seems to be a big year for fashion, and with the advent of each new year comes the heavy anticipation of which trends will arise and burn brightly throughout the year’s duration. We’re close to the middle of 2016 and a large number of hair trends have already begun to make their mark this year. In this article, we want to go over the best and brightest trends making waves this year and maybe give you pointers on how to snag these styles for yourself!


RemySoft has only the best tips for quality hair care!What exactly is a “wob?” This unusual term is a portmanteau for the “wavy bob,” which has begun to take 2016 by storm. While evidence points to shorter hair being not quite as popular this year, the bob will never go out of style. The best part about wobs is they’re easy to style! If your hair is already short or if you’re planning on getting a trim in the near future, you can just use styling tools or a bit of braiding to render your bob into full, wavy glory!

Natural Colors

Sorry to all of the dye enthusiasts out there! It looks as if natural shades are coming back into style this year and replacing the pastel and bright hues that grew to such massive amounts of popularity back during 2015. People now want their hair to look healthy and subtle, rather than extremely vibrant. If you want to add a bit of pop to your hair, however, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out some highlighting in addition to quality hair care.

Long Locks

RemySoft shiny hair extensionsNow is a better time than ever to break out your shiny hair extensions! Long hair has been spotted on a number of celebrities and other well-knowns this year, marking all the evidence we need to believe long hair is becoming the “it” look of this year. You can wear your long hair in any number of ways, from loose to arranged into a ponytail to decorated with bright and distinct accessories. The sky is truly the limit! Whether you decide to grow your hair out or stick to extensions, you’re sure to love rocking long hair in any way you wish!

Hair Accessories

What better way to show off your amazing locks than with a few sparkling hair accessories? While you may have left this type of hair styling back in middle school, it’s making a comeback in all sorts of new and interesting ways. The more unique, the better! If you want, however, you can still keep it subtle. Hair decorations are now capable of being tattooed or ironed in, if the idea of working in a pin or a comb doesn’t suit you.

No matter what you decide to do with your hair this year, maintaining a quality hair care routine is important! A great place to start would be updating to a great sulfate free shampoo. We at RemySoft can help with every kind of hair-related need. Contact us to learn how!

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