What makes RemySoft™ products different than other sulfate-free/color-safe products on the market?

RemySoft™ products are custom formulated for use on all types of human hair. We don’t use any “stock” or “generic” formulas that are rebranded with our name. One of the things that makes our Hydrating Cleanser so unique is that it is formulated with rich conditioning and detangling agents to help protect and pre-condition your hair during washing. The real secret though, is the use of several exotic fruit and berry extracts that contain high amounts of antioxidants. There are many health benefits associated with fruits, such as the acai berry, which helps to eliminate free radicals that cause aging. Hair is made of cells that are as susceptible to oxidation as skin cells. RemySoft™ is on the of first hair care product lines to utilize this new technology which is safe for all types of hair, including those used in wigs, weaves and extensions.

What makes blueMax Protective Sealer™ different from other ‘softening agents’?

blueMax Protective Sealer™ is a silicone based product. Used after conditioning, it serves to lock in moisture to keep hair soft and conditioned. Other “softening solutions” claim to enhance the effects of your existing conditioner. blueMax™ actually seals the surface of the hair creating a barrier which locks in essential moisture, keeping your hair soft, strong, and tangle free.

I hear that products that contain silicones are bad for hair. Is this true?

Absolutely not. In fact, silicones not only soften and condition hair, but they also protect it from damage due to heat and humidity. One of the best benefits of using products containing silicone is that they form a temporary waterproof seal that locks in moisture and prevents harmful chemicals from entering the hair shaft, yet it washes out easily when you shampoo.

Are all RemySoft™ products safe to use on my natural growing hair as well as on my wig, hair extensions or weave?

Yes! Although they were primarily developed to help retain softness, strength, and color in processed hair, all RemySoft™ products are safe for use on natural growing hair, wigs, extensions and weaves. They can be used with all hair types, but are especially beneficial for use on dry and/or color treated hair.

Are your products safe for use on lace base units?

Definitely! Our products were originally formulated specifically for the hair replacement industry. As with any conditioner or protectant, you should avoid applying these directly to the knots, but aside from taking this basic precaution, no special care is needed. Not only will our products NOT cause shedding due to loosening of the knots, but they will actually DECREASE shedding that is normally caused by products that gradually deplete the hair of precious moisture.

How do I tell the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ alcohols often found in hair care products?

Try to avoid products that contain “drying” alcohols such as SD Alcohol, SD Alcohol 40, and Alcohol Denat. Most other alcohols that are commonly used in hair care products are “fatty” alcohols, and are actually good for the hair. Depending on the product, their purpose may be as a surfactant, emulsifier, stabilizer, opacifier, or thickening agent. Examples of these include behenyl, cetyl, cetearyl, and stearyl alcohols. These are not drying alcohols, and are considered safe for use on processed hair.

RemySoft Recovery Cream™ contains Behentrimonium Methosulphate. I thought all of your products were sulfate free?

Behentrimonium Methosulphate is not actually a sulfate, it is a conditioning agent. For more information on conditioner ingredients, click here.

Do I need a lot of lather to get clean hair?

No! Experiencing a lot of lather when you are shampooing is a sure sign that your product contains sulfates. You will not see a great deal of lather when you use RemySoft Hydrating Cleanser™ as the product is sulfate free. Rest assured, your hair will be clean, soft and more manageable than ever before. And you only need to use a small amount on each washing so one bottle goes a long way.

Should I make the blueMax Daily Refresher™ Spray a part of my normal hair care routine?

Even an average day can be tough on hair. But you want your hair to look as great at 5:00 pm as it did at 9:00 am. At RemySoft™, we get that. Our newest product, blueMax Daily Refresher™ was created to keep your hair smooth, untangled and protected on those extra-long days. With a few quick sprays of blueMax Daily Refresher™, your transition from day to evening will leave you feeling confident that your hair will hold up as long as you do.

Are RemySoft™ products safe for everyday use?

Yes. All of our products are safe for daily use on all types of human hair. Although hair wearers may choose to go for longer periods of time in between washings. Check with your hair manufacture for best practices on the care of your hair.

Are RemySoft™ products designed for use by men or women?

Both. All of our products are designed for unisex usage. Products can also be used to clean and detangle your child’s hair as our sulfate free formula won’t burn eyes. Imagine what a space-saver this will be in your shower!

I have an idea for a new RemySoft™ product. How do I submit it?

We are always happy to hear from our customers in an effort to continue providing high quality products to meet their needs. If you have a product idea, please click the “Contact” link and let us know about it.

I tried the product, but I’m not sure it’s right for my hair. What should I do next?

We stand behind the quality of our products 100%. If you are experiencing challenges getting the product to work on your hair type, please reach out to us by clicking the “Contact” tab. We’ll have a product specialist promptly contact you and cover some best practices for getting the most out of your products. If we are unable to find a solution for your hair care needs, we will provide you with a full refund (minus S/H charges).

How do I become a retailer of RemySoft™ Products?

We look forward to expanding our partnerships with salons and retailers both nationally and internationally. If you are interested in providing RemySoft™ products to your client base, please click here.