There are few elements of physical appearance people pour more effort into than their hair. After all, let’s face it: maintaining great hair is hard work! If you’re a man with long hair, you’ve likely not only overcome any bit of existing stigma about long hair being “too feminine” and invested tons of time and careful effort into growing your hair out to just the right length. You’ve worked hard and it shows! Now that you have so much hair, however, you have to learn how to groom and style it in a way that is comfortable for you. Luckily, we have a few quality hair care tips to help you get started.

Use the Right Products

If you don’t use the right hair products for remy hair, you may find all of your hard work breaking off. Hair products provide ample support for your hair to ensure it stays healthy and continues to grow. For best results, you’ll want to include styling gels, sulfate free shampoo and conditioners and mousse. A good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will not only keep your hair clean, but sleek and hydrated—two important keys to having healthy and manageable hair!

If you have long hair, you need quality hair care.

Quality hair care is a must for long-haired men.

The Best Styles for Your Hair

There’s absolutely no shortage of great hairstyles for men with long hair! In fact, the type of style you can wear depends mainly on your own preferences. A whole host of hairstyles are popular at the moment, but we’ll list those that are most popular right now:


  • Straightened: This style works best for men whose long hair is naturally wavy or curly. You can use a flat iron to achieve this look, though it’s not without its own risks. Flat irons, as well as any kind of heating tool, easily cause damage to your hair. This is because hair is not meant to be exposed to direct heat, especially on a regular basis. To limit any damage to your hair, professionals frequently recommend limiting the amount of heat you use on your hair, as well as using heat protectant products when you do wield a flat iron. If you like the idea of having silky straight hair, this particular styling method might work well for you!

  • Loose: Loose hair is perhaps one of the most popular styles for long-haired men! This may be because it requires the least effort. All you have to do is brush your hair out, perhaps adjust the part to the side or center and you’re done. Many people find the look of loose, sleek hair to be more attractive, which is a great bonus!

  • Bun: There’s nothing sexier than a well-crafted man bun! One of the best parts of this particular hairstyle is its protective qualities, which make it a great candidate to add to your quality hair care routine. Not only that, but it’s incredibly easy to pull off and works for both casual and formal situations.


Now that you’ve grown out your hair, the sky’s the limit as far as your hair styling options! To learn more about the hottest styles for long-haired men, contact us anytime!