Dry hair can be a real problem. And for those wearing systems, wigs, or hair extensions made from natural human hair, this can be even more of a challenge. Hair that is not growing from the scalp lacks the ability to receive the body’s natural protective oils. That combined with the fact that most of the cuticle layer is removed during processing makes hair system hair especially susceptible to dryness and damage.

In 2008, in an effort to find a solution for dry, damaged hair systems, the founders of RemySoft realized although conditioners are important to maintaining moisture levels in the hair, they don’t provide the extra layer of protection for shiny, manageable hair.

The key to locking in moisture was to add a protective coating. After experimenting with various silicones and natural oil combinations, a mixture providing just the right softening and protection properties was formulated. The result? blueMaxTM Protective Sealer.

Originally bottled in a home-based operation, the demand for blueMaxTM Protective Sealer meant calling in the help of a US- based laboratory and RemySoft Solutions LLC, a Florida-based company, was formed.

We focus on high quality products for all types of human hair including those in the non-surgical hair replacement industry. With the blueMaxTM flagship product in production, a new team of chemists began development of a shampoo and conditioner. The Protective Sealer, packaged with the new Moisturizing Shampoo and Anti-oxidant Conditioner, became the new RemySoftTM 3-Step System for complete hair maintenance.