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There Are Even More Hair Trends Expected to Make Waves in 2016!

There Are Even More Hair Trends Expected to Make Waves in 2016!

Every year seems to be a big year for fashion, and with the advent of each new year comes the heavy anticipation of which trends will arise and burn brightly throughout the year’s duration. We’re close to the middle of 2016 and a large number of hair trends have already begun to make their mark this year. In this article, we want to go over the best and brightest trends making waves this year and maybe give you pointers on how to snag these styles for yourself!


RemySoft has only the best tips for quality hair care!What exactly is a “wob?” This unusual term is a portmanteau for the “wavy bob,” which has begun to take 2016 by storm. While evidence points to shorter hair being not quite as popular this year, the bob will never go out of style. The best part about wobs is they’re easy to style! If your hair is already short or if you’re planning on getting a trim in the near future, you can just use styling tools or a bit of braiding to render your bob into full, wavy glory!

Natural Colors

Sorry to all of the dye enthusiasts out there! It looks as if natural shades are coming back into style this year and replacing the pastel and bright hues that grew to such massive amounts of popularity back during 2015. People now want their hair to look healthy and subtle, rather than extremely vibrant. If you want to add a bit of pop to your hair, however, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out some highlighting in addition to quality hair care.

Long Locks

RemySoft shiny hair extensionsNow is a better time than ever to break out your shiny hair extensions! Long hair has been spotted on a number of celebrities and other well-knowns this year, marking all the evidence we need to believe long hair is becoming the “it” look of this year. You can wear your long hair in any number of ways, from loose to arranged into a ponytail to decorated with bright and distinct accessories. The sky is truly the limit! Whether you decide to grow your hair out or stick to extensions, you’re sure to love rocking long hair in any way you wish!

Hair Accessories

What better way to show off your amazing locks than with a few sparkling hair accessories? While you may have left this type of hair styling back in middle school, it’s making a comeback in all sorts of new and interesting ways. The more unique, the better! If you want, however, you can still keep it subtle. Hair decorations are now capable of being tattooed or ironed in, if the idea of working in a pin or a comb doesn’t suit you.

No matter what you decide to do with your hair this year, maintaining a quality hair care routine is important! A great place to start would be updating to a great sulfate free shampoo. We at RemySoft can help with every kind of hair-related need. Contact us to learn how!

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Buying Wigs and Extensions: The Differences Between Remy and Synthetic

So you’ve made the decision to buy a wig. What’s next? Well, you’ll have to pick the material you want it to be made from! There are two main wig materials: synthetic and real, or “remy.” Both of these wig types come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is best for you depends upon your needs and lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about all of these factors so you can come to the best possible decision.

Synthetic Wigs

Protect your wigs with leave in conditioner.

Leave in conditioner protects your wigs.

While synthetic wigs used to be made from flimsier materials, they can now be constructed to feel nearly as real as human hair! This type of wig is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. Synthetic wigs can be worn immediately. You don’t need to style them as you would a human hair wig because it’s already been styled and is designed to hold its shape for an indefinite amount of time. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your wig losing its shape under the same circumstances human hair would. This enables you to carry on with your day and look great in the process!

Synthetic wigs, however, aren’t necessarily the best choice for those looking to style their wigs every so often. As stated before, the styles of synthetic wigs are made to last. However, they don’t have a long lifespan in general. The most you can hope to maintain your wig is six months. In order to wear a new style, you’ll either have to buy a new wig or special tools to style the wig without damaging it. Many synthetic wigs are sensitive to the heat from styling tools and will distort if exposed to it.

Remy Wigs

Remy wigs are made of human hair, meaning they’re the most lifelike you can get. They’re the perfect choice for those who want the full effect from their wig, from texture to being able to manipulate it as you please. Compared to synthetic wigs, remy wigs sport a higher price tag, but with the larger price comes greater benefits!

Due to how human hair wigs are made, with their need for stronger processing chemicals and other treatments, you will ultimately receive a much better product than you would if you bought a synthetic wig. You’ll need to invest in wig care products, such as wig shampoo and conditioner, to own a remy wig. You may want to consider leave in conditioner for its regular care. You will need to take care of it in the same way you care for your natural hair to maintain its life span. You also will have to style the wig before you can wear it. Luckily, remy wigs can be worn for more than one year, allowing you more flexibility in how you wear your wig and more longevity for your buck!

On our website, you’ll find more information on how to care for a wig. For more advice, feel free to get in touch with us! We want to help you look and feel your absolute best!

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Out the Best Wig for You!

No matter your reasons, the process of choosing a wig is undoubtedly a nervous event for many. There are so many styles and options the simple act of browsing can be overwhelming. You may wonder, “What type of wig works for me? What color should I get? What style suits my face shape best? What about quality?” We fully understand your concerns! That’s why, to help you know what to look for, we’ve put together this handy shopper’s guide just for you!

Pick a Style

Before you go into any other detail of your wig shopping journey, you should first find the perfectly styled wig. You can base this judgment off a number of factors, from your facial shape to the weight of the wig to your comfort level and most importantly, your own personal preferences. You ultimately want to choose a wig that makes you both look and feel great! There are all types of lengths and textures to choose from,so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Measure Your Cap Size

After you’ve picked out the perfect style of wig for you, you want to be sure it will fit on your head! Luckily, wigs come in a wide assortment of sizes and can even be altered to fit better. You will have to do some measuring to figure out your cap size. This step will involve measuring your head to get its circumference. Be sure to start with your hairline and wrap your measuring tool around your head until you wind up back where you’ve started. This is the best way to get an accurate measurement.

What Will Your Wig Be Made From?

Always use wig shampoo and conditioner.

Be sure you use wig shampoo and conditioner.

The material of your wig is just as important as its size and style. You want only the best looking wig, as well as the most convenient type for you. Wigs can be made from two materials: synthetic or real human hair. While synthetic hair is made to feel natural, they don’t beat out human hair in that regard. Synthetic wigs are best for those on a budget and who don’t want to spend a lot of time on styling. These wigs can be worn for up to six months.

Human hair wigs will automatically look realistic and are the best option for those who want to style their wig frequently. While it’s pricier, it’s well worth the amount! Human hair wigs will keep for at least a year. No matter which wig style you choose, be sure to look into the right wig care products. Now would be a good time to invest in wig shampoo and conditioner!

What Color Will You Choose?

Color may be the last part of our guide, but its important isn’t! Wigs come in an incredible variety of colors, from bright, unnatural hues to shades identical to your natural hair color. What color you choose is up to you and your preferences.

No matter which stage of the wig buying process you’re in, we at RemySoft are here to help you! We carry a vast array of products designed to keep your new wig, including full cap and/or partial cap hair replacement, beautiful for longer. To learn more, contact us!

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Chlorine: How It Affects Your Hair and How You Can Protect It

When it comes to the summer months, you can’t beat the “classic” activities, such as going out with friends, getting a tan and heading out for a refreshing swim to escape the heat. Swimming is an especially popular pastime, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. If you have to rely on a pool for your swimming needs, you’ll inevitably be exposed to chlorine, the chemical poured into pool water to keep it sterile and suitable for swimming in the first place. While chlorine works wonders as far as allowing you to enjoy the pool, it isn’t so good for your hair. In this article, we’ll go over how to protect your hair from chlorine or soothe any existing damage you’ve already amassed from taking a dip in the past.

How Does Chlorine Work?

As stated above, the purpose of chlorine is to keep swimming pools sanitary for swimming by purifying it and protecting it against bacterial breeches introduced by the mass of human bodies that enter the pool on a regular basis. The chemicals within chlorine are incredibly strong as a result. One of the jobs of chlorine, in particular, is to eliminate the presence of oil in the water—and guess what our hair produces on a regular and natural basis?

If you’re a frequent swimmer, you want to exercise even more caution when going for a swim. Continually stripping the oils from your hair can cause all kinds of harm, including breakage, dryness and many other issues. If your hair is already bleached, it is even more vulnerable to chlorine’s effects.

Helping Chlorine-Affected Hair

Keep chlorine out with hydrating shampoo.

Hydrating shampoo can help you keep chlorine out.

If your hair is constantly tangled, losing color, fried looking and dry, it’s highly likely your hair suffers from damage caused by chlorine. In this case, you’ll need a care regimen to help restore it to its natural glory. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Apply a leave in conditioner. This will help to tame the ends of your hair, as well as restore and maintain some level of moisture.
  • Invest in protein treatments to restore hair health.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any and all chlorine still remaining in your hair.
  • Consult a professional to see what else can be done.

Lowering Your Risk of Damage from Chlorine

Use these tricks prior to and following a trip to the pool to limit the effects of chlorine upon your hair:

  • Invest in hydrating shampoo and use it following a swim to counteract any drying effects.
  • Rinse your hair with fresh, non-chlorinated water after your swim to begin getting rid of the chlorine clinging to it.
  • A swimming cap is a perfect way to keep your hair safe, especially if you frequent the swimming pool.
  • Soak your hair with regular water prior to your pool trip. This will limit the amount of chlorine that can enter your hair.

No matter the amount of exposure your hair has to chlorine, it will help tremendously to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair sleek and healthy during the summer months. For any other hair related concerns, contact us! We’re here to help!

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Ways to Keep Your Hair from Becoming Brittle in the Summer Heat

What could be more fun than summer vacation? With its plentiful outings filled with sun, surf, sand, free time and bonding with friends and loved ones, the summer season is an incredibly enjoyable time for almost everyone…except your hair. While you may enjoy the heat and sunshine, it presents a major hazard to your hair that’s difficult to rectify once the season ends. Too much heat exposure causes damaged and dry hair, which leads to breakage and other problems that could potentially destroy all the hard work you’ve invested into your hair. Luckily, there are ways to protect your tresses throughout the season.

Check Your Brushing Habits

A low-quality brush can be worse than no brush at all. The ideal brush sports boar bristles, which help to manage moisture in your hair by spreading it evenly and easily. If you’re working with your hair while it’s wet, it’s better to stick to a comb with wide teeth because this is less likely to yank out your hair than a brush will. Wet hair is prone to breakage, and brushes are often too rough on the strands while they’re in this state.

Protect Your Hair Against the Elements

In the summer, don't forget sun protection for hair.

Sun protection for hair is critical in the summer.

When you’re facing extreme temperatures, a great conditioner can work wonders for your hair. It can help to keep moisture from seeping too deeply into your hair, along with the help of a cap. There are a number of products you can turn to for sun protection for hair, including sprays. Hats are another great option for those on a budget and easy to coordinate with your summer wardrobe! Sunlight and its UV rays can easily sap the moisture from your hair, which means it will need all the help it can get! A hydrating shampoo will be equally useful for protecting your hair.

Don’t Overdo It With Your Styling Tools!

We know what a lifesaver your curling and/or flat irons can be, especially on those days your hair refuses to cooperate. However, artificial heat is damaging to hair and, when combined with natural heat from the summer sun, can pack quite a detrimental wallop! Consider styling your hair differently from time to time by wearing it up in a bun or some other low-maintenance style. It will be easy on your hair and cute enough to wear on a day out! Alternatively, if you must use heat, adjust the temperature lower. Ionic tools can be helpful as well because they work with the water in your hair to style it and trap moisture within it, which can safeguard your hair against the heat. No matter what you decide to do with your hair, be sure to apply a heat protectant to it as a safeguard!

At RemySoft, we’re 100 percent dedicated to helping you manage your hair, no matter the time of year. Contact us to learn more great tips for dealing with dry hair and other common problems!

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How to Prepare Your Hair for Spring

As the winter cold dissipates and makes way for spring warmth and blossoming new life, you’re probably looking for a change as well. It’s far from uncommon to see people who want to freshen themselves up after dragging through the winter months. Why not start off the new season by livening up your locks? There are a number of things you can do to renew your hair as spring rolls in, and we can tell you all about them! Read on to find out what you can do to rejuvenate your hair this spring.

Add Some Cute Accessories

While accessories certainly work all year round, different accessories work best for different seasons. Spring is the perfect time to bust out bright colors and big, beautiful flowers to adorn your hair. However, it’s frustratingly easy to do this and wind up looking like a kindergartener. You want to look innocent but still like a mature adult. To remedy this, we recommend sticking to subtlety. Pick more muted colors and designs, such as smaller hair clips, to add a bit of sparkle to your hair or more washed out pastel shades.

Get a Seasonal Cut

Keep your hair healthy with a hydrating shampoo.

Hydrating shampoo is a must in the summer.

Nature isn’t the only thing that dies off when winter rolls around. Your hair suffers from the cold temperatures and winter frost as well. You can remedy this by going to your salon of choice and requesting a stylist clip away the ends, which have likely lost a great deal of moisture thanks to the weather. Your hair will thank you for it by continuing to flourish!

Prepare for Spring Drizzles

Making sure your ‘do is ready to brave the rain is just as important as sun protection for hair. The extra moisture in the air makes your hair prone to frizz, which can ruin a great hairstyle in seconds. We recommend bypassing a hair disaster by bundling your hair into an updo. You’ll still look prim and stylish and any ill effects on your hair from the rain will be virtually unnoticeable!

Change Up Your Products

Because of the change in air quality, your hair no longer needs the extra boost in moisture it did during spring. This means you can stow away your hydrating shampoo and stick to something with a normal formula. Now is the perfect time to hunt for a great new leave in conditioner and shampoo, perhaps in that perfect springtime scent to leave your hair feeling especially fresh!

This isn’t all you can do to liven up your hair for spring, but we certainly hope it helps! If you need any more advice on how to manage your hair, no matter the time of year, we’re here and happy to help you. Our website is full of advice and products to keep your hair manageable and in enviable condition. Feel free to browse. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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Balayage vs. Ombre: Which Is Right for You?

Throughout the 2010’s, both ombre and balayage have maintained sizable popularity—at least, for those who frequently color their hair. People who aren’t quite so hair-savvy or don’t have many fashion-oriented friends may not have heard of these coloring techniques. If they have, they may not know the differences between them and consider both styles interchangeable. However, there are a few key differences between these styles, which are important to know if you want to request one of them at your next salon appointment.

What Is Ombre?

“Ombre” comes from the French language and means “two-toned.” Ombre is a dyeing technique that creates a gradient effect on your hair, which is usually a gradual transition from dark to light and extends from roots to ends. This look is popular because it lends the effect the wearer has had a bleaching treatment performed upon their hair and let it fade over time, letting their dark roots gradually overtake the lightened parts. Some stylists only recommend this look for people with naturally dark hair. However, there are many variations for a wide variety of hair colors, even unnatural ones

The most important thing to keep in mind with respect to ombre hair is it is intense, both in look and the amount of maintenance it requires. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time in the salon to keep ombre hair fresh, which may not work for people who are already constantly on the go.

What Is Balayage?

When you color your hair, you need to use hydrating shampoo.

Hydrating shampoo is needed when coloring your hair.

“Balayage” also comes from the French language and means “sweep.” The meaning of the word is quite literal because your stylist will apply this coloring technique to your hair by performing one large sweep over your hair, starting from the roots and pulling down toward your ends. Balayage looks similar to ombre because it’s usually a subtle shift from dark coloring to light. However, balayage is meant to look more natural, as if the sun’s rays have bleached your hair, rather than a hair stylist’s brush.

Stylists recommend you have at least shoulder-length hair for this look to take full effect. Compared to ombre, balayage is more subtle on all accounts. It looks more natural and requires less maintenance. You can let your hair grow out over time, and because there will be lighter streaks farther up your hair, the coloring will still look fairly unchanged.

As stated above, the difference between balayage and ombre is the severity involved. Balayage is more subtle and natural-looking than ombre hair and requires far less upkeep, which is good for busy people. At RemySoft Solutions, we carry an assortment of products to help your hair flourish, whether its colored or kept natural! Try our hydrating shampoo and leave in conditioner to nourish your hair. For further protection, you can rely on our protective hair serum. For more information on how we can help you and your hair, contact us.

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Check Out This Popular 2016 Hair Color

Unsure of what to do with your hair this new year? Are you tired of your current style and looking for a change? With the advent of 2016, stylists are already looking forward to the newest and hottest hair trends and have picked up on the latest phenomenon in the styling world. Whether you’re looking for a brand new style or just want to update your look a little, we’ve gathered the info on the most stylish new trend that is sure to make waves in the new year.

What’s the New Trend?

Celebrity stylists have pulled the newest trend from their clients, who have all requested this one thing: the sun-kissed look. You may have seen it yourself while out on the town—the type of hair that looks like its owner lives in the sunshine and hangs out entirely on the beach. Sun-kissed hair looked naturally bleached and silky, made up of dark roots that fade out into perfectly pallid ends. It’s akin to ombre or dip-dying but much less intense.

What Are the Benefits of This Look?

Luckily for you, sun-kissed coloring is far easier to maintain than the average dye job. The construction of it allows for roots to grow naturally over time and actually adds to the effect because it emphasizes your lightened tips and gives your hair that appealing, natural glow. This look is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time flipping through magazines at the salon or fretting over booking that last-minute appointment.

Where Did This Look Come From?

To protect your hair, you need hydrating shampoo.

Use hydrating shampoo for the best results.

You can thank a famous celebrity hair stylist for the creation of the sun-kissed style.  The biggest secret to this technique is matching the style and color of a client’s hair to their appearance. Sun-kissed hair has since become immensely popular and is sweeping across the country, not only due to its look, but how great it makes its wearers feel.

Want This Look for Yourself?

If sun-kissed hair sounds like the right style for you, we can help you achieve it with our products. We have a large selection of items to choose from, including our hydrating shampoo and our leave in conditioner. To help protect your hair, whether it’s colored or simply more sensitive than other tresses, we also have a special formula of protective hair serum. For more information on our products and services, feel free to contact us today. We specialize in helping everyone look their best!

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Guys, Get Your Post-Cut Look Every Day

Keep that post cut look with quality hair care.

Quality hair care helps keep that post cut look.

If you’re like most men, when you walk out of the barbershop, you never feel better about your hair. Unfortunately, as each day passes, you may begin to feel dissatisfied with your hair cut. However, with quality hair care, such as a great sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, you can achieve that same post-cut look every day until you go for your next trim.

It’s All About Natural Oils

One of the reasons it’s difficult to duplicate the look you will get at the barbershop is actually with you all along. As your hair is cut, the barber will likely pull his or her fingers through your hair, spreading the natural oils at the follicles throughout the hair. This may seem like a negative thing, but it actually contributes to the health and well-being of every strand. This is why you often leave the barber shop looking amazing, but you can’t seem to replicate the style when you get home, even if you try immediately upon your return. It’s up to you to find the quality hair care techniques that can help you achieve the look again later.

Don’t Wash Too Often

People today are conditioned to believe they must wash their hair every day to achieve cleanliness and look their best. While you should bathe your body every day, your hair can actually go longer in between washings, especially if you use a great sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner. Instead of subjecting your hair to shampoo and conditioner daily, consider stretching it out to every other day or even every third day. Experiment until you find the perfect solution for your hair style and type.

Just Give It a Rinse

Keep your hair looking good with a great sulfate free shampoo.

A great sulfate free shampoo will keep your hair looking great.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your hair wet at all. In fact, it can be useful to rinse your hair out with plain water once a day instead, especially if you typically use styling products to achieve the right look. However, when selecting the perfect products, make sure you choose one that is water soluble so it will easily rinse out of your hair at the end of the day with no need to scrub or use shampoo. If you really have to scrub to get all of your hair products out, you are using the wrong ones.

Getting the barbershop look at home may seem impossible, but the truth is you can achieve it if you take the right steps. It all starts with approaching quality hair care in a new way. Instead of washing your hair daily, consider washing it every two to three days instead, rinsing it with plain water in between. When you do wash it, use a great sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner to ensure your hair and its natural oils remain in the best condition possible.

If you’re looking for the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, contact us. We carry a full line of quality hair care products designed with men in mind.

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Top 5 Hairstyles for Men in 2015

Every year, the latest in hairstyling trends for men change, just as fashions have a tendency to evolve as time passes. While quality hair care, including the use of a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, will never change, if you want to stay on top of the latest styles for men, consider one of these five choices.

1. Faded Sides with a Textured Top

Use a hydrating shampoo to keep your hair looking great.

Men should use a hydrating shampoo.

The fade has long been a popular style among men, slowly fading from slightly longer hair down to nothing lower on the head. However, this year, this trend has taken a slight turn. Instead of keeping the top largely cropped close to the head, many men today are opting for a textured look, leaving their hair slightly longer at the top, showcasing the natural texture of their hair, whether it’s curly, wavy, straight or anything in between.

2. A Modern Fringe

Improve your hair style with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking great.

Keeping the hair short on the sides and longer on the top can serve to elongate the face, which makes this modern take on the fringe perfect for individuals who have a rounder face shape. This hairstyle also lends itself well to the recent trend of a messy look, which has quickly taken the world by storm.

3. Mid-Length Styles

Regardless of style, you need quality hair care.

Quality hair care is a must for any style.

While some men still opt for traditionally short styles, others are going a bit longer. You don’t have to wear your hair extra long to get the effect you’re looking for. Mid-length styles are becoming a popular option for men who want a little bit of length without having to tie their hair back on a regular basis.

4. Slick It Back

Before you slick, use a hydrating shampoo.

Use a hydrating shampoo before you slick.

For men who wear their hair slightly longer on top, a slicked back look can be the perfect alternative, providing a clean, professional look. This style can be accompanied by shorter sides or you can keep your hair longer on the sides and slick it back as well.

5. A Longer Top

Quality hair care for men is a must.

Men need to focus on quality hair care.

Even though this hairstyle trend dates back to 2014, it still remains a hot option for men. However, this style has changed shape a bit over the last year to give it a bit more edge. Most men comb the length back, but don’t slick it down, giving their hair more lift and height.

As the hairstyling trends for men change over the years, one thing remains the same: a hydrating shampoo and quality hair care provides men with the healthy hair they need to create the amazing styles they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair looking great, contact us. We carry a full line of hair care products designed to help you maintain any hairstyle.

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