As the winter cold dissipates and makes way for spring warmth and blossoming new life, you’re probably looking for a change as well. It’s far from uncommon to see people who want to freshen themselves up after dragging through the winter months. Why not start off the new season by livening up your locks? There are a number of things you can do to renew your hair as spring rolls in, and we can tell you all about them! Read on to find out what you can do to rejuvenate your hair this spring.

Add Some Cute Accessories

While accessories certainly work all year round, different accessories work best for different seasons. Spring is the perfect time to bust out bright colors and big, beautiful flowers to adorn your hair. However, it’s frustratingly easy to do this and wind up looking like a kindergartener. You want to look innocent but still like a mature adult. To remedy this, we recommend sticking to subtlety. Pick more muted colors and designs, such as smaller hair clips, to add a bit of sparkle to your hair or more washed out pastel shades.

Get a Seasonal Cut

Keep your hair healthy with a hydrating shampoo.

Hydrating shampoo is a must in the summer.

Nature isn’t the only thing that dies off when winter rolls around. Your hair suffers from the cold temperatures and winter frost as well. You can remedy this by going to your salon of choice and requesting a stylist clip away the ends, which have likely lost a great deal of moisture thanks to the weather. Your hair will thank you for it by continuing to flourish!

Prepare for Spring Drizzles

Making sure your ‘do is ready to brave the rain is just as important as sun protection for hair. The extra moisture in the air makes your hair prone to frizz, which can ruin a great hairstyle in seconds. We recommend bypassing a hair disaster by bundling your hair into an updo. You’ll still look prim and stylish and any ill effects on your hair from the rain will be virtually unnoticeable!

Change Up Your Products

Because of the change in air quality, your hair no longer needs the extra boost in moisture it did during spring. This means you can stow away your hydrating shampoo and stick to something with a normal formula. Now is the perfect time to hunt for a great new leave in conditioner and shampoo, perhaps in that perfect springtime scent to leave your hair feeling especially fresh!

This isn’t all you can do to liven up your hair for spring, but we certainly hope it helps! If you need any more advice on how to manage your hair, no matter the time of year, we’re here and happy to help you. Our website is full of advice and products to keep your hair manageable and in enviable condition. Feel free to browse. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.