Unsure of what to do with your hair this new year? Are you tired of your current style and looking for a change? With the advent of 2016, stylists are already looking forward to the newest and hottest hair trends and have picked up on the latest phenomenon in the styling world. Whether you’re looking for a brand new style or just want to update your look a little, we’ve gathered the info on the most stylish new trend that is sure to make waves in the new year.

What’s the New Trend?

Celebrity stylists have pulled the newest trend from their clients, who have all requested this one thing: the sun-kissed look. You may have seen it yourself while out on the town—the type of hair that looks like its owner lives in the sunshine and hangs out entirely on the beach. Sun-kissed hair looked naturally bleached and silky, made up of dark roots that fade out into perfectly pallid ends. It’s akin to ombre or dip-dying but much less intense.

What Are the Benefits of This Look?

Luckily for you, sun-kissed coloring is far easier to maintain than the average dye job. The construction of it allows for roots to grow naturally over time and actually adds to the effect because it emphasizes your lightened tips and gives your hair that appealing, natural glow. This look is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time flipping through magazines at the salon or fretting over booking that last-minute appointment.

Where Did This Look Come From?

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You can thank a famous celebrity hair stylist for the creation of the sun-kissed style.  The biggest secret to this technique is matching the style and color of a client’s hair to their appearance. Sun-kissed hair has since become immensely popular and is sweeping across the country, not only due to its look, but how great it makes its wearers feel.

Want This Look for Yourself?

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