Evidence is stacking up to suggest 2016 will be a big year for the hair styling world. Professional stylists around the country are developing hotter looks than ever, leading to the creation of trends too good to resist. If you’re on the hunt for a new style, whether it’s for the year or just for the upcoming spring season, check out these looks. You may find the perfect cut for you!

Low Pigtails

Spring hair styles

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Low pigtails may be just the right touch for athletic types who want to keep their hair out of their face but still look cute on their morning runs. They also work well for people interested in alternative looks, especially when combined with spiky accessories and dark makeup. Low pigtails work best when tied close to one another and are the best choice for someone who wants to try an innocent look.

Long Waves

Keep your hair looking amazing with quality hair care.

Quality hair care keeps your hair looking amazing.

Long wavy hair is one style that will never expire. You can achieve this look in one of several ways, whether its your natural hair texture or you require a curling iron, braiding your hair overnight, hair rollers or shiny hair extensions. The best part of this particular style is its flexibility. This style works well for everyday life, formal occasions and almost every other imaginable situation!

Bright Floral Accessories

Carmen Miranda is bringing back hair accessories, specifically the big and bold varieties! A cute choice for formal parties, feathered fascinators or rainbow bundles of flowers woven among your tresses are sure to impress. This is also the perfect complement to a bold party outfit. Floral hair decorations can go with any type of hairstyle, from a tight updo to loose curls. If you’re going to wear your hair up, consider spreading your flowers into a crown shape. We guarantee you’ll charm everyone in the room!

Twisted Low Buns

Are you bored with your usual updo? Antonio Corral Calero has invented a literal new twist on the popular messy bun style. To replicate this style for yourself, all you have to do is pull your hair to the nape of your neck and knot it into a simple, twisted bun. Make it as messy as you desire for a casual look! This type of bun can work with medium or long hair.


Keep up with quality hair care.

Quality hair care is an absolute necessity.

Braids are another style that has remained reliably trendy. It’s simply the application that has changed. Rather than one thick ponytail, consider weaving many smaller braids into your loose hair for some eye-catching variety. Braided ponytails are still classically chic, however, especially when sloped over one shoulder. If you’d like a more unique touch, braid just part of your hair and bundle the loose half into a bun at the crown of your head. You can also braid one portion and tie the rest back into a ponytail!

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