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What Is Co-Washing?

If you’ve never heard of co-washing before, it simply means you skip shampooing your hair and use only conditioner. There are some great benefits to co-washing, but it helps if you have the right hair type in order to get the desired results. You can also enjoy the money savings by not having to buy shampoo anymore!

The hardest part many people struggle with is changing their quality hair care routine. Believe it or not, it can take a few days or a couple of weeks to adjust to the new routine and styling your hair how you like it. With the right hair products for Remy hair, you can ease the transition significantly.

Best Candidates for Co-Washing

The best candidates for co-washing are those who have naturally dry hair. This typically means if you have curly or wavy hair, co-washing may be something for you to consider for your quality hair care routine. When you don’t wash your hair with shampoo, the hair retains more of the natural oil it produces. Combine that with the moisturizing components of conditioning products and you may experience silkier and smoother hair.

Products to Use for Co-Washing

hair products for remy hairWith co-washing, it’s important to choose the right hair products for Remy hair tailored to your specific hair type. It’s best to avoid sulfates, so finding great sulfate free shampoo and conditioners is essential. There are actually products designed specifically for co-washing, so just be sure to read the description when searching for them, or ask a product specialist.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Washing

Using too much shampoo and conditioner can remove the natural oils your hair needs to be healthy. Even using a leave in conditioner would be advantageous if you’re considering co-washing. From a styling perspective, co-washing will generally make it easier to style your hair since it will have more body and will be easier to work with.

Depending on your hair type, you may not have the best results with co-washing. People with very thick hair tend to feel like their hair is heavy and dull after they try co-washing. People with this type of hair just may need to combine other hair products for Remy hair to achieve the hair they desire.

Remysoft knows the challenges associated with co-washing. While it can be beneficial for many people, it’s definitely not for everyone. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about co-washing in general or if you aren’t sure what products to use for your hair.

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Here’s How to Prevent These Common Hair Washing Blunders

Quality hair careThere are many techniques and strategies people use when washing their hair. The fact is everyone has different hair, so there’s no one true way to wash it properly. However, there are some mistakes you could be making, depending on your hair type. The key to a good quality hair care routine is learning about how your hair reacts to different products and adjusting accordingly. Here are some of the mistakes you could be making when washing your hair, and how to prevent them.

Washing on a Schedule

If you have to have a set schedule for the days you wash your hair so you don’t forget, then go for it. However, you could be making a mistake by sticking to the schedule religiously. You may not want to wash your hair every day, but if you’re outside in the sun using various products, it’s actually better to wash it daily and use some leave in conditioner occasionally. If you can manage it, wash your hair on demand rather than sticking with a schedule no matter what.

Not Using The Proper Shampoo

Some shampoo will dry out your hair, while others will make it more oily. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is the first step in preventing mistakes when washing your hair. Just be careful about using too much shampoo too often as well!

Not Rinsing Out The Shampoo and Conditioner Thoroughly

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not rinsing shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. The result could be flat hair and scalp irritation. Even the best quality hair care routine won’t work as well if you’re having to deal with shampoo and conditioner residue in your hair.

Leave in conditionerUsing Water That’s Too Hot

Nothing is better than a hot shower at the end of the day. However, hot water temperature can actually dry out your skin and hair. You can still take a hot shower, but when it’s time to wash your hair, turn back the temperature a little bit for the best results.

At Remysoft, we hear about all of the common hair washing mistakes everyday. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is sometimes the best solution, but we are here to help with each individual’s needs. Feel free to contact us at any time for the best quality hair care products or advice on washing your hair properly.

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Our Official Oily Hair Care Guide

Great sulfate free shampooYour hair naturally creates oils to help keep it protected and healthy. However, some of us generate more oil than others, which can be irritating. Oily hair can make your hair look greasy, attract dirt and eventually build up grime on the scalp if you don’t take proper care of your hair.

Sometimes it may seem like you’re doing everything you need to do with your quality hair care routine to care for your oily hair, but it still isn’t getting any better. Here is a quick guide on how to better take care of your oily hair.

Don’t Overwash

Many people think washing their hair every day, or multiple times a day, will help get rid of the oils in their hair. However, it actually does the opposite. When you overwash your hair, you’re actually tricking your hair into thinking it needs to produce more oil to protect it. Instead, find a great sulfate free shampoo and wash your hair every 2-3 days. This will help regulate the oil production and get your hair back on a routine you can live with.

Limit The Use of Conditioners

Conditioners can make your hair look greasy at times. If you feel the need to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, then try using it only on dry areas of your hair. There are plenty of other hair products for Remy hair you can use besides conditioners to help make your hair look great without being oily. A great sulfate free shampoo is one of those products.

Use Cool Air to Blow-Dry

Using hot air to blow-dry your hair can actually encourage your glands to produce more oil. Use cool air instead and only brush as needed. Touching your hair with your hands as little as possible will also minimize the oily appearance.

Be Careful With Product Usage

When you use the right hair products for Remy hair, you can keep your oily hair in check. You may be tempted to try a multitude of products to tame your oily hair, but you actually may be doing more harm than good. Reach out to a professional hairdresser or other experts to find the best quality hair care products instead of using them all at once.

At Remysoft, we understand the challenges of dealing with oily hair. That’s why we offer only the best products and have experienced professionals to help you determine the right ones for you. Be sure to contact us if you’re struggling with oily hair and want to take the right steps in caring for it.

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Beat the Heat With These Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Summertime is meant for being outdoors and attending fun activities. While you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair this summer, there are some great looks you can achieve with minimal time. And the best part about a few of these hairstyles is they are designed to help you stay cool during the summer heat. Just don’t forget about your sun protection for hair, so you won’t end up with damaged ends at the end of the day. Here are some of the easiest hairstyles you can achieve this summer to help you beat the heat.

Braided Ponytail

Sun protection for hairThis hairstyle is as simple as it sounds. Braid your hair however you prefer and stick it back in a ponytail. Braids are popular during the summer, but just be sure to use some protective hair serum to keep your hair healthy when the sun is beaming down on it. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on a braided ponytail, but it will look great and keep you cool at the same time.

Pigtail Braids

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

French braids and pigtails…how could you go wrong? Nothing says summer hairstyle like pigtail braids. The great part about this hairstyle is you can achieve it with long hair and mid-length hair, and it won’t take you long at all. Depending on how long you’ll be out in the heat, you may want to use some sun protection for hair so you won’t have to worry about damaging it.

Ponytail Bun

A common theme you’ve probably noticed with these summer hairstyles is how easy they are to achieve. The ponytail bun is probably the most popular hairstyle you’ll see this summer, since it gets your hair off your neck to keep you cool, but still looks great. You may need to use some sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to help you work with your hair a little easier, but this is an easy style just about anyone can achieve.

At Remysoft, we are all about sporting an easy hairstyle to stay cool this summer. The main thing you have to remember is using your sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy, and then just style how you please! Be sure to contact us for more tips on hairstyles and the proper products to use.

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Our Bad Hair Day Survival Guide

RemySoft leave in conditionerEveryone is going to have a bad hair day at some point. Sometimes it happens on a weekend when it doesn’t matter, but most of the time it seems like it happens on the worst possible days. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to tame your hair down, and it may not be as difficult as you make it out to be. Simply using a leave-in conditioner may do the trick for some people, but others may have to take more extreme measures. Here are some tips for surviving the dreaded bad hair day.

Try Different Styles

Assuming you have the time in the morning, try working with your hair as much as possible to find a style that covers up your frizzy or tangled hair. You can either add or remove hair extensions, add some styling cream or maybe even start from scratch and wash your hair again with a great sulfate free shampoo.

Believe it or not, guys have a harder time hiding a bad hair day than ladies, especially if the guy has shorter hair. Ladies with longer hair can put it in a bun or ponytail, but guys will have to go to the extreme with styling gels and other products to tame down their mane!

Incorporate Hair Accessories

If you’ve seemingly tried everything and you still can’t get your hair remotely how you want it, you can add hair accessories to cover it up. Accessories could be in the form of bobby pins, clips or even a hat. If you have hair extensions, you can add even more accessories to hide your messy hair.

Preventing Bad Hair Days in The Future

Preventing a bad hair day isn’t as difficult as you may think. Using a great sulfate free shampoo is one of the best ways to ensure you wake up with great looking hair in the morning. You can also use a leave in conditioner so your hair will always have a little moisture in it. As always, you should maintain your hair by keeping it trimmed and healthy to prevent random bad hair days.

At Remysoft, we offer all the hair products you need to never have to worry about a bad hair day again. If you’ve experienced a bad hair day recently, or if you never want to go through it, be sure to contact us for the best products to prevent it.

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Spring Is Here, and It’s Not Too Late to Prep Your Hair

RemySoft quality hair careWhen your hair comes out of a long winter, it probably doesn’t look how you want it to for the spring season. Even though spring is already here, there’s still time to get your hair spring-ready! Using a great sulfate free shampoo is a great place to start, but there are other options you should consider as well. The winter months take a toll on our bodies, and definitely our hair, so use these tips to get your hair back in shape.

Consider Your Diet for Healthy Hair

Eating foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements can actually work wonders for your hair. Foods like strawberries, almonds and dairy products can all boost hair growth and appearance.

Also, you can use certain foods directly on your hair to maximize its appearance. Things like honey and coconut oil spread out on your hair can repair some of the damage brought on by the winter weather and prevent further damage. Consider adding these to your quality hair care routine!

Reduce The Frequency of Washing

The winter months bring dry atmospheres. Dry atmospheres can take a toll on your hair. While you’re prepping your hair for the spring, consider reducing the amount of times you wash your hair in a week. Skipping a washing will help the hair replenish the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. Of course, when you do wash your hair, be sure to grab a great sulfate free shampoo to help your hair even more.

Take a Break From Styling Products for a Few Weeks

When you’re getting your hair in shape for the spring, take a little break from using your hair products for Remy hair. Don’t fret, however; this hiatus only needs to last for a couple weeks. Those couple of weeks will be worth it when you have thick and shiny hair that can be styled however you want for the remainder of the spring and summer!

At Remysoft, we want to help you with your quality hair care routine as you transition from the winter months to the warmer spring and summer months. For more tips on how to prepare your hair now and going forward, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Is Air Drying Damaging Your Locks?

RemySoft great sulfate free shampooEveryone has heard of how blow drying damages hair. However, most people aren’t aware they could also be damaging their hair by air drying it. Of course, air drying is generally the best option if you have the time to let it dry on its own. However, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure you minimize the damage as much as possible during the air drying process.

Avoid Hygral Fatigue

Hygral fatigue is when your hair has too much moisturizer or water in it. Your hair is like a rubber band; it expands and contracts when wet. The more this process happens, the harder it is for your hair to return to its original texture. With a great sulfate free shampoo, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of times you wash your hair, so it won’t have to get wet every night. The longer you leave your hair wet, the higher your chances are of inducing hygral fatigue.

Minimize The Damage as Much as Possible

Using the best hair products for Remy hair can help minimize damage. You can also take a few other steps. People with thicker hair could be damaging their hair more than people with thin hair, simply because the hair takes longer to air dry. Additionally, going to sleep with your hair wet is one of the worst things you can do, so avoid it as much as possible!

Use the Right Hair Products to Help Your Cause

Great quality hair care starts with being conscious of how your hair reacts to certain products or environments. If you notice your hair doesn’t react well to air drying, or it just takes too long to dry, consider using a great sulfate free shampoo instead of the product you’re currently using. Trial and error is necessary sometimes until you find what works best for your hair.

The bottom line is air drying is one of the best ways to dry your hair, but it still has the potential to damage it if you aren’t careful. At Remysoft, we offer the best hair products for Remy hair to help you keep your hair in the best shape, even if you air dry it frequently. Be sure to contact us for more tips or to find the right products for your hair.

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How Could the Oncoming Cold Weather Harm Your Hair?

Most people find no other time of year as enjoyable as autumn. The hot air has vanished into the ether and with it brought all the perks of cozy clothing, toasty drinks and gorgeous scenery for your viewing pleasure. However, as the cold settles in and autumn slowly gives way to winter, you may find the weather wearing out its welcome, at least where your hair is concerned!

The incoming cold air can have a whole host of negative effects on your hair. The good news is it’s nothing a quality hair care routine can’t fix. In this article, you’ll find a guide to some of the worst hair-related problems caused by cold air.

Split Ends

Split ends are such a common problem you may shrug this off. If you don’t have split ends, you don’t want to risk the cold air creating them. If you already have split ends, you equally do not want the cold air to make them even worse. You have two options as far as fixing this problem, depending on whether your ends are already split. If your ends are split-free, you can always pluck your jar of mayonnaise from your fridge.

While the jury’s out on taste, mayonnaise is excellent for your hair’s health when applied directly. We know this sounds gross, but bear with us; it’s quite effective! Spoon some of it out and comb it through your hair. Make sure it’s damp before you apply it for best results. Once it’s spread evenly, you can leave it in for around 20 minutes, then wash it out with the help of some great sulfate free shampoo.

Static Shock

Keep your hair looking great with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair can keep your hair looking great.

Static is yet another common problem that’s exclusive to the cold weather months. It’s caused by the dry warm hair of your heating system. Soothing it is as simple as swiping a few dryer sheets and massaging them along your hair. We recommend doing this once you’ve brushed to ensure you don’t miss a single strand. It’s a better solution than other, more product-heavy solutions because it won’t bog your hair down and leave it potentially feeling gross.


This last effect will be your biggest enemy yet, as well as your biggest battle! Cold air does the exact opposite of the humid air you encountered throughout summer and early autumn. Your hair’s moisture is literally being sucked away, rendering it brittle and limp. One way to fight this works similarly to the mayonnaise trick mentioned above, but with pure honey instead of mayo. Simply combine it with some almond oil, work it in, wait for a good 20 minute span and hit the shower for some shampooing! Alternatively, you can also rely on our excellent stock of hair products for remy hair to restore your hair’s bounce.

While these aren’t the only problems you may face with your hair as winter settles in, we hope what we’ve mentioned will give you a good idea of what to expect! Should you have more questions on how to maintain quality hair care for the rest of the year or run into any other problems, contact us. We’d be happy to help you restore your hair to perfect health.

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Here Are Five Style Suggestions for Guys with Long, Healthy Manes!

Guys: we know how much high quality hair care you’ve put into your hair. We also know how much it’s paid off because you now have an impressive and vibrant head of hair to show for it! So why not show off your hair by styling it every once in awhile? You’ll not only feel good, but you’ll look even more attractive than usual. Keep reading for some of the best styles for men we’ve found so far.

Casual Bun

This style is perfect for those days when you’re tired of wearing a ponytail but don’t want to put too much effort into creating a manbun. All it takes is putting your hair up into a ponytail, then try looping it into something of a bun shape. After that, you’re done! What could be an easier look to pull off? What’s more is you may wind up feeling a little more distinguished than usual. This style works well for any occasion so feel free to add it to your arsenal!

Layered Waves

If your hair is of the naturally straight variety, you may be wondering how to give it a bit more body. The answer to this is layering. The next time you go for a cut, ask your stylist to switch up how they cut your hair and be sure to clarify what you mean! Ideally, you’ll want a cut that lengthens from front to back, with the front section of your hair being the shortest. Once the layers are added in, you can take over styling duties on your own! In addition to some leave in conditioner to maintain your hair’s condition, you’ll also need products oriented toward styling, such as sprays.

Twisted Bun

Use a great sulfate free shampoo to make your hair manageable.

A great sulfate free shampoo is a necessity.

You can never have too many variations on the man bun! For this style, simply bundle your hair into a ponytail sitting low on your head. After that, separate it into two portions, then coil them together to create a messy, quick bun. We guarantee you’ll love the ease of it, as well as how great this style looks on you!


This style goes out to our natural guys out there who appreciate quality hair care! Dreadlocks are both an easy and versatile hairstyle for those with afro-textured hair to develop and wear. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain, as an added bonus. Simply use some great sulfate free shampoo, let it dry and you’re ready to go about your day. You can style dreads just about any way you would straight hair, though it will look quite different. It’s also perfectly okay to leave them loose and let the wind breeze through them.


Braids are one style that can truly work for everyone, regardless of gender or hair texture! If you want to show off your length but also want it out of your face, a braid is the way to go. Best of all, you can make them as simple or intricate as you like and even wear more than one in your hair at once.

While these aren’t all the great hairstyles long-haired men can try, we hope they’ll provide you with some inspiration! Contact us any time to learn how else you can show off your healthy, gorgeous hair.

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How Can I Prep My Hair for Autumn?: A Guide

Keep your fall hair color looking great with quality hair care.

Quality hair care keeps fall colors looking great.

After a long summer of caring for your hair and making it look perfect on a daily basis, it can be easy to neglect it when autumn rolls around. However, it’s important to give your hair just as much care during the autumn months. As we begin making the transition to autumn, there are a few things you can do now to make sure your hair doesn’t go into shock when the cooler temperatures set in.

1. Help Your Natural Hair Texture

Knowing how your hair reacts to changes in climate will help you make an easy transition from summer to fall. Your climate may be hot and humid in the summer, but cool and dry in the fall. Don’t try to fight your hair and make it do something it simply can’t do. Sometimes even the highest quality hair care products can’t make your hair look as good as it does naturally.

2. Pay Attention to Color

Be sure you're using a great sulfate free shampoo.

A great sulfate free shampoo is a necessity.

You may have gone with a lighter color for summer or it may have lightened on its own, depending on how much time you spent outside. Autumn is generally the season for darker colors. To make sure the color stays, don’t wash your hair as much. You may even benefit from finding a great sulfate free shampoo to help protect your natural hair color and keep the protein and moisture levels high in your hair. This will ensure a darker color will look even better!

3. Volumize

As the humidity decreases in the autumn months, you will notice your hair getting flatter with time. Our hair products for remy hair include a great volumizer to help the roots of your hair perk up so you’ll never have the dreaded “flat head.”

4. Invest in a Good Shampoo

During the summer, you may have sprayed sunscreen on yourself when you went to the beach or other places. That could lead to build-up in the roots of your hair as you move into autumn. The best thing you can do to start the new season off right is to invest in a clarifying shampoo. It will help restore any damage and detoxify your scalp. Be sure to only use it once every couple weeks since it is potent and could cause irritation or even change your hair color.

At RemySoft, we have all the great hair care products for kicking off autumn on the right track.  Be sure to contact us for the latest trends and more tips like these!

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