Over the years, you’ve probably heard of many hair care tricks purported to grant miracles. You may have tried a few and found they didn’t give the results they promised. You may have forgotten about them altogether. Regardless, we have gathered some of the highest quality hair care techniques that have surfaced this year. We hope you can use this advice to carry out 2016 with healthy, happy hair!

Asymmetrical Cuts Can Work Wonders for Thin Hair

Turn to quality hair care products.

Quality hair care will help keep you looking beautiful.

The next time you have a hairdressing appointment, consider asking for an A-line bob. This style will give your hair more body. Include gel in your maintenance routine and complete the style by pushing the sides of your new ‘do past your ears.

Toothbrushes Can Be the Perfect Solution for Those Annoying Flyaway Strands

Specifically, you can combine holding spray with a toothbrush to take care of those strands that just won’t settle. Apply some of the spray to the bristles of an old toothbrush and take the brush to the hair around your ears, hairline and part.

Give Your Short Hair a Boost in Seconds

Keep your style with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair help you keep your style.

Sculpting serum works for styling your hair in all sorts of appealing and trendy ways. Apply some to your hair while it’s still wet, then brush it using a ceramic brush with bristles at least one inch long. After that, guide your hair to the front of your face and let it dry naturally.

Use Almond Butter for Moisturizing

You can steep your hair in all-natural almond butter for a full half-hour. Just make sure not to miss any dry spots! After that, wash your hair with our sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and be sure to give your best rinsing efforts.

Herbal Tea Helps Rejuvenate Blonde Hair

The process starts similarly to preparing drinking tea. All you have to do is boil it, let it cool down, then strain it. You can then treat the tea like any other hair spritz and watch it work its magic!

Use Dry Shampoo to Increase Your Blowout’s Lifespan

This trick simply takes brushing a thorough amount of dry shampoo through your hair and letting it air-dry. Blow drying will not work with this technique and will only give your hair a grungy effect.

Cold Water Boosts Your Hair’s Sheen

Cold water helps lock in your conditioner, leading to extra shine. For an added boost, mix a teaspoon’s worth of vinegar with your water.

Cold Air Works Wonders Too!

After you blow dry your hair normally, finish it off with cold air to preserve your styling.

Eyeshadow Can Conceal Grey Hair

Just be sure you have an eyeshadow that matches the natural color of your hair. You can use an eyeliner brush to sweep over aging strands.

Consider trying hair products for Remy hair to give your locks a salon-quality boost! For more information on hair care and our products, you can also contact us.