Change your hair with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can add a splash of new color to your hair.

The arrival of a new season often inspires many men and women to change up their look. As the weather warms, coats are replaced with cardigans for the ladies, while men replace their parkas with polo shirts. If you’ve been rocking the same drab hair color all winter long, maybe it’s time to add more excitement to your life by changing the colors of your hair extensions this spring.


Are you ready to find out if blondes really do have more fun? Blonde will be one of the hottest colors for women and men this spring. Finding a shade that complements your complexion is easy. There are many shades of blonde to choose from, including platinum, warm, honey and bleach blonde. Using hair products for remy hair will help ensure your blonde locks remain shiny and healthy through the spring and beyond. Platinum blonde is expected to be among the top blonde hair colors this spring, though you really can’t go wrong with any shade.


If you’re really looking to make a statement, why not go red? Shades of red can vary from a light strawberry blonde to a more natural auburn and all the way up to a dramatic fire-engine bright red. A reddish-brown color is ideal for those who want to give their hair extensions more volume because it offers the illusion of body. If you’re feeling particularly confident and bold, experiment with cherry, fiery or blood red shades. You can add some extra punch by incorporating pink and purple undertones.

Quality hair care is important in maintaining any color of hair extensions; however it is extremely important if you have dyed your hair red. Red hair can be high maintenance due to the fact it fades quickly and look dull if you don’t do regular touch ups. Red highlights are a good way to change your look if you don’t want to commit to the time it takes to maintain a full head of red hair.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel is a warm, natural color that looks great as a highlight to many hair colors. When added to blonde, the highlights will make your hair extensions look fuller and thicker. When combined with brunette hair, caramel highlights create a show-stopping, head-turning ombre look. If you are more a fair-skinned brunette, caramel will help add some warmth to your complexion.

Caramel highlights on red hair produces a radiant mixture that looks great for those with medium tanned skin tones. Finally, if you have black hair and want to lighten it up, caramel highlights are a great way to softly change your look.

If you’re considering a new hair color for spring, contact us to learn more about hair products for remy hair. Our quality hair care products will ensure your new color continues to look great long after you have left the salon.