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Five Great, Easy, and Casual Ways to Switch up Your Hair This Summer

Hair extensionsSummertime is the perfect opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles. However, you may not want to do anything drastic, just incase you don’t like it. We understand completely, and that’s why there are plenty of casual and easy hairstyles you can try without altering your hair too much. With the right hair products for Remy hair, you can make your hair look great without changing much at all.

Add Hair Extensions

If you have shorter hair, experiment with hair extensions to see how you like long hair. You may find different hairstyles you like to wear on a regular basis and will provide you with inspiration to grow out your hair naturally. And if not, you can always remove the extensions and go back to your shorter hair!

Alter Your Part Slightly

A side part will generally draw more attention to your eyes. A center part will make your face look more angular. Whichever one you wear now, try going the other way a time or two. This slight change won’t alter your quality hair care routine much at all and you can easily go back to your original part if the change isn’t what you are looking for.

Go For A Wet Look

With the hot summer temperatures, going with a wet look in your hair may be bold. Some hair products for Remy hair include gels and oils to help you pull off the look. However, you have to be careful with how much you use so your hair doesn’t become stiff.

hair products for Remy hairIncorporate Subtle Highlights

If you’ve tried a few different hairstyles that you don’t really like, you may just need some highlights to give it a slight change. Just remember your quality hair care products if you choose to get some highlights so you can keep them vibrant when you’re out in the sun this summer.

Slick it Back

When all else fails, just slick your hair back. If you don’t like it straight, pull it up in a ponytail or a bun. Summer is supposed to be a casual time of year, so no one will question your quality hair care routine by going the easy route of slicking your hair back.

At Remysoft, we have the perfect products you need to pull off any hairstyle change you desire. Whether you need some advice on hair extensions or anything else related to your hair, be sure to contact us at any time.

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Beat the Heat With These Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Summertime is meant for being outdoors and attending fun activities. While you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair this summer, there are some great looks you can achieve with minimal time. And the best part about a few of these hairstyles is they are designed to help you stay cool during the summer heat. Just don’t forget about your sun protection for hair, so you won’t end up with damaged ends at the end of the day. Here are some of the easiest hairstyles you can achieve this summer to help you beat the heat.

Braided Ponytail

Sun protection for hairThis hairstyle is as simple as it sounds. Braid your hair however you prefer and stick it back in a ponytail. Braids are popular during the summer, but just be sure to use some protective hair serum to keep your hair healthy when the sun is beaming down on it. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on a braided ponytail, but it will look great and keep you cool at the same time.

Pigtail Braids

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

French braids and pigtails…how could you go wrong? Nothing says summer hairstyle like pigtail braids. The great part about this hairstyle is you can achieve it with long hair and mid-length hair, and it won’t take you long at all. Depending on how long you’ll be out in the heat, you may want to use some sun protection for hair so you won’t have to worry about damaging it.

Ponytail Bun

A common theme you’ve probably noticed with these summer hairstyles is how easy they are to achieve. The ponytail bun is probably the most popular hairstyle you’ll see this summer, since it gets your hair off your neck to keep you cool, but still looks great. You may need to use some sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to help you work with your hair a little easier, but this is an easy style just about anyone can achieve.

At Remysoft, we are all about sporting an easy hairstyle to stay cool this summer. The main thing you have to remember is using your sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy, and then just style how you please! Be sure to contact us for more tips on hairstyles and the proper products to use.

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Our Bad Hair Day Survival Guide

RemySoft leave in conditionerEveryone is going to have a bad hair day at some point. Sometimes it happens on a weekend when it doesn’t matter, but most of the time it seems like it happens on the worst possible days. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to tame your hair down, and it may not be as difficult as you make it out to be. Simply using a leave-in conditioner may do the trick for some people, but others may have to take more extreme measures. Here are some tips for surviving the dreaded bad hair day.

Try Different Styles

Assuming you have the time in the morning, try working with your hair as much as possible to find a style that covers up your frizzy or tangled hair. You can either add or remove hair extensions, add some styling cream or maybe even start from scratch and wash your hair again with a great sulfate free shampoo.

Believe it or not, guys have a harder time hiding a bad hair day than ladies, especially if the guy has shorter hair. Ladies with longer hair can put it in a bun or ponytail, but guys will have to go to the extreme with styling gels and other products to tame down their mane!

Incorporate Hair Accessories

If you’ve seemingly tried everything and you still can’t get your hair remotely how you want it, you can add hair accessories to cover it up. Accessories could be in the form of bobby pins, clips or even a hat. If you have hair extensions, you can add even more accessories to hide your messy hair.

Preventing Bad Hair Days in The Future

Preventing a bad hair day isn’t as difficult as you may think. Using a great sulfate free shampoo is one of the best ways to ensure you wake up with great looking hair in the morning. You can also use a leave in conditioner so your hair will always have a little moisture in it. As always, you should maintain your hair by keeping it trimmed and healthy to prevent random bad hair days.

At Remysoft, we offer all the hair products you need to never have to worry about a bad hair day again. If you’ve experienced a bad hair day recently, or if you never want to go through it, be sure to contact us for the best products to prevent it.

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Got a Bad Haircut? Here’s How to Cope

RemySoft quality hair careGoing to the hair salon can be an exciting time. Whether you’re just getting a trim or want a complete makeover with your hair, you’re probably excited to get cleaned up. But what happens when you start to realize your stylist didn’t quite have the same vision as you did for your hair?

Bad haircuts happen all the time. Sometimes the right hair products for Remy hair can cover them up, but other times you may have to take extra steps to cope with it. Here are a few tips on how to deal with a bad haircut the next time it happens to you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Give Negative Feedback

If you notice the hair stylist isn’t doing the job you hoped for, don’t be afraid to let them know. They may not be able to achieve the style you want, depending on how bad the initial damage was, but they might be able to salvage it and create a different style for you. If your hair was cut too short, don’t forget to inquire about hair extensions. Sometimes hair extensions can be just what you need to make any bad haircut look good again.

Take a Chance on New Styles

Your hair already isn’t how you like it, so now is the perfect time to play around with different styles! Get creative with your hair products for Remy hair and see what you can come up with. You never know what you may stumble upon when you look in the mirror!


Sometimes a bad haircut calls for accessories to cover it up. You may consider hair extensions to be accessories, but you can also incorporate clips, hats or other items to cover up bad areas.

Be Patient and Deal With it

If all else fails, just know your hair will grow back eventually. Keep using your quality hair care products as you normally would to take care of your hair. Nature will run its course and your hair will grow out to a point where you can create a desirable style again. It just may take some patience!

Remysoft has all the quality hair care products you will need to deal with a bad haircut. We understand a bad haircut happens occasionally, so be sure to contact us if you need some help dealing with one.

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How to Blend Extensions with Short Hair

Lengthening your hair with hair extensions is easy to do. In fact, it typically takes only a few minutes! However, blending them naturally, especially with short hair, is more difficult than most people think. Without taking the proper steps you could end up with a style that makes it very obvious you’re using extensions. There’s nothing more embarrassing than badly placed extensions, so here are a few tips for proper blending.

Picking the Right Color

This is probably the most obvious tip, but it’s easier said than done. Luckily, there is more than one way to pick a good color for your hair extensions. The first is to match the extensions to your natural hair color. However, since matching the color exactly isn’t always the easiest option, some people choose to pick a color they like and dye their natural hair to match. Not only will you have longer hair, but you’ll also have a perfectly blended change to feel confident with!

Consider the WeightRemySoft how to care for hair extensions

Another key to blending hair extensions is to match their weight as closely as possible to your natural hair. No matter if your hair is thick or thin, finding extensions to match its weight will help create a natural transition. Otherwise, you may have to use numerous hair products for Remy hair to try to make the extensions look more natural.

Styling the Extensions Properly

Once you’ve picked the perfect hair extensions with respect to color and weight, you can style them to your liking. Just be sure to learn how to care for hair extensions before you do any extravagant styling, so you reduce the risk of damaging them. While hair extensions look amazing straightened, wavy or curly styles blend better with short hair. These styles will also hide any flaws.

Just picking any type of hair extensions and trying to make them work will most likely result in unnatural looking hair. When you properly blend your extensions with your short hair, you’ll have a hairstyle most people won’t even realize includes extensions. Feel free to contact us for more tips about blending in your hair extensions.

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Blending Extensions into Fine Hair

Fine-haired men and women know how much of a struggle it can be to wear hair extensions. Its thinness is the main issue. The trickiest part is hiding the clips, so you have to find a way to blend them in as naturally as possible. Luckily, with the right hair products for Remy hair, you can easily blend extensions into your fine hair by following these tips.

Locate a Safe Zone to Hide the Clips

Everyone’s head is different in terms of shape and size, so this part could vary among different people. The safe zone is where you’ll put your clips, since they won’t be seen there. For many people with fine hair, this will be directly above your forehead, and goes back to about the middle of the top of your head. This is the area where your hair is thickest, so you will have an easier time hiding the clips.

RemySoft best shampoo and conditioner for extensionsCreate Your Base

Tease the roots of the hair in your safe zone in order to create a solid base. One way to ensure you have a good base is to start by using the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions before you clip them in. Having a solid base is important so the clips have something to hang on to and stay in place.

Explore What Works For You

Once you have the wefts and clips in the perfect spot, you can explore different options. Guys may be able to have wavier hair with the help of their extensions and hair products for Remy hair. Ladies may have a completely new world of hairstyles to explore with their new hair extensions.

Style to Your Desire

The great thing about hair extensions is there is no wrong way to wear them! People generally have better success with curling them or creating a wavy hairstyle, rather than just keeping their hair straight. The best thing to do is allow your creativeness to take over and work with your hair to find a style you never thought you would have with your fine hair!

We understand the struggles of having fine hair, and we are here to help! Be sure to contact us for advice on the best hair products for Remy hair or other tips on how to work with your hair extensions.

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The Wedding Guest Hair Guide

Attending a wedding is such a special occasion that you almost always feel the need to do a little extra with your hair. And why not? This is the perfect occasion to dress up and spend a little more time on your hairstyle than you do with your daily routine. Many wedding hairstyles look difficult to achieve, but some of them are easier than you’d think. Simply incorporating hair extensions can open up a whole new world of hairstyles for you! Here are a few wedding guest hairstyles you can try for the next wedding you attend.

Classy Braids

All you need to pull off this hairstyle are hair extensions (if required), bobby pins and clear elastic to hold the braids together. The key to this elegant style to pull out the braids a bit. This step gives them a little more volume than traditional braids. You may also need to use a good hydrating shampoo the night before you style, just to make sure your hair looks as sleek as possible. Add in some hair accessories if you choose and you’ll be ready to impress!

RemySoft quality hair careSubtle Waves

A subtle and romantic wavy hairstyle can look extremely classy when you use the best quality hair care products. In fact, it’s amazing how such a simple hairstyle can look so elegant! To create the best wavy hairstyle, mix in your natural hair and your hair extensions to blend them effectively. The goal is to get the waves going in the same direction throughout your hair to create a glamorous effect. Simply add some hair spray and you’re ready to go!

Twisted Half-Up

Sometimes the smallest detail can make a big difference in your hair’s appearance. That’s exactly the case with this hairstyle. The hardest part is taking a section of hair on each side of your head and twisting them back. Just tie the strands together with clear elastic and you’ve got the twisted half-up almost complete. From that point, you can incorporate different quality hair care products and hair accessories to add a personal touch and look glamorous!

The good thing about these wedding hairstyles is they are all achievable by regular people. You don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to pull them off! Whether you need hair extensions or other quality hair care products, feel free to contact us at any time.

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This Year’s Hottest Grammy’s Hairstyles

The Grammy’s gets a lot of fanfare every year, and for good reason. The red carpet rolls out for all the best stars, and, in turn, we get to see their best looks. As always, there was no shortage of unique and classy hairstyles in this year’s Grammy’s! No matter whether they wore their hair short, long and wavy or in just a simple ponytail, each star rocked their look.

Adele’s Loose Waves

RemySoft quality hair care


You can always count on Adele to have a classy hairstyle. Her stylist used the best quality hair care products to create her loose waves with a wet texture and tousled finish. The best part of this hairstyle was its completely natural and fun look!

Katy Perry’s Bright Blonde Waves

RemySoft hair extensions
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry has rocked blonde hair before, but she took it to another level at the Grammy’s this year. She went with a lighter shade—a gorgeous, almost silvery white. Her combination of subtle waviness and a shoulder-length cut looked simple, yet classy. This hairstyle would be easy to pull off with hair extensions, even though Katy Perry probably didn’t need them!

Heidi Klum’s Simple Tousled Blowout

The best part of Heidi Klum’s hairstyle is it probably didn’t even require many quality hair care products. She went with a subtle hairstyle that looked like she was going out on a date rather than walking the red carpet at the Grammy’s. It was an informal look, but the sleek tousled blowout spiced it up a bit. Anyone can pull off this simple and approachable hairstyle with the right products and care.

RemySoft hair products for remy hair
Photo: Getty Images

Eva Longoria’s Sleek High Ponytail

Speaking of a hairstyle anyone can pull off, did you see Eva Longoria’s sleek high ponytail? She probably had the simplest hairstyle of anyone at the Grammy’s, but she pulled it off well. Her quality hair care products allowed for every strand of hair to be in its proper place to give it the sleekest appearance possible. We can’t deny this style gave her the ultimate classy, yet flirty, look.

RemySoft hair extensions

Photo: Just Jared

Chrissy Teigen’s Wet Look

There’s no doubt Chrissy Teigen had to use the right hair products for Remy hair to pull off her wet look. She had just the right amount of waves and subtle highlights in her otherwise dark strands. She definitely turned some heads with her hairstyle.

RemySoft quality hair care

Photo: Getty Images

If you saw a hairstyle from the Grammy’s you want to try to pull off, be sure to contact us for the best hair products for Remy hair.

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2017’s Hottest Hair Trends for Ladies

RemySoft hair products for Remy hairWe are well into the New Year, so if you haven’t found your next trendy hairstyle, it’s time to get going! You will see a larger variety of trends in 2017 than you did in 2016, so now is the time to start preparing. You may not think you can pull off some of these hairstyles, but with the right hair products for Remy hair, you’re closer than you think. Check out some of the hottest hair trends for ladies you’ll see all year long.

1. Flat and Wavy

When you make your hair wavy with a straightener rather than a curling iron, the result is a very subtle hint of waviness. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to create this hairstyle, and it is classy enough to be worn out for the night or even going into the office every day.

2. Flipped Over

Want a hairstyle that looks like you did a lot of work, but you really didn’t? The hair flip is the perfect style for you. All you do is flip your hair from one side to the other. You’ll be amazed at the amount of volume this simple change creates! If you don’t have long enough hair to flip over, you can make an investment in hair extensions to be able to pull it off.

3. Straight and Sleek

There was once a time when straight hair was considered boring. However, you will see a lot more hairstyles like this in 2017. The only catch is you have to have healthy hair in order for it to look great. Invest in a quality protective hair serum and straighten your hair often for the best results.

RemySoft protective hair serum4. High Ponytail

Whether you have slick or curly hair, the high ponytail could be your go-to hairstyle in 2017. It’s simple, yet classy enough to wear just about anywhere. Just pull it all the way up to the top of your head in a ponytail and you’re good to go!

5. Golden

Have you considered dyeing your hair blonde, but didn’t want to do anything too drastic? Opt for a golden color instead. With the right hair products for Remy hair, you can transform your hair in a way you never thought was possible. You can give your hair a golden brown look in some lighting, and blonde in others.

With these trendy hairstyles, you’ll be set for keeping up with the hottest styles in 2017. If you need any help finding the right products to pull off these styles, be sure to contact us.

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5 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

You probably already know hair extensions are great for giving your hair some added length and volume, but they have other benefits as well. The good thing about hair extensions is you don’t have to live with them for a significant amount of time if they just don’t work out for you. But let’s be honest…who doesn’t look great with shiny hair extensions?

If you’re considering wearing hair extensions in the near future, here are some reasons why you should go for it.

1. Hide a Bad Haircut

We’ve all had a bad haircut experience before. But instead of waiting weeks or months for it to grow back and look good again, hair extensions could be your solution. When you have clip-in hair extensions, you will be able to cover up a bad haircut, while allowing your hair to naturally grow out in the process.

2. Thicken Up Your Hair

It can be tough to work with thin hair. People with thin hair try everything to make it easier to work with. The solution could be as easy as incorporating hair extensions. There are a variety of different weights available so you can try different ones out to see which one fits the style you’re looking for.

3. New Style for Special Occasions

Speaking of style, special occasions are perfect times to try out new hairstyles. Shiny hair extensions open up a whole new world of possibilities for your hair. No matter the occasion, you’ll definitely be able to find the perfect hairstyle you desire when you start working with your new hair extensions.

4. Accessorize

Most people’s favorite part about getting hair extensions is the ability to accessorize with different styles. Go with the high ponytail, side ponytail, clips, bows, braids, you name it. The opportunities are virtually endless when you’ve got a little extra length and volume to work with.

RemySoft hair extensions5. Working With Extensions is Easy

Hair extensions are perfect to have on those lazy days when you don’t feel like spending time on your hair. Plus, they don’t require much maintenance, as long as you use the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions. Just clip them in, pick your style, and you’re ready to head out the door!

When you think about the versatility of hair extensions, they’re actually highly underrated. If you’ve been thinking about getting some for yourself, now is the time to contact us to find your new style!

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