Choose the right hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair will keep your style looking great.

Women aren’t the only ones who can have bad hair days. Using the right hair brush is just as important for guys as it is for the ladies. The brush is an essential element of helping you achieve quality hair care and avoiding those bad hair days. A good hair brush can also make your locks appear fuller and healthier, even if your hair is thinning. What guy doesn’t want that? Here are a few types of brushes to consider using in order to have great looking hair every day.

Boar Bristle Brush

This type of brush will give you noticeable results because it prevents oil buildup at your scalp, thereby improving your hair texture and adding shine. The boar bristle brush conditions your hair by carrying an oil known as sebum from your scalp to the end of your hair shaft. Sebum is the oil produced by your scalp. Each strand of hair is coated with a small bit of sebum when you brush, which helps to repair dry hair and add shine. Frizzy hair days will also be reduced since sebum works as an effective anti-frizz serum. The added shine and less frizz means you won’t need to use additional hair products, saving you time and money.

In addition to the conditioning effects, boar bristle brushes also offer styling benefits. Men with curly hair may notice slightly looser curls, while men with straight hair may see some added bounce and volume. You might even experience improved hair growth since the boar bristles stimulate blood flow to hair follicles. Many men find using a boar bristle brush daily is a relaxing experience because it feels good on the scalp.

Vent Brush

Wavy hair is one of the nicest textures to have and using hair products for remy hair can keep your waves looking great. A vent brush works well with long or short wavy hair because it has rounded tips attached at the edge of the nylon bristles. Those round tips help you shape and style your locks without flattening or messing up your waves.

Classic Styler

If you have straight, thin hair and have spent many days wishing for more voluminous hair, the classic styler is the brush for you. A classic styler has nylon bristles, which can help make your hair appear thicker and stand taller. However, keep your expectations within reason. You may not get the results you are hoping for if you have thin hair and you’re trying to hide a bald spot with a comb-over.

If you’re looking for hair products for remy hair, contact us. Using our sulfate free shampoo along with the appropriate brush for your style and texture of hair will help make every day a good hair day.