Unfortunately, some parts of hair styling are too often overlooked. Hairstylists, both professional and amateur, tend to pay far more attention to shaping the hair itself rather than unique ways to decorate it and help it stand out. When was the last time you rocked a dazzling hairclip or knotted a scarf in your hair? Oftentimes our hair accessories become an afterthought when they’re just as deserving of consideration as the rest of our outfit! Here are some hair accessories and hair products for remy hair you can wear this fall that are sure to enhance your ‘do!


Hear us out: ribbons aren’t just for little girls! Adult women can actually incorporate ribbons into their hair in ways that are far more mature and elegant than the typical giant bow slapped onto the side of the head, though you can certainly wear that look if it appeals to you! If braiding is your preferred hairstyle, ribbons are the perfect complement.

You can create two thin braids on the side of your head and weave a ribbon between them, corset style; or you can go a bit simpler and weave a thick ribbon into your braid, tucking the full braid either around the crown of your head or leaving it down. If you want to look dainty, an even more classic look is simply tying the ribbon around the end of your braid.

Fancy Pins

Hair extensions look fabulous with hair accessories.

Use hair accessories with your hair extensions.

There’s way more to hair pins than the bobby pins you use to fasten those pesky flyaways! You can easily obtain a far fancier variety, affixed with baubles, sparkly bits and other ornaments sure to catch eyes and turn heads (in a good way)! Fashion designers, such as Dolce and Gabbana, are capitalizing on this particular brand of hair accessory, and many in the industry tout the flexibility pins offer.

You can truly combine them with any outfit, wear them to any occasion and fit them into just about any hairstyle imaginable. The sky’s the limit! Simply take a glimpse around your nearest hair supply store the next time you’re shopping for hair products for remy hair and you’ll find a host of gorgeous and appealing hair pins to choose from, at quite affordable prices, no less! Try tucking ornate pins into the side of your loose hair or incorporate them into a bunned style. You’re sure to look great!

Cuff Bands

You can wear cuffs not just on your ears and wrists, but in your hair as well! Plenty of designers are starting to release cuff-style bands for ponytails, creating a unique and chic look previously only seen in television costuming. There are all sorts of styles to choose from, but the most popular form of these ponytail cuffs are metallic. They’re perfect for adding a bit of character to your ponytail when you want a bit more than a simple band holding it up—and they slide right over! This type of hair accessory also plays well with hair extensions.

All of these hair accessories truly shine alongside high quality hair care so be sure to invest in some hydrating shampoo to bring out as much luster as possible! Contact us to learn more about other hairstyling trends, as well as ways to help your hair look its best.