Guys: we know how much high quality hair care you’ve put into your hair. We also know how much it’s paid off because you now have an impressive and vibrant head of hair to show for it! So why not show off your hair by styling it every once in awhile? You’ll not only feel good, but you’ll look even more attractive than usual. Keep reading for some of the best styles for men we’ve found so far.

Casual Bun

This style is perfect for those days when you’re tired of wearing a ponytail but don’t want to put too much effort into creating a manbun. All it takes is putting your hair up into a ponytail, then try looping it into something of a bun shape. After that, you’re done! What could be an easier look to pull off? What’s more is you may wind up feeling a little more distinguished than usual. This style works well for any occasion so feel free to add it to your arsenal!

Layered Waves

If your hair is of the naturally straight variety, you may be wondering how to give it a bit more body. The answer to this is layering. The next time you go for a cut, ask your stylist to switch up how they cut your hair and be sure to clarify what you mean! Ideally, you’ll want a cut that lengthens from front to back, with the front section of your hair being the shortest. Once the layers are added in, you can take over styling duties on your own! In addition to some leave in conditioner to maintain your hair’s condition, you’ll also need products oriented toward styling, such as sprays.

Twisted Bun

Use a great sulfate free shampoo to make your hair manageable.

A great sulfate free shampoo is a necessity.

You can never have too many variations on the man bun! For this style, simply bundle your hair into a ponytail sitting low on your head. After that, separate it into two portions, then coil them together to create a messy, quick bun. We guarantee you’ll love the ease of it, as well as how great this style looks on you!


This style goes out to our natural guys out there who appreciate quality hair care! Dreadlocks are both an easy and versatile hairstyle for those with afro-textured hair to develop and wear. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain, as an added bonus. Simply use some great sulfate free shampoo, let it dry and you’re ready to go about your day. You can style dreads just about any way you would straight hair, though it will look quite different. It’s also perfectly okay to leave them loose and let the wind breeze through them.


Braids are one style that can truly work for everyone, regardless of gender or hair texture! If you want to show off your length but also want it out of your face, a braid is the way to go. Best of all, you can make them as simple or intricate as you like and even wear more than one in your hair at once.

While these aren’t all the great hairstyles long-haired men can try, we hope they’ll provide you with some inspiration! Contact us any time to learn how else you can show off your healthy, gorgeous hair.