Five Best Ways to Blend Your Remy Extensions With Your Natural Hair

Versatile styles for RemySoft hair extensionsHair extensions can be a tricky thing. We know how they should work in theory, but getting them to look exactly the way we want is easier said than done, especially without professional help. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve great looks with your extensions all on your own. It just takes a bit of practice and knowledge of how to blend your extensions in properly with your hair. We have a few style tips to help you get started!

Side Braids

The classic side braid is perfect for almost any occasion! To wear this style, all you have to do is layer your extensions underneath your natural hair, at the crown. You can then weave both your remy extensions and hair into a proper braid. Be sure to make it as neat as possible! You can leave your bangs be or sweep them back for a more formal look.

Try our shiny hair extensionsLoose Waves

This style for shiny hair extensions is yet another classic, which is best saved for after you’ve freshly washed and blow dried your hair. Simply apply your extensions and work on curling your hair to make it all mesh together. For a bit of extra girlishness, you can add in an accessory. This style is quite flexible and suits any kind of outing.

Curled Updo

If you’re looking for a flirty, semi-formal style, this is one of the best options to keep in your arsenal! There are two steps to this particular style. First, you need to curl your hair prior to adding in your extensions. Be sure to brush out your curls before you snap your extensions in! This will help them look neater and more separated. Layer your extensions just so and then work on blending them in. You’ll want to use wavy extensions for the fullest effect.

After this is done, you can then bundle your hair into a slightly tousled side bun, using a band to hold it all in place. This hairstyle also goes great with accessories so make sure you pick out something that’s both pretty and able to complement your ‘do well!

Side Ponytail

This style is a little more intricate, just like the side bun we mentioned above. Take a round brush to your hair to enhance your roots and raise the hair at the crown of your head. Bundle all of your hair so it makes a neat bun, with some strands hanging loose. In order to blend them with your curled extensions, which will be applied on top of the bun, curl the strands of hair you leave loose from the bun.

Crown Braid

Last, but not least, comes this ever popular hairstyle! Simply gather all your hair and pin it back with the help of a banana clip. Don’t do this too neatly, however, because leaving a few strands unattended creates the chic tousled look we’re going for! You can then put in a headband shaped like a crown braid to complete the look.

We hope this style guide will give you some great ideas to try out this summer! At RemySoft, we make it our priority to offer our clients quality advice and hair products for remy hair. To learn how we can help you, contact us!