Create the ideal wedding look with hair extensions.

Hair extensions help you create the perfect look for your wedding.

You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for a long time. You may already have an idea of what your dress will look like, which flowers you want to use, who will stand up with you and what color they will wear. All that’s left is determining what you want to do with your hair on this special day. The following hair styles will leave you feeling glamorous on your wedding day, especially if you use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

The Piecey Bun

A bun is a popular style for brides because it is a classic look and can be enhanced with the use of hair extensions. However, if you feel like a typical bun is too severe of a look for your wedding day, consider this alternative. When you create your bun, allow some layers of hair to fall out of the secured shape so it frames your face. This creates the perfect complement to your veil or other headpiece.

Sideswept Bangs

Another classy look that is ideal for use in weddings is the sideswept bangs. This hair style works best if you have longer hair or if you have  you won’t be removing before your big day. To create this type of style, loosely brush your hair toward the back of your head and secure it with a rhinestone encrusted clip or one covered in flowers.

Mussed-Up Twist

The French twist is a popular hair style for brides, but you don’t have to stick with the tight style that has been used for years. Instead, consider allowing the hair around your face to puff out loosely. You can further alter the look by allowing some strands to break free and surround your face.

Romantic Twists

If you prefer to keep your hair down, a romantic twist can be the perfect alternative, especially if you won’t be wearing a veil and have chosen a tiara instead. This hair style is easy to create and allows for a greater number of choices for hair that is left down. Simply separate two small bunches of hair, one on either side of your head near the front. Make sure they are at the same height along the side of your head. Twist each of these sections along the side of your head and then secure them together at the back. You can curl your longer hair and hair extensions or leave them natural.

Finding the perfect look for your wedding can be overwhelming. You’ve always dreamed of this day and probably want everything to be exactly the way you have envisioned. Not only do you want to make sure you find the right dress and flowers, but your hair is a top priority as well. These and many other hair styles are perfect for hair of all lengths, especially if you wear hair extensions.

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