Find out what quality hair care is needed in winter.

Quality hair care is necessary all year long, especially if you wear wigs.

As you can tell by the falling temperatures, winter is on the way. Just because we’re covering up with warm coats, scarves and gloves and staying indoors more often, winter is not the time to let quality hair care fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, the cold, dry air of winter can result in dry hair for your wig. Here are some tips to keep your wig looking great all winter long.


Using hair products for remy hair to keep your wig moisturized is extremely important. The dry air of winter can cause your wig to become brittle and dry. This could result in breakage. Use a wig shampoo and conditioner once a week to keep your hair properly moisturized.

Be sure to dry your wig before leaving home. Wearing a wet wig is always ill-advised but especially so during the winter. The wet hair combined with the outside chill could make you sick. In addition, when put together, the moisture in your wig and cold air will make the hair more brittle and dry.

Deep Condition

Don’t let your supply of hair products for remy hair run low during the winter because they will do your wig a world of good. Take the time to deep condition your wig with a masque for at least three to five minutes once every week. Going back and forth from the cold winter air outdoors and dry heat inside your home will use up all of the moisture in your wig. Deep conditioning will replenish that moisture.

In addition to deep conditioning, you should also periodically seal your hair strands by applying a serum and hydrating cream. Every couple of days, lightly spray your wig with conditioner water.

Keep It Covered

Nighttime care of your wig is crucial. You can’t just plop down under the warm, cozy covers without making sure your wig is ready for a good night’s sleep as well. Covering your wig with a satin scarf or bonnet at night will help keep it moisturized.

Wool coats are common winter attire, but they can brush against your wig and cause tangling and breakage. Wearing a hat is one option to protect your wig, but then you get the unfortunate looking hat hair effect once you take it off. That’s not such a great idea if you’re at work or an event where you need to look your best.

For an alternative to hat hair, try wrapping your hair underneath a silk or satin scarf. Then put your warm hat over the scarf. When you arrive at your destination, remove the hat and scarf and gently fluff your hair using your fingers or a brush. The added benefit of the scarf is it will prevent unruly and annoying static.

Winter is a busy time for many people. Just because holiday shopping and family time has you feeling frazzled, you don’t want to worry about your wig looking frazzled as well. To keep your wig in great shape during winter, take advantage of the many hair products for remy hair.

If you are searching for hair products for remy hair, contact us. Our wig shampoo and conditioner will keep your wig shiny and moisturized.