Can quality hair care minimize your hair loss.

Quality hair care can minimize hair loss.

Losing your hair can be a stressful experience, especially if you aren’t sure what is causing your hair loss. Quality hair care can decrease your risks of losing your hair due to poor washing practices, but it may not be enough to stop it altogether. Understanding the various causes of hair loss can help you determine whether you will need to purchase a wig in the future or if you can find ways to stop your potential hair loss.


Looking at the other females in your family line can help you determine if you are at an increased risk of hair loss and may need to shop for a good wig shampoo and conditioner in your future. For instance, if your mother or grandmother had thinning hair, chances are you are likely to experience the same fate as you get older. In some cases, you may find your doctor can find ways to minimize or even stop the hair loss, but it’s important to accept the inevitable.


The level of certain hormones in your body can greatly alter the way it functions. This means the loss of specific hormones as you age can contribute to your hair loss. Menopause is often one of the most likely culprits for female hair loss. During this time, the ovaries stop producing estrogen, but they can continue to produce testosterone, which can cause the hair follicles to thin and eventually stop growing. For most women, hair loss due to hormones is a slow, progressive problem, often identified by a widening part line or obvious thinning, rather than large bald spots.

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions are also known contributors to female hair loss. Most people are aware chemotherapy treatments for cancer can cause hair to fall out. If you don’t have hair loss or thinning in your family, particularly on the female side, you will need to see your doctor to determine whether hormones are the cause or if a medical condition may be behind your thinning hair. In cases where a medical condition is to blame, your doctor may be able to prescribe medication to reverse the effects.

No one likes to think about losing their hair; however, knowing what the causes of hair loss for women can be will help you identify the underlying issue and get treatment if possible. For those situations where treatment isn’t an option, purchasing a wig and a good wig shampoo and conditioner can be just the resolution you need to enjoy a healthy, full head of hair again. As long as you use good products for remy hair, no one will even know you are wearing a wig.

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