Hair products for remy hair can keep your extensions looking great.

Shiny hair extensions require the right hair care products.

Hair extensions have become a popular trend for celebrities and the average person alike. Whether you want to change your hair on a temporary basis or you want to lengthen your hair quickly, shiny hair extensions are the ideal option. In addition to learning what you can about these extensions and how to use them, it is also important to know how to care for hair extensions. Choosing the right hair products for remy hair is necessary to keep them looking their best.

Application Methods

When you choose shiny hair extensions to enhance the look of your hair, you will need to choose between several application methods. The top three options include:

  • Fusion: These hair extensions are dipped in keratin and fuse to your hair with a heat source.
  • Tape-in: Tape-in extensions use a special adhesive to adhere to your natural hair roots.
  • Weave: Weave extensions require braiding a row of hair near your scalp and sewing the extensions in place.

Each of these methods is available for both synthetic and natural hair extensions.


Another main concern before anyone gets hair extensions is the overall cost. Depending on the type of application, hair extensions are designed to last until your hair grows out unless you choose temporary options; however, the different types of hair extensions also come with varying price tags. For instance, the fusion extensions cost the most, but may last longer because they are fused directly with the hair.

Should They Match?

One of the biggest questions asked in regard to hair extensions is whether they should match your natural hair. While the right extensions don’t have to match your hair exactly, they should complement your current shade to serve as highlights or match, depending on the look you want. In addition to choosing a matching or complementary hair color, it is important to select extensions with the same texture as your natural hair so they blend in as smoothly as possible.

Extension Care

Caring for your hair extensions is a necessity because they need different care than your natural hair. For instance, unless you have remy hair extensions, you shouldn’t use a heat source, such as a hair dryer or curling iron. While these products are safe to use on human hair, they could easily damage your extensions. It is also essential to use hair products for remy hair, such as a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. This level of care will keep your extensions looking great until they grow out.

Learning how to care for hair extensions is just part of the process of understanding these hair enhancement products. Using specialty hair products for remy hair ensures your extensions, regardless of their method of attachment, will last as long as they were intended so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often.

If you are looking for the best hair products for remy hair, contact us. Our products are designed to be safe for all types of hair extensions.