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Caring for Your Hair Extensions Day After Day

Some people wear their hair extensions every day, while others only wear them for special occasions. Regardless of your situation, taking good care of your extensions will extend their lifespan and ensure they look great whenever you want to wear them. When you learn how to care for hair extensions, you’ll discover that the techniques are very similar to caring for natural hair. There are just a few extra steps to take, but here are some of the most basic care tips for your hair extensions.

how to care for hair extensionsBrush to Prevent Tangling

No matter how hard you try to prevent it, tangling is going to happen. All you can really do is prevent major tangles by brushing your extensions gently and doing so often. Especially brush them before you apply them and immediately after you remove them. You can also carry a brush with you and run it through them a couple times throughout the day, depending on the activities you’re doing.

Wash Gently and Don’t Overwash

Wash hair extensions by filling a sink full of warm water and running your fingers through the strands gently. The best shampoo and conditioner for extensions will not include sulfate, since that ingredient has a tendency to dry them out. Extensions don’t need to be washed nearly as often as natural hair. In fact, most people only wash them as needed, which is usually when there is an abundance of product buildup preventing them from being styled easily.

Use Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate free shampoo is the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions for a couple of reasons. Sulfate can dry out the hair and make the hair color fade over time. A gentle sulfate free shampoo may not necessarily keep the hair extensions moisturized to the extent necessary, but it will prevent further drying out, which could lead to damage. You will likely be able to get several more uses out of your hair extensions by shampooing them properly.

Store Your Extensions Properly

Possibly the best piece of advice for people wondering how to care for hair extensions is to ensure they are stored properly. Check for dryness throughout, remove all of the tangles and store them in a container away from direct sunlight. Many people store them in the box they came in, but any box will usually do as long as they won’t tangle with other products and are placed in a dry and cool place.

RemySoft wants to help you care for your hair extensions. We have some of the best products available for extensions and are here to help answer any questions you have about yours. To learn more about hair extensions and how to ensure they look great for as long as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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5 Different Ways to Use Hair Extensions

Whether you’ve considered investing in hair extensions for a while or not, there’s definitely a whole new world of hairstyles available for you when you have them. They aren’t used solely to add length to your hair. Extensions allow you to experiment with colors, add volume, achieve better braids and more. Here are five ways you can use hair extensions.

how to care for hair extensionsAdd Length

This is the most common reason why people choose extensions. They can provide an instant result when you’re looking to achieve longer hair and don’t want to wait until your hair grows out.

Add Volume

Many people use various products to help add volume to their hair. While this method can work effectively, so can incorporating hair extensions. Adding a little extra body can give your hairstyle the voluminous look you desire. Just be sure to use the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions to care for them so they will be effective for a long time.

Experiment With Colors

Have you thought about coloring your hair or incorporating highlights, but are too nervous to commit to it? Hair extensions can be your temporary solution without having to color your natural hair. Once you learn how to care for hair extensions, you can experiment with different colors without having to worry about damaging them.

Achieve Thicker and Longer Braids

We all want to have those thick and long braids we’ve seen in magazines and on television. Believe it or not, some of those braids you see are the result of hair extensions! Experiment with different types of braids with your extensions until you find the look you desire and you’ll have the perfect results in no time.

Add A New Dimension to Your Hairstyle

It’s amazing what extensions can do to transform even the simplest hairstyle. Even a ponytail or a messy bun can be transformed by adding body and volume with extensions. The best part about them is you can experiment however much you want until you find the look you’re going for.

RemySoft is here to help you with all things hair extensions. Whether you need to learn how to care for hair extensions or if you’re in need of the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions, we’ve got the answers and solutions for you. Be sure to contact us at any time for more tips about extensions or your hair in general.

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Many ladies make the mistake of not taking care of their hair extensions like they do their normal hair. It’s not necessarily that they don’t know how to care for hair extensions, but it’s more of not knowing the consequences of not doing so. Whether you prefer to use natural hair extensions or the synthetic version, taking care of them will ensure you have the best hairstyle you desire day-in and day-out. Here is a quick guide of things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to caring for hair extensions.

Caring For Natural Hair Extensions

With natural hair extensions, nothing is more important than using a great sulfate free shampoo to wash them. This shampoo will help protect your natural hair and the extensions the best possible way. An overlooked aspect is not applying conditioner after every wash. Your natural hair produces oils, making it unnecessary to condition every time. But hair extensions don’t receive that benefit, so it’s important to keep them moisturized as much as possible to prevent damage and to keep them looking natural for the maximum amount of time.

Caring For Synthetic Hair Extensionsgreat sulfate free shampoo

Some synthetic hair extensions act very similarly to natural hair extensions. If you have a lower quality synthetic extension, avoid brushing them and using heat on them. For higher quality synthetic extensions, you can use a little bit of heat and a gentle brush stroke with a soft brush. Try not to be as intense with your washing sessions and ask your stylist for the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions.

Why You Need to Care For Your Hair Extensions

It doesn’t take much to ruin hair extensions if you don’t care for them properly. Sometimes you may not see the negative effects right away, but you could risk making them look unnatural, lose color and become permanently damaged. Learning how to care for hair extensions before you get them will prepare you for buying the products you need and get you thinking about changing your hair care routine. If you’re going to invest in hair extensions anyway, you might as well take the proper steps to ensure they look great for as long as possible.

RemySoft has all the products you need to care for your hair extensions. And if you need advice on certain products or methods to care for them, we are just a phone call away. Take advantage of the many benefits of hair extensions and contact us if you have any questions throughout the process.

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How To Take Your Hair From Day To Night

When it comes to your hair, there’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time on your hairstyle, only to realize it’s ruined by the middle of the day. This is especially true if you specifically worked on it to last into the night. One of the secrets of quality hair care is to not spend too much time on it, in most cases. With the right products and the proper hairstyle, you can easily take your hair from day to night. Here are some of our best tips and hairstyles to help you achieve this feat.

Quality hair careThe High Topknot

This hairstyle is sufficient whether you work in an office environment or if you’re a personal trainer doing multiple outdoor workouts every day. Just gather your hair together at the top of your head as high as you can. Secure it with a hair band and you are good to go. If you will be sweating at all, you may want to skip products with chemicals in them, and just stick with a quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner instead.

Natural Twists

This is the perfect hairstyle to hold all day and night if you have longer hair. And if you don’t, hair extensions can help you pull it off. The secret to getting your natural twists to hold is styling it the second day after you wash it. Since your hair will have more natural oils, it will hold better. And the best part about it is it will look great no matter what activities you have planned throughout the day and night!

Keep it Effortless

Sometimes the less effort you give, the better chances you’ll have of your hairstyle lasting from morning to night. You could start with a simple ponytail during the day, but then pull it up into a bun at night. There really aren’t any secrets to pulling off this strategy. Just be sure to use a quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to make your hair shine and you’ll be pleased with how it looks.

At Remysoft, we like to keep things simple. Whether it’s the products you use or the quality hair care routine you implement, the simpler things are, the more pleased you’ll be with your hair. For more tips on how to keep your hair looking great from day to night, be sure to contact us at any time.

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You’ll Love These 2017 Hair Trends!

RemySoft how to care for hair extensionsThe seasons are beginning to change, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to find new hairstyles! Now that spring has been here for several weeks, and you’ve settled on a quality hair care routine, you can start playing around with different styles. With so many hair trends happening this year, it can be tough to narrow down the ones that fit you perfectly. We are here to help narrow down your list to some of the most popular hair trends you’ll love for 2017.


Whether you like ribbons, bows, jewelry, hair bands, clips or anything else, it’s perfectly acceptable to be creative with your hairstyle. The great thing about accessories is you can always find one that works for any given day, even when you wake up with a bad hair day!

Top Knots

We’ve all thrown our hair up in a bun a time or two. Sometimes you just don’t have time to use your hair products for Remy hair or you just don’t have the energy to style it. This somewhat messy hairstyle is becoming widely accepted, which is good news for most of us.

Show Off Natural Roots

Keeping your natural root color can provide a neat appearance. Depending on the color of your natural roots and the color you choose to dye your hair, you could create a nice contrast. Some people even incorporate hair extensions to highlight the natural roots even further. If you decide to go that route as well, be sure you know how to care for hair extensions so you can make the most out of the hairstyle.

RemySoft hair products for remy hairSombre

The sombre hairstyle is quickly becoming one of the most popular in 2017. It provides a subtle two-tone effect from the roots all the way to the tips. When done properly, you can hardly tell where the colors start transitioning to a darker or lighter color.

Keep Your Hair Natural

Natural is becoming even more popular for various reasons. Some people choose to limit their product consumption in order to go with the au natural look. This works for some people, but most people still need to use hair products for Remy hair in order to prevent their hair from becoming a tangled mess.

These are just some of the best hair trends for 2017 that you could incorporate into your quality hair care regimen. Remysoft offers the best products to help you pull off the look you desire, so be sure to contact us to make your vision a reality.

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Brides, Which Extensions are Right for You?

RemySoft hair products for Remy hairThe two most important elements of any bride’s look are her dress and her hair. In fact, many brides-to-be will spend months to over a year growing out her hair to be able to achieve the perfect hairstyle for her big day. However, many brides today are using shiny hair extensions. Not only do hair extensions provide some extra length, but they can also give your hair more volume. What type of extensions should you choose? Here are some suggestions.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions will last several weeks, so you can practice different hairstyles beforehand without worrying about them fading or falling out. The main thing to learn is how to care for hair extensions. With the proper care, tape-in extensions can last up to a few weeks before you have to remove them. If you decide you want to keep using them after your wedding, just have your stylist apply more adhesive so they will stick longer!

Clip-In Hair Extensions

For the ultimate flexibility, many brides opt for the clip-in extensions on their wedding day. These are great since they can be clipped in the morning of your wedding, so you won’t have to commit to using them for a long time if you don’t want to. The only tricky part is installing them so the clips themselves aren’t visible. However, when you combine the clip-in hair extensions with the best hair products for Remy hair, you shouldn’t have a problem hiding them and making the extensions look natural.

Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded shiny hair extensions are the most permanent type of extensions. They are applied to your hair by using a heat tool and some keratin. Once the extensions are bonded to your natural hair, they should last up to six months as long as you give them the proper care and maintenance. Bonded hair extensions require a little more commitment, since bonded extensions will need regular maintenance by your hairstylist. However, you can pull off the look of your dreams with these natural-looking extensions.

At RemySoft, we have helped brides choose the perfect shiny hair extensions for their wedding day for many years. If you need help choosing the perfect hair extensions to create the wedding hairstyle of your dreams, be sure to contact us.

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How to Blend Extensions with Short Hair

Lengthening your hair with hair extensions is easy to do. In fact, it typically takes only a few minutes! However, blending them naturally, especially with short hair, is more difficult than most people think. Without taking the proper steps you could end up with a style that makes it very obvious you’re using extensions. There’s nothing more embarrassing than badly placed extensions, so here are a few tips for proper blending.

Picking the Right Color

This is probably the most obvious tip, but it’s easier said than done. Luckily, there is more than one way to pick a good color for your hair extensions. The first is to match the extensions to your natural hair color. However, since matching the color exactly isn’t always the easiest option, some people choose to pick a color they like and dye their natural hair to match. Not only will you have longer hair, but you’ll also have a perfectly blended change to feel confident with!

Consider the WeightRemySoft how to care for hair extensions

Another key to blending hair extensions is to match their weight as closely as possible to your natural hair. No matter if your hair is thick or thin, finding extensions to match its weight will help create a natural transition. Otherwise, you may have to use numerous hair products for Remy hair to try to make the extensions look more natural.

Styling the Extensions Properly

Once you’ve picked the perfect hair extensions with respect to color and weight, you can style them to your liking. Just be sure to learn how to care for hair extensions before you do any extravagant styling, so you reduce the risk of damaging them. While hair extensions look amazing straightened, wavy or curly styles blend better with short hair. These styles will also hide any flaws.

Just picking any type of hair extensions and trying to make them work will most likely result in unnatural looking hair. When you properly blend your extensions with your short hair, you’ll have a hairstyle most people won’t even realize includes extensions. Feel free to contact us for more tips about blending in your hair extensions.

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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can go a long way in achieving the hairstyle you desire, no matter if you are male or female. But if you don’t know how to care for hair extensions, then you may find yourself constantly buying them and leaving the house with an undesirable appearance. Storing your removable and reusable hair extensions properly is something a lot of people overlook. Here are some tips on how to store your hair extensions to keep them looking great for a long time.

Wash and Dry Thoroughly

You need to treat your hair extensions like your natural hair and wash them thoroughly. Any residue from quality hair care products will need to be washed off completely in order to prevent discoloration or damage to the extensions. Hair products can also get sticky when left in extensions, which could create a potential nightmare when you try to brush or comb through the extensions later on.

Of course, you have to make sure the extensions are completely dry before storing them. Any amount of moisture can cause them to mildew, mold or smell after a short amount of time.

Plastic Containers Are Sufficient

Storing your hair extensions in plastic bags or containers will work just fine, as long as they are handled carefully. The more the containers are moved around, the better the chances are of the extensions getting damaged or tangled. It’s best not to store the containers next to your other hair products for Remy hair, because there’s a chance they may get knocked around on your vanity and increase the risk of damage.

RemySoft hair products for remy hairStore Extensions in Dark Places

As far as the location of storing hair extensions, dark places like closets, cabinets or drawers are perfect. Again, just make sure they are stored in a place where they won’t get bumped or moved around much to prevent damage. If they are placed in a location where they could be exposed to sunlight, the UV rays could make the extensions turn colors. It would take a significant amount of sunlight for this to happen, but it’s still in your best interest to keep them in a dark, safe place.

Once you learn how to care for hair extensions and store them properly, you’ll be able to use them for a very long time. For more tips on hair extensions in general, be sure to contact us.

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Six Reasons to Try Hair Extensions for the Holidays

Hair extensions can be a scary thing. If you’ve never worn them before, you may trouble yourself with worrying how to go about picking your extensions, how you’ll wear them, whether they’ll look good on you and even how to care for hair extensions. Now that the holidays are upon us, we want to encourage you to finally take that plunge and go for a whole new look! Why? Here are some of our best reasons.

They’re Totally Uncomplicated

Even if you enjoy doing your hair, you just may not want to sometimes. You could be in a rush or just not have the energy. When those lazy days happen, you can easily rely on your trusty set of clip-in extensions to make yourself look cute without nearly as much effort as styling your natural hair and pulling out your full arsenal of hair supplies in the process.

They Can Add to Your Length

Have you wanted to try one of those long, glamorous styles you’ve seen in ads and on TV, but don’t have nearly enough length? Extensions can quickly solve that problem for you! Simply clip them in and you’ll have several more inches of hair to tease and style however you want. This option is great for those who want the benefits of long hair without the hassle or are interested in growing their hair out but want to preview the look for themselves first.

Consider a partial cap.

A partial cap is a good choice.

They’re Safe for Your Hair

You might be reading this article and think to yourself, “Okay, but what’s the catch?” Since these extensions clip in, surely they must rip out a ton of hair when removed, right? Not at all! Partial cap hair extensions are actually quite protective, granting you the ability to change up your look without sacrificing your natural hair.

You Can Play with Color

You may be interested in trying a specific hair color but not want to go to the trouble of dealing with the commitment of dyeing it. Once again, extensions are here to your rescue! It’s easy to buy extensions in your desired color. Blend them in with your natural hair and see how they look on you. What could be a better way of trying before you buy?

They Can Enhance Any Hairstyle

As hard as we try, sometimes our natural hair can fall a little flat. However, you can use extensions to jazz up any hairstyle, whether by adding an extra component, such as a braid, or simply giving it a bit more body. And speaking of body…

Extensions Can Provide Fuller Hair

Whether your hair is fine or thinning, extensions can help you out by giving your hair more body than you can achieve on your own. This can do wonders for your look, as well as your self-esteem! It’s easy to layer your extensions into your natural hair, creating a healthy and beautiful look you’re guaranteed to love.

No matter why you choose to wear extensions, you’ll need the best shampoo for weaves to keep them smooth and sleek. And as always, contact us for advice on how to care for hair extensions and any other of your hair extension needs!

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The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are and always have been one of the most popular ways of styling hair. As such, you’ll find and hear a great number of tips on how to care for hair extensions. The only problem with a lot of this advice is it’s far less useful than it sounds. In fact, many people make big mistakes with the care of their hair extensions, causing them to last not nearly as long as they should! To keep you from making the same errors, we’ve put together this article on what to do and what not to do when caring for and wearing your hair extensions.

DO Keep Up with Maintenance

If you don’t check up on your extensions on a regular basis, they’re far more likely to accumulate extensive damage. No one wants to wear damaged extensions and risk making their hair look terrible. We recommend taking a trip to see your stylist at a minimum of six week intervals. They can help keep an eye on your extensions for signs of splitting and other woes.

DON’T Overuse Your Extensions

Extensions are versatile and can even be a lifesaver, but there can always be too much of a good thing. Partial cap extensions are generally damage-free, but wearing them too often can still create lasting effects for your scalp. Many celebrities who’ve relied on extensions on a frequent basis now find themselves balding and the damage to their natural hair too extensive to reverse. Let your hair air out every so often and you and your scalp will both be happier for it!

DO Research Your Stylist Before Booking an Appointment

You don’t want to get to the salon only to realize your stylist has no knowledge whatsoever of how to work with and how to care for hair extensions. A stylist who’s never worked with extensions won’t be any more competent in managing them than you are, putting you at risk for damage. At best, you may wind up with extensions that aren’t blended well into your hair, which never looks good.

Learn how to care for hair extensions.

Do you know how to care for hair extensions?

DON’T Wait Until a Special Occasion to Start Using Extensions

It takes time to get the hang of wearing extensions. You’ll want to adjust to them before you have any big events to attend, if only to prevent any awkwardness on your part. As with any new hair care routine, you want to be sure your extensions are not only comfortable, but safe to wear. Some people have suffered bad allergic reactions to the products used to secure extensions in place.

DO Try and Stick to Clip-ins As Much As You Can

Clip-in extensions are the safest varieties of hair extensions you can find. They’re also incredibly versatile and easy to install and remove, making them great for beginners. Maintenance is also a cinch; all you need is a bit of the best shampoo for weaves and you’re solid!

We hope these tips will help you wear your hair extensions a little more safely. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on how to make the most of your extensions!

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