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You’ll Love These 2017 Hair Trends!

RemySoft how to care for hair extensionsThe seasons are beginning to change, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to find new hairstyles! Now that spring has been here for several weeks, and you’ve settled on a quality hair care routine, you can start playing around with different styles. With so many hair trends happening this year, it can be tough to narrow down the ones that fit you perfectly. We are here to help narrow down your list to some of the most popular hair trends you’ll love for 2017.


Whether you like ribbons, bows, jewelry, hair bands, clips or anything else, it’s perfectly acceptable to be creative with your hairstyle. The great thing about accessories is you can always find one that works for any given day, even when you wake up with a bad hair day!

Top Knots

We’ve all thrown our hair up in a bun a time or two. Sometimes you just don’t have time to use your hair products for Remy hair or you just don’t have the energy to style it. This somewhat messy hairstyle is becoming widely accepted, which is good news for most of us.

Show Off Natural Roots

Keeping your natural root color can provide a neat appearance. Depending on the color of your natural roots and the color you choose to dye your hair, you could create a nice contrast. Some people even incorporate hair extensions to highlight the natural roots even further. If you decide to go that route as well, be sure you know how to care for hair extensions so you can make the most out of the hairstyle.

RemySoft hair products for remy hairSombre

The sombre hairstyle is quickly becoming one of the most popular in 2017. It provides a subtle two-tone effect from the roots all the way to the tips. When done properly, you can hardly tell where the colors start transitioning to a darker or lighter color.

Keep Your Hair Natural

Natural is becoming even more popular for various reasons. Some people choose to limit their product consumption in order to go with the au natural look. This works for some people, but most people still need to use hair products for Remy hair in order to prevent their hair from becoming a tangled mess.

These are just some of the best hair trends for 2017 that you could incorporate into your quality hair care regimen. Remysoft offers the best products to help you pull off the look you desire, so be sure to contact us to make your vision a reality.

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Brides, Which Extensions are Right for You?

RemySoft hair products for Remy hairThe two most important elements of any bride’s look are her dress and her hair. In fact, many brides-to-be will spend months to over a year growing out her hair to be able to achieve the perfect hairstyle for her big day. However, many brides today are using shiny hair extensions. Not only do hair extensions provide some extra length, but they can also give your hair more volume. What type of extensions should you choose? Here are some suggestions.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions will last several weeks, so you can practice different hairstyles beforehand without worrying about them fading or falling out. The main thing to learn is how to care for hair extensions. With the proper care, tape-in extensions can last up to a few weeks before you have to remove them. If you decide you want to keep using them after your wedding, just have your stylist apply more adhesive so they will stick longer!

Clip-In Hair Extensions

For the ultimate flexibility, many brides opt for the clip-in extensions on their wedding day. These are great since they can be clipped in the morning of your wedding, so you won’t have to commit to using them for a long time if you don’t want to. The only tricky part is installing them so the clips themselves aren’t visible. However, when you combine the clip-in hair extensions with the best hair products for Remy hair, you shouldn’t have a problem hiding them and making the extensions look natural.

Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded shiny hair extensions are the most permanent type of extensions. They are applied to your hair by using a heat tool and some keratin. Once the extensions are bonded to your natural hair, they should last up to six months as long as you give them the proper care and maintenance. Bonded hair extensions require a little more commitment, since bonded extensions will need regular maintenance by your hairstylist. However, you can pull off the look of your dreams with these natural-looking extensions.

At RemySoft, we have helped brides choose the perfect shiny hair extensions for their wedding day for many years. If you need help choosing the perfect hair extensions to create the wedding hairstyle of your dreams, be sure to contact us.

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How to Blend Extensions with Short Hair

Lengthening your hair with hair extensions is easy to do. In fact, it typically takes only a few minutes! However, blending them naturally, especially with short hair, is more difficult than most people think. Without taking the proper steps you could end up with a style that makes it very obvious you’re using extensions. There’s nothing more embarrassing than badly placed extensions, so here are a few tips for proper blending.

Picking the Right Color

This is probably the most obvious tip, but it’s easier said than done. Luckily, there is more than one way to pick a good color for your hair extensions. The first is to match the extensions to your natural hair color. However, since matching the color exactly isn’t always the easiest option, some people choose to pick a color they like and dye their natural hair to match. Not only will you have longer hair, but you’ll also have a perfectly blended change to feel confident with!

Consider the WeightRemySoft how to care for hair extensions

Another key to blending hair extensions is to match their weight as closely as possible to your natural hair. No matter if your hair is thick or thin, finding extensions to match its weight will help create a natural transition. Otherwise, you may have to use numerous hair products for Remy hair to try to make the extensions look more natural.

Styling the Extensions Properly

Once you’ve picked the perfect hair extensions with respect to color and weight, you can style them to your liking. Just be sure to learn how to care for hair extensions before you do any extravagant styling, so you reduce the risk of damaging them. While hair extensions look amazing straightened, wavy or curly styles blend better with short hair. These styles will also hide any flaws.

Just picking any type of hair extensions and trying to make them work will most likely result in unnatural looking hair. When you properly blend your extensions with your short hair, you’ll have a hairstyle most people won’t even realize includes extensions. Feel free to contact us for more tips about blending in your hair extensions.

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The Ultimate Guide to Storing Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can go a long way in achieving the hairstyle you desire, no matter if you are male or female. But if you don’t know how to care for hair extensions, then you may find yourself constantly buying them and leaving the house with an undesirable appearance. Storing your removable and reusable hair extensions properly is something a lot of people overlook. Here are some tips on how to store your hair extensions to keep them looking great for a long time.

Wash and Dry Thoroughly

You need to treat your hair extensions like your natural hair and wash them thoroughly. Any residue from quality hair care products will need to be washed off completely in order to prevent discoloration or damage to the extensions. Hair products can also get sticky when left in extensions, which could create a potential nightmare when you try to brush or comb through the extensions later on.

Of course, you have to make sure the extensions are completely dry before storing them. Any amount of moisture can cause them to mildew, mold or smell after a short amount of time.

Plastic Containers Are Sufficient

Storing your hair extensions in plastic bags or containers will work just fine, as long as they are handled carefully. The more the containers are moved around, the better the chances are of the extensions getting damaged or tangled. It’s best not to store the containers next to your other hair products for Remy hair, because there’s a chance they may get knocked around on your vanity and increase the risk of damage.

RemySoft hair products for remy hairStore Extensions in Dark Places

As far as the location of storing hair extensions, dark places like closets, cabinets or drawers are perfect. Again, just make sure they are stored in a place where they won’t get bumped or moved around much to prevent damage. If they are placed in a location where they could be exposed to sunlight, the UV rays could make the extensions turn colors. It would take a significant amount of sunlight for this to happen, but it’s still in your best interest to keep them in a dark, safe place.

Once you learn how to care for hair extensions and store them properly, you’ll be able to use them for a very long time. For more tips on hair extensions in general, be sure to contact us.

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Six Reasons to Try Hair Extensions for the Holidays

Hair extensions can be a scary thing. If you’ve never worn them before, you may trouble yourself with worrying how to go about picking your extensions, how you’ll wear them, whether they’ll look good on you and even how to care for hair extensions. Now that the holidays are upon us, we want to encourage you to finally take that plunge and go for a whole new look! Why? Here are some of our best reasons.

They’re Totally Uncomplicated

Even if you enjoy doing your hair, you just may not want to sometimes. You could be in a rush or just not have the energy. When those lazy days happen, you can easily rely on your trusty set of clip-in extensions to make yourself look cute without nearly as much effort as styling your natural hair and pulling out your full arsenal of hair supplies in the process.

They Can Add to Your Length

Have you wanted to try one of those long, glamorous styles you’ve seen in ads and on TV, but don’t have nearly enough length? Extensions can quickly solve that problem for you! Simply clip them in and you’ll have several more inches of hair to tease and style however you want. This option is great for those who want the benefits of long hair without the hassle or are interested in growing their hair out but want to preview the look for themselves first.

Consider a partial cap.

A partial cap is a good choice.

They’re Safe for Your Hair

You might be reading this article and think to yourself, “Okay, but what’s the catch?” Since these extensions clip in, surely they must rip out a ton of hair when removed, right? Not at all! Partial cap hair extensions are actually quite protective, granting you the ability to change up your look without sacrificing your natural hair.

You Can Play with Color

You may be interested in trying a specific hair color but not want to go to the trouble of dealing with the commitment of dyeing it. Once again, extensions are here to your rescue! It’s easy to buy extensions in your desired color. Blend them in with your natural hair and see how they look on you. What could be a better way of trying before you buy?

They Can Enhance Any Hairstyle

As hard as we try, sometimes our natural hair can fall a little flat. However, you can use extensions to jazz up any hairstyle, whether by adding an extra component, such as a braid, or simply giving it a bit more body. And speaking of body…

Extensions Can Provide Fuller Hair

Whether your hair is fine or thinning, extensions can help you out by giving your hair more body than you can achieve on your own. This can do wonders for your look, as well as your self-esteem! It’s easy to layer your extensions into your natural hair, creating a healthy and beautiful look you’re guaranteed to love.

No matter why you choose to wear extensions, you’ll need the best shampoo for weaves to keep them smooth and sleek. And as always, contact us for advice on how to care for hair extensions and any other of your hair extension needs!

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The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are and always have been one of the most popular ways of styling hair. As such, you’ll find and hear a great number of tips on how to care for hair extensions. The only problem with a lot of this advice is it’s far less useful than it sounds. In fact, many people make big mistakes with the care of their hair extensions, causing them to last not nearly as long as they should! To keep you from making the same errors, we’ve put together this article on what to do and what not to do when caring for and wearing your hair extensions.

DO Keep Up with Maintenance

If you don’t check up on your extensions on a regular basis, they’re far more likely to accumulate extensive damage. No one wants to wear damaged extensions and risk making their hair look terrible. We recommend taking a trip to see your stylist at a minimum of six week intervals. They can help keep an eye on your extensions for signs of splitting and other woes.

DON’T Overuse Your Extensions

Extensions are versatile and can even be a lifesaver, but there can always be too much of a good thing. Partial cap extensions are generally damage-free, but wearing them too often can still create lasting effects for your scalp. Many celebrities who’ve relied on extensions on a frequent basis now find themselves balding and the damage to their natural hair too extensive to reverse. Let your hair air out every so often and you and your scalp will both be happier for it!

DO Research Your Stylist Before Booking an Appointment

You don’t want to get to the salon only to realize your stylist has no knowledge whatsoever of how to work with and how to care for hair extensions. A stylist who’s never worked with extensions won’t be any more competent in managing them than you are, putting you at risk for damage. At best, you may wind up with extensions that aren’t blended well into your hair, which never looks good.

Learn how to care for hair extensions.

Do you know how to care for hair extensions?

DON’T Wait Until a Special Occasion to Start Using Extensions

It takes time to get the hang of wearing extensions. You’ll want to adjust to them before you have any big events to attend, if only to prevent any awkwardness on your part. As with any new hair care routine, you want to be sure your extensions are not only comfortable, but safe to wear. Some people have suffered bad allergic reactions to the products used to secure extensions in place.

DO Try and Stick to Clip-ins As Much As You Can

Clip-in extensions are the safest varieties of hair extensions you can find. They’re also incredibly versatile and easy to install and remove, making them great for beginners. Maintenance is also a cinch; all you need is a bit of the best shampoo for weaves and you’re solid!

We hope these tips will help you wear your hair extensions a little more safely. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on how to make the most of your extensions!

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Our Top Four Picks for the Best Hairstyles to Wear with Extensions

Now that autumn has arrived, you’ll want to change your hairstyle in one way or another to complement your fall wardrobe. The biggest question, however, is “What can you do?” Luckily, if you’re a regular user of shiny hair extensions, there’s no shortage of great ways you can style your hair this fall! Read on to learn all the ways you can incorporate your best hair extensions into your hairstyles to top off that perfect and cozy ensemble.

Top Knots

There’s no hairstyle more classic than the top knot. We can’t imagine a better style for those lazy days in or relaxed errand runs. However, to truly make this look work, you’ll need a thick head of hair, something those shiny hair extensions you have tucked away can help you obtain! Simply attach them and bundle your hair up. If you struggle with creating the perfect top knot, you can also choose to use a hair donut to help with the shape. Within mere minutes, your hair will be perfectly bunned and you’ll be ready to go!

Ponytails with Center Parts

Improve any hairstyle with shiny hair extensions.

Shiny hair extensions can improve any hairstyle.

This classic look can work well for any situation. Simply tape or clip in your extensions, then start smoothing your hair back. Gather it all at the nape of your neck and, with band in hand, create your ponytail. Once you’ve finished this step, voila! You’re done and can go about your day. If you have trouble getting your strands to completely smooth down, we recommend using a stiff brush at your edges. This will help tame any flyaways, making your ponytail look neater. You can also decorate this hairstyle with a cute ponytail holder, if you’re so inclined!


There are definitely going to be some days where you don’t want to do a single thing with your hair. At the same time, you can’t simply leave it as-is; you have to make it look presentable! These situations are when headbands and hats become your ultimate lifesaver. Once your extensions are in, all you have left to do is slip on a headband or put on your favorite comfy hat.

There’s no messing with stubborn strands or making sure your hair is perfectly parted. Your accessory camouflages all those less-than-perfect parts of your hair! Just be sure to invest in the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions to keep your hair sleek and shiny, even on hat days.

Braided to the Side

This last look is not only perfect for nearly any setting, but totally adorable! To create it, simply place your extensions and move all your hair to one side of your head. Afterwards, you can begin the braiding process. Secure it with a hair tie, then make your way out and about.

These hairstyles aren’t the only ways you can look cute with hair extensions in autumn, but we hope they’ll give you the proper basis to come up with some great ideas of your own. We at RemySoft are committed to providing you with only the best resources for how to care for hair extensions. To learn more, contact us!

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Low Maintenance Fall Hair Styles

Alas, summer’s drawn to a finite close and the weather is making way for autumn and its wardrobe of many colors. Out goes the days of short shorts, tank tops and suntans; and in comes sweaters, pumpkin spice everything and Halloween. With the change in seasons, you may be feeling it’s time for more change of the personal variety. We’re talking about your hair, of course! You’re already swapping out your wardrobe, so why not make a few changes to your hair to match? If this interests you, but you’re a little stuck on the details, we’ve put together a handy list of cute, but easily maintainable hairstyles you can try this fall!

Bangs: Not Just for Straight Hair Anymore!

Yes, you read it right! Even curly girls can rock a cute fringe this year. Such a luxury is no longer reserved for straight hairstyles. How can this be done? First, you’ll have to invest in some quality hair care. Curly hair is already hard to maintain, so adding bangs to the mix could easily put you at risk of rocking the poodle hair look if you aren’t dedicated.

Luckily, the maintenance for curly bangs is easy! All it takes is some anti-humidity products to ensure your hair is able to handle the fall humidity with more ease, as well as blow drying while your newly cut bangs are still wet to make sure they have enough length on them.

Updos and Accessories

RemySoft how to care for hair extensionsYou no longer have to reserve your cute barrettes and combs or your fancy, swooshy updos for special occasions. Thanks to international fashion designers, intricate hair decorates are in, and the best way to show them off is by putting your hair up. Feel free to decorate as much as you please! The sparklier your accessories are, the better. Of course, this look is meant to be dramatic, so it may be best to coordinate this kind of hairstyle with an event or outfit that can accommodate it all. If you’d still like to rock this look in a more casual setting, you can always strategically place your accessories in less noticeable places throughout your hair, or not use quite as many. Be sure to wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner first for extra luster!

Sideswept Hair

This vintage look is also making a comeback this year, and just in time. What could be more elegant than all of your hair tucked to one side of your head, not quite as neat as the tightly waved styles we’ve seen for formal events, but more messily waved in a casual look? This style is perfect for those who don’t want to put tons of effort into their hair, but still want to look like they did. Just be sure to use some sort of product to help the style set. This style is easy to pull off with hair extensions as well, so consider looking up how to care for hair extensions if you want to add some length before trying it.

We hope these style suggestions have given you inspiration on how to style yourself this fall! For more tips on quality hair care, hair styling and related subjects, feel free to contact us!

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Worry About “Cap Hair” No Longer with These Hair Care Tips

Remysoft quality hair careYou’ve worked hard for years and it’s finally led up to this moment: your graduation day. There’s no doubt you’re fit to burst with excitement and nerves and have a bundle of responsibilities to take care of to prepare for your big day, including your hair! Most graduates want cute hair with little hassle, but what work they put in is soon ruined by their graduation cap. Luckily, we have a few tips for avoiding this unfortunate happenstance.

Plan Ahead

While it’s tempting to go all out for your graduation hairstyle, you’ll still have to keep the cap in mind. It’s one of the most important elements of your graduation day, besides your diploma, and you can’t get out of wearing it. Put some serious thought into how you want to look, how it will fit with your cap. No matter what you decide, you want to take care of any hair-related issues a week before your graduation day to make sure your style looks good with your cap.

The Weather’s Important Too!

Graduation often takes place in summer, which is the prime cause of dryness and frizzy fraying in hair. We recommend investing in sulfate free shampoo, which will help preserve your hair’s moisture. Additionally, you want leave in conditioner for a similar purpose. Leave in conditioner both adds in extra moisture to your hair and locks it in. This will severely lower your chances of frizzy hair on your big day. Other products, such as protective sprays, will work wonders and keep your hair looking great!


If you just aren’t up to putting a lot of effort into your hair, a quick and messy braid should be your go-to hairstyle of choice! They’re both super cute and easy to style your hair into. If you want to spice the style up, you can always turn to accessories or extensions for a bit of quick pizzazz and personality. To create this style, all you have to do is create a side part in your hair, then adjust it so it’s piled toward one side of your head. Braid from the roots of your hair downward, then tie a band around it before running your fingers through to loosen it up a little. Voila! You can now enjoy your look and your day!

Curls, Curls, Curls!

Curls are another great hairstyling option, though they take a bit of extra care to prepare for your cap. First, you want to run a brush over your curls to loosen them up properly. This will flow better with the hair hidden underneath your cap and improve how your hair looks tenfold. Consider this a general quality hair care tip from us to you!

We at RemySoft want to help you look and feel great all year ‘round! Contact us to learn how else we can help you and your hair.

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How You Can Benefit from Wearing Clip-On Hair Extensions

Do you regularly wear extensions? Are you interested in trying them out? If either of these questions fits you, have you considered trying out clip-on extensions? While they’re similar in concept and look to other forms of hair extensions, there are a number of advantages you’ll receive with clip-ons that you won’t get with any other variety. In this blog, you’ll learn all about how clip-on hair extensions can boost your style. Maybe you’ll decide to make the switch!

Clip-on Hair Extensions Aren’t as Harmful

You probably have a certain image in mind when you think of extensions, and that image is damage—split ends, decayed edges and otherwise destroyed hair follicles where the extensions attach. However, properly attached clip-on extensions are far from harmful to your hair and can actually help protect your hair while you wear them. The way clip-ons are made keeps them from weighing down too heavily on your hair. This enables your natural hair to remain in the same condition as it was when you first put in the extensions.

Clip-on Hair Extensions Are Flexible

Create beautiful styles with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can create beautiful styles.

Clip-ons give you all the benefits of growing your hair out with none of the hassle or fretting over proper long hair care! You can simply clip them in and go on with your day in style, no matter what kind of style you’re going for! One of the best parts of wearing clip-on hair extensions is they work with every occasion. No matter what hair style you decide to try with your extensions, you’re guaranteed to have total freedom. How you wear your extensions is entirely up to you!

Clip-on Hair Extensions Are Easy to Take Care Of

You won’t have to book a salon appointment to wear your clip-ons, making them a valuable time saver if you’re constantly on the go! You won’t even have to sacrifice your trusty sulfate free shampoo because they can be removed before the washing process and stored far more easily. Wearing your clip-ons will literally be a snap thanks to its easy installation and ability to manipulate and arrange each strand exactly as you wish.

Clip-on Hair Extensions Make You Look Beautiful

The most appealing part of clip-on extensions for many is the access it grants to having literally any hairstyle, texture and type you could ever wish for. Longing for the perfect curls? Buy a set of gorgeous, spiraling extensions! Struggling with thin hair and wishing for a thicker ‘do? You can either layer your extensions or buy a thicker variety to blend into your hair as you please! The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Through the RemySoft online store, we have all the products you need to keep your all-natural clip-on hair extensions in good shape. We even have tips on how to care for hair extensions for the first-time buyer. To learn how else we can help you have excellent hair, contact us!

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