RemySoft how to care for hair extensionsThe seasons are beginning to change, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to find new hairstyles! Now that spring has been here for several weeks, and you’ve settled on a quality hair care routine, you can start playing around with different styles. With so many hair trends happening this year, it can be tough to narrow down the ones that fit you perfectly. We are here to help narrow down your list to some of the most popular hair trends you’ll love for 2017.


Whether you like ribbons, bows, jewelry, hair bands, clips or anything else, it’s perfectly acceptable to be creative with your hairstyle. The great thing about accessories is you can always find one that works for any given day, even when you wake up with a bad hair day!

Top Knots

We’ve all thrown our hair up in a bun a time or two. Sometimes you just don’t have time to use your hair products for Remy hair or you just don’t have the energy to style it. This somewhat messy hairstyle is becoming widely accepted, which is good news for most of us.

Show Off Natural Roots

Keeping your natural root color can provide a neat appearance. Depending on the color of your natural roots and the color you choose to dye your hair, you could create a nice contrast. Some people even incorporate hair extensions to highlight the natural roots even further. If you decide to go that route as well, be sure you know how to care for hair extensions so you can make the most out of the hairstyle.

RemySoft hair products for remy hairSombre

The sombre hairstyle is quickly becoming one of the most popular in 2017. It provides a subtle two-tone effect from the roots all the way to the tips. When done properly, you can hardly tell where the colors start transitioning to a darker or lighter color.

Keep Your Hair Natural

Natural is becoming even more popular for various reasons. Some people choose to limit their product consumption in order to go with the au natural look. This works for some people, but most people still need to use hair products for Remy hair in order to prevent their hair from becoming a tangled mess.

These are just some of the best hair trends for 2017 that you could incorporate into your quality hair care regimen. Remysoft offers the best products to help you pull off the look you desire, so be sure to contact us to make your vision a reality.