Guys with thick hair have a lot of options for hairstyles this summer. Many of them can be achieved simply by switching to a sulfate free shampoo, while others may require more specific hair products for Remy hair. Whether you have a formal event to attend, or just want a great-looking hairstyle when you’re heading to the beach with your friends, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best summer hairstyles for guys with thick hair.

Spiky and Textured

Guys with shorter hair can pull off this spiky hairstyle with the right hair products for Remy hair to help the spikes hold. It’s a simple hairstyle to achieve, and you can likely pull it off by just running your fingers through your hair to make sure the product you use is distributed evenly. You can wear this hairstyle whether you’re going to a formal event this summer or even out on the beach.

Slicked Back and Messy

If your hair is a little bit longer on top, then you have the perfect opportunity to slick it back. You’ll need to use some quality hair care products to help keep it in place, but you can pull off this hairstyle with just your fingers and a comb. And when you use a sulfate free shampoo regularly, your hair will have a natural shine to it and enhance the appearance of this hairstyle even more.

Quality hair careShort With a High Skin Fade

Get your hair cut short on the sides and keep it long and thick on top. Comb your hair over to one side and you’ll end up with a nice and clean look. Just remember your hair products for Remy hair to keep it all in place.

Long and Textured

This hairstyle works best if you cut your hair short on the sides, but leave it long on top. But you can still pull it off with longer hair on the sides as well. The texture will give your hair a natural flow and some added body. You’ll just need to stick to a quality hair care routine if you want to use this hairstyle this summer.

Remysoft offers the best hair products for Remy hair to help you achieve the hairstyle you want this summer. Guys with thick hair have many options available to them, so be sure to contact us for any advice on achieving these hairstyle or many more.