The Grammy’s gets a lot of fanfare every year, and for good reason. The red carpet rolls out for all the best stars, and, in turn, we get to see their best looks. As always, there was no shortage of unique and classy hairstyles in this year’s Grammy’s! No matter whether they wore their hair short, long and wavy or in just a simple ponytail, each star rocked their look.

Adele’s Loose Waves

You can always count on Adele to have a classy hairstyle. Her stylist used the best quality hair care products to create her loose waves with a wet texture and tousled finish. The best part of this hairstyle was its completely natural and fun look!

Katy Perry’s Bright Blonde Waves

Katy Perry has rocked blonde hair before, but she took it to another level at the Grammy’s this year. She went with a lighter shade—a gorgeous, almost silvery white. Her combination of subtle waviness and a shoulder-length cut looked simple, yet classy. This hairstyle would be easy to pull off with hair extensions, even though Katy Perry probably didn’t need them!

Heidi Klum’s Simple Tousled Blowout

The best part of Heidi Klum’s hairstyle is it probably didn’t even require many quality hair care products. She went with a subtle hairstyle that looked like she was going out on a date rather than walking the red carpet at the Grammy’s. It was an informal look, but the sleek tousled blowout spiced it up a bit. Anyone can pull off this simple and approachable hairstyle with the right products and care.

Eva Longoria’s Sleek High Ponytail

Speaking of a hairstyle anyone can pull off, did you see Eva Longoria’s sleek high ponytail? She probably had the simplest hairstyle of anyone at the Grammy’s, but she pulled it off well. Her quality hair care products allowed for every strand of hair to be in its proper place to give it the sleekest appearance possible. We can’t deny this style gave her the ultimate classy, yet flirty, look.

Chrissy Teigen’s Wet Look

There’s no doubt Chrissy Teigen had to use the right hair products for Remy hair to pull off her wet look. She had just the right amount of waves and subtle highlights in her otherwise dark strands. She definitely turned some heads with her hairstyle.

If you saw a hairstyle from the Grammy’s you want to try to pull off, be sure to contact us for the best hair products for Remy hair.