Unfortunately, as we’re all well aware, summer’s just ended. It’s a complete bummer. We certainly miss it already, along with all the cute hairstyles and trends the season inspired this year! However, you don’t have to mourn the end of summer by shelving all those cute hairstyles you used to wear last season. Take beach waves, for instance. While beach waves may not quite match the season, they’ll never truly go out of style! To help you rock this adorable hairstyle all year ‘round, here’s a nifty guide on how to create it for yourself.

Take Advantage of Your Flat Iron

Your flat iron isn’t just for rendering your hair sleek and straight! It can also work miracles in terms of creating the perfect wave in your hair, especially if it’s naturally of the thicker, harder-to-manage variety. Before using your flat iron, be sure to add some protective hair serum to your locks to safeguard it against the heat, and brush through it to ensure your strands are as sleek and tangle-free as possible.

Afterwards, you can get started with sweeping the iron through your hair, pointing it toward the floor and curling each section around the flat iron before pulling down. This method is a great way of styling beach waves in a hurry, as it takes less than 10 minutes, even for long hair. With some gentle guidance, you’ll end up with gorgeous, sleek and shiny waves!

Twist It Up

This style utilizes your flat iron yet again, alongside a hair spray specially designed to maximize the waviness of your hair. The latter should be applied to your hair first in a light drizzle. Afterwards, you can twist sections of your hair before braiding them together for better hold. The next step involves your flat iron, which you’ll sweep over the twist from top to ends. Be sure to be gentle as you pass over your hair and don’t lose patience if you come across a snag! Heat is already hard enough on your hair, so you don’t want to increase the risk of breakage by forcing the iron through. Once your hair has cooled off sufficiently, you can undo the twist and enjoy your beautiful new waves!

If All Else Fails…

RemySoft hair extensionsIf you have short hair or simply don’t want to fuss with a lot of heat, you can always rely on hair extensions pre-styled into the perfect beach waves! We find this is a much easier alternative and far more flexible if you only want to rock this look for a day or so. Hair extensions require less maintenance than the hair naturally growing from your head, though there are still a few things you can and should do to keep them presentable. If you want to go the extension route, make sure to research and invest in the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions for maximum longevity!

We hope these tips will help you create your most beautiful beach waves yet! For other hair styling and care tips, feel free to get in touch with us at RemySoft. We care about helping you look your absolute best!