If you’re like us, you may be curious and excited for all of the great hair trends destined to manifest over the course of 2016. 2015, as we all know, was full of wonderful and exciting trends, some of which have spilled into 2016 in retooled ways. Sources tell us, however, this spring will feature a multitude of new hairstyles and colors, as well as whatever else begins to bloom. We’ve already gathered a few of the hottest trends that have developed so far.

Last year you may have seen a lot of pastel hues decorating heads through dye or shiny hair extensions. The most popular colors last year were grays and violets, among many others. This year, you’ll be seeing a lot more pastels inspired by the shades you’d more commonly see in nature, such as greens the color of seafoam or turquoise and blues mirroring a warm spring sky. Best of all, you can find high-quality dyes for relatively cheap, if you’re interested in trying out this look for yourself!

Vintage Curls

Wavy hair started getting a little messier than usual toward the end of 2015, spilling into the beginning of 2016, but this seems to be making a change. You may be seeing this look morph into a more classic take with neat, glossy curls and waves much akin to what you’ve seen in photos of old film actresses. You can use any number of hair products for remy hair to achieve this look for a special night out or an especially formal work day.


You may have heard of or even worn the older sister of this hair coloring technique: ombre. Balayage has only recently begun making waves among the hair styling crowd, winning favor due to its subtlety. Like ombre hair, balayage starts off dark at the roots and fades to lighter colors at the tips. However, the gradation of balayage coloring is considerably downplayed, creating more of a sun-kissed look your roots will adapt to more easily. It even works for hair colors beyond brunette to blonde!

Loose Waves

Keep hair healthy with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair keep hair healthy.

Laidback girls will appreciate this toned down version of the tighter, neater waves that overtook last year. This look works splendidly for hair that was curled the night before and retains that lax, loose feel overnight or hair with a natural, slightly curly pattern that can’t quite be tamed. Simply go over your hair with a brush and you’re done!

These are only a few hair trends that have come onto the spring 2016 scene. A wider array of styles lie on the horizon, both currently and beyond. To help you keep your hair at its best, we stock a wide array of products, including a great sulfate free shampoo. To learn more about our products and what we do, contact us!