Improve your image with hair replacement.

Hair replacement can help you feel better about your image.

Some men don’t mind losing their hair. In fact, one popular style among men is to voluntarily shave their head bald. However, for those who are bothered by losing their hair, there are plenty of hair replacement options for men to provide the look of a full head of hair. Whether you choose a toupee or another option, finding your confidence and embracing your new hair transformation is important.

Determine the Cause

Although male patterned baldness is considered to be primarily maternal, your father’s genes may also be involved. Take a look at your dad and the other males in your family. If a significant number of them are balding, chances are you will be too. However, there may be reversible causes of losing your hair as well. Some of the potential causes can include:

  • An underlying medical condition
  • Medications
  • Stress

Talking to your doctor about your hair loss can help you determine the cause and potentially reverse the effects. Sometimes switching medication is all you need to restore your hair. However, depending on the cause, hair enhancement may still be necessary.

Discover Your Options

Today, you have options when it comes to hair enhancement and hair replacement. Topical solutions have been featured in the news and in commercials for many years. You have probably seen them. If you are losing a small amount of hair on the top of your head, a toupee or other hair replacement piece can be a great way to go. Hair transplants are an alternative, surgically removing hair from one part of the body and transferring it to the bald spaces on your scalp. For many men, finding the right solution can provide a self-confidence boost.

Embrace Your Bald Head!

In most cases, men can’t reverse the effects of going bald. While you could feel down about it, who wants to live their lives feeling upset about something they can’t change? If you are losing your hair, it’s time to embrace your baldness and accept it for what it is: a sign that you have experienced life. There’s no shame in looking for ways to cover up your bald spots, such as hair replacement options and hair enhancement treatments, but there’s nothing wrong with showing off your shiny head either! You might feel a little colder in the winter, but the cons don’t have to continue from there.

Going bald doesn’t have to be the evil reality some men think it is. In fact, with the number of men who are choosing to go bald by shaving their heads, there must be something positive about it. If it truly bothers you, talk to your doctor about potential causes and solutions, such as hair replacement or hair enhancement, or head out and buy a new toupee. Regardless of what you decide to do about it, remember that your baldness doesn’t define who you are; you do!

If you are going bald and using hair replacement pieces, contact us to find the right hair care solutions. Our hair care products are approved for toupees and other hairpieces to increase their longevity.