Sulfate-free shampoo offers many benefits.

The right shampoo is necessary for protecting hair pieces.

Most people purchase their favorite type of shampoo directly off the shelf at a local store without giving it much thought. Unfortunately, many of the typical commercially-bought shampoos contain sulfate, which is an inexpensive cleansing and lathering agent. In case you haven’t done research on this ingredient, we have listed below the negative effects sulfates can have on your hair and skin. These five reactions may make you reconsider your hair-cleansing products and switch to a sulfate-free shampoo.

Loss of Protecting Hair Oils

No one wants oily hair because it just doesn’t look clean. However, it is important not to completely strip your hair of its natural oils. Natural oils protect your hair from styling agents and harmful environmental factors. This makes sulfate shampoos too harsh for long-term use. Even if you have extremely oily hair, sulfates can cause dryness that will encourage greater oil production.

Stripping of Hair Color

Sulfate shampoo can also have a negative impact on colored hair. If you dye your hair, using a sulfate shampoo will clean your hair so thoroughly that it will strip off the color before it would naturally fade out. This can lead to greater expenses in dying your hair.

Skin Irritation

Another common problem that can occur with the use of sulfate shampoos is irritation of your scalp, eyes and skin. Many individuals will experience this type of irritation with concentrations as little as two percent. The longer you use the products, the greater the irritation will become.

Scalp Acne

Most people are familiar with acne on the face or back, but the truth is that it can appear anywhere on the body. When you use a shampoo that uses sulfate as an ingredient, you increase the chances of developing this condition on your scalp. This can lead to painful acne that is difficult to get rid of due to its location.

Hair Loss

Sulfates can actually damage the follicles, which will lead to eventual hair loss. Despite the numerous studies that have proven this connection, the ingredient continues to appear in various types of shampoo. Surprisingly, this includes shampoos that claim to prevent or reverse hair loss.

Paying attention to the ingredients in your shampoo can help you maintain beautiful and healthy hair. Sulfate is one of the harshest ingredients in shampoos, making it essential to avoid using sulfate products if possible. When you eliminate the sulfates from your hair products, you will reduce these side-effects and enjoy healthier hair.

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