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The Differences between a Medical Wig and a Fashion Wig

Choose the right wig shampoo and conditioner.

Choosing the right hair products for remy hair are necessary to keep wigs looking great.

When most people think of wigs, they think of the people who lose their hair as a result of cancer treatments or other medical conditions. However, many people who haven’t lost their hair wear wigs to change up their hairstyle. While many people may think there is no difference between medical wigs and fashion wigs beyond their purposes, there are some minor differences in their construction and even their quality hair care.

Custom Options

Many individuals want wigs for medical reasons because they want to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives and may even want to hide their condition from others. For this reason, many medical wigs are constructed from real human hair, such as remy hair, and created to look like the person’s natural hair. This means they may work with a wig company to create a custom wig that best fits their style so no one ever has to know they’ve lost their hair for medical reasons, unless the patient chooses to share that information.

A Natural Look

Even though most people who choose to wear a wig for any reason want a natural look, many fashion wigs are made from lower quality materials. With the use of the right wig shampoo and conditioner, it can be difficult to tell someone is wearing a fashion wig. However, medical wigs are constructed with greater attention to detail using the best remy hair and other materials that will last much longer, giving patients peace of mind in the natural look of their hair. As long as they use good hair products for remy hair, these wigs will last for a long time because of the quality of the materials.

Ease of Use

Patients who lose their hair due to a medical condition are already under a lot of stress and must go through difficult medical treatments. For this reason, wig manufacturers specializing in medical wigs want to make wearing their products as easy as possible for patients, giving them one less thing to worry about. These wigs are often lightweight and easy to take on and off. Even quality hair care for these wigs is fairly simple. With a specially formulated wig shampoo and conditioner, your wig will look great for as long as you need it.

Wearing a wig isn’t something everyone chooses. While some people may choose fashion wigs to change their hairstyle, others have no choice because they lost their hair during medical treatments. Fortunately, the wigs created for patients are made from the highest quality materials to give patients the most natural look without negatively impacting the ease of use. In addition, medical wigs are often created for each specific patient. This allows you to choose a hair color and style that matches your previous hair while hiding your condition from anyone who doesn’t need to know.

If you are looking for the best wig shampoo and conditioner for quality hair care,contact us. We offer hair care products designed for medical and fashion wigs.

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Caring for Your Wig in the Rain

Rain requires a good sulfate free shampoo.

The right hair products for remy hair can help you protect your wig from rain.

If you wear a wig, chances are it’s going to get wet at some point. Even if you normally take precautions when it rains outside, there may be times you are caught by surprise. Using the right hair products for remy hair, such as a sulfate free shampoo, is just one part of properly caring for your wig when it gets wet. Learning how to take good care of your wig, regardless of the conditions, will ensure it lasts longer and gives you the look you’ve always wanted.

Wear a Cover

There are many ways you can cover your wig when it starts to rain. Umbrellas are an obvious solution for most rainy days; however, if the rain is blowing in the wind or coming down hard, you will need extra protection. Wearing a hat or a plastic cover can be the best way to keep your wig from getting too wet in the rain. A good silk scarf is another alternative, especially if you don’t like to wear hats or don’t care to wrap your head in plastic.

Wash It Right Away

If your wig still gets wet despite your best efforts to protect it from rain, it’s important to wash your wig as soon as you are able. Using a high-quality sulfate free shampoo is the best way to keep your wig clean. This type of hair product is designed for both remy hair and synthetic wigs, helping them last as long as possible.

Always Air Dry

It can be tempting to pull out the hair dryer to speed up the drying process. This is not advised for use on wigs, regardless of whether they are synthetic wigs or remy hair wigs. Instead, remove your wet wig and place it on your wig rack so it can dry naturally. This will protect the fibers of the hair from damage due to drying out from the use of heat.

Let It Dry before Brushing

Many people are quick to brush out their wig when it gets wet because it may look frizzy or unkempt. This can easily damage the fibers, whether it is a human hair wig or one made from synthetic materials. Even after you use hair products for remy hair, it is important to allow the hair to dry completely before brushing it. This will maintain the smooth look you expect from your wig.

Keeping your wig protected from the rain can be a difficult task, especially if the rain catches you by surprise. If your wig does get wet, it is important to take the proper steps to resolve the issue. Washing with high-quality hair products for remy hair, such as sulfate free shampoo, will keep your wig in great shape. Once you wash it, allow it to air dry and then brush it out once it is completely dry.

If you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo for your wig, contact us. Our specially-formulated shampoos are ideal for use on your wig.

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Tips to Protect the Hair under Your Wig

Care for your natural hair with quality hair care.

Quality hair care is required for both your natural hair and your wig.

There are many reasons people turn to the use of wigs. While some people use them to look and feel more normal after cancer treatments, others use wigs as an easy way to change their hairstyle. When you wear wigs over your natural hair, quality hair care becomes even more important to prevent damage. In addition to using hair products for remy hair to keep your wig looking great, there are steps you should take to protect your natural hair from damage when you wear a hair piece.

Shampoo Regularly

Even though you wear a wig on a regular basis, quality hair care is still a must. This means you should wash your hair using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. Whether you choose to wash your hair daily or prefer to wash less often, using a deep conditioner after washing can help keep your hair moisturized.

Consider a Wig Liner

Instead of applying your wig directly to your natural hair, you may want to wear a silky wig liner to protect your hair. Wearing your wig without a liner or using a cheaper liner can cause your hair to snag and can create split ends and other problems. Choosing silk will also prevent moisture from being pulled from your hair, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Use a Detangler or Conditioner before Applying

Before you put your wig on, apply a good detangler or conditioner, such as hair products for remy hair. This is especially helpful for those who have longer hair that must be braided or otherwise pulled up before applying the wig. Using one of these products will ensure your hair doesn’t become tangled or break while you wear the wig.

Don’t Wear Your Wig to Bed

Some people like to keep their wigs on during the night because they don’t like the process of taking them off and putting them back on again. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best choice if you want to protect your natural hair underneath. It is important to allow your hair and scalp to breathe overnight. Removing your wig before bed also reduces the amount of tension the wig puts on your hair, which can prevent breakage.

Taking care of your natural hair is a necessity, even if you wear a wig on a daily basis. Keeping your hair moisturized, clean and protected is an important part of the process. Quality hair care requires the use of a good detangler or conditioner before applying the wig. You should also wear a silk wig liner to help protect your hair and always take your wig off before going to bed. These tips can help you reduce the damage to your natural hair.

If you are looking for quality hair care products, contact us. We provide sulfate free shampoo and conditioner designed with remy hair in mind.

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