Care for your natural hair with quality hair care.

Quality hair care is required for both your natural hair and your wig.

There are many reasons people turn to the use of wigs. While some people use them to look and feel more normal after cancer treatments, others use wigs as an easy way to change their hairstyle. When you wear wigs over your natural hair, quality hair care becomes even more important to prevent damage. In addition to using hair products for remy hair to keep your wig looking great, there are steps you should take to protect your natural hair from damage when you wear a hair piece.

Shampoo Regularly

Even though you wear a wig on a regular basis, quality hair care is still a must. This means you should wash your hair using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis. Whether you choose to wash your hair daily or prefer to wash less often, using a deep conditioner after washing can help keep your hair moisturized.

Consider a Wig Liner

Instead of applying your wig directly to your natural hair, you may want to wear a silky wig liner to protect your hair. Wearing your wig without a liner or using a cheaper liner can cause your hair to snag and can create split ends and other problems. Choosing silk will also prevent moisture from being pulled from your hair, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Use a Detangler or Conditioner before Applying

Before you put your wig on, apply a good detangler or conditioner, such as hair products for remy hair. This is especially helpful for those who have longer hair that must be braided or otherwise pulled up before applying the wig. Using one of these products will ensure your hair doesn’t become tangled or break while you wear the wig.

Don’t Wear Your Wig to Bed

Some people like to keep their wigs on during the night because they don’t like the process of taking them off and putting them back on again. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best choice if you want to protect your natural hair underneath. It is important to allow your hair and scalp to breathe overnight. Removing your wig before bed also reduces the amount of tension the wig puts on your hair, which can prevent breakage.

Taking care of your natural hair is a necessity, even if you wear a wig on a daily basis. Keeping your hair moisturized, clean and protected is an important part of the process. Quality hair care requires the use of a good detangler or conditioner before applying the wig. You should also wear a silk wig liner to help protect your hair and always take your wig off before going to bed. These tips can help you reduce the damage to your natural hair.

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