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How Can You Safeguard Your Hair Against Cold Weather?

Now that autumn has arrived, you’re likely bracing yourself for the incoming cold in all sorts of ways. Now is the season of warm lattes, toasty sweaters and tall boots, spiced apple cider and enjoying the crisp air and gentle, swaying dance of falling leaves before the first snow touches down. However, while you may be enjoying the change of weather, your hair certainly isn’t!

As the holidays start closing in and winter begins to replace autumn, you may find yourself dealing with especially dry hair. While you may chalk this up to simply being one of the less enjoyable parts of winter, you can also do something to lend your hair a helping hand. Here are some tips!

Make Your Humidifier Your Best Friend

Simply staying in the warm indoors isn’t enough to keep your hair properly moisturized! It’s often just as dry as the air outside but with an unwanted bonus of static electricity that can cling to your hair. A common humidifier can help assuage this problem by providing a bit of extra moisture for your hair to absorb. No longer will you have to worry about frizz since the harmful excess humidity you’ve felt in autumn will be long gone!

Try to Limit Your Shampooing

Hydrating shampoo can be a great option.

Use hydrating shampoo sparingly this winter.

When it comes to dry hair, you may consider hydrating shampoo to be your ultimate savior. However, using it too often can bring its own poor results. It’s worth mentioning, first off, chilly air and soaked hair do not mix. The cold weather will immediately dry your hair out. Try to cut back on washing your hair by doing so every other day or up to three times per week.

Bundle Up

All the warnings Mom gave you about bundling up before leaving the house really do hold true! Wearing a hat is a great way to shield your hair from the frosty air outside. This will help to retain moisture. Of course, you also want to avoid your hat ruining your perfectly styled hairdo! To keep your hair as sleek as it was when you first left the house, pair your hat with a scarf made from moisture-protecting materials, such as silk.

Invest in Extra Protection

There’s no such thing as being too careful! If you’ve followed every step and find your hair is still a little on the dry side, it may be worth your while to invest in some protective hair serum to really lock in your hair’s moisture. Even a little bit worked into your follicles can help stave off cold air and its unwanted effects.

While autumn and winter have plenty of wonderful benefits, you don’t want to enjoy them at your hair’s expense! RemySoft is here to help you protect your hair no matter the time of year, which is why we offer the best products to ensure your hair remains constantly healthy and sleek. Contact us to learn how else you can help your hair thrive in cold weather or to pick up some of our top-notch hair care products!

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Ways to Keep Your Hair from Becoming Brittle in the Summer Heat

What could be more fun than summer vacation? With its plentiful outings filled with sun, surf, sand, free time and bonding with friends and loved ones, the summer season is an incredibly enjoyable time for almost everyone…except your hair. While you may enjoy the heat and sunshine, it presents a major hazard to your hair that’s difficult to rectify once the season ends. Too much heat exposure causes damaged and dry hair, which leads to breakage and other problems that could potentially destroy all the hard work you’ve invested into your hair. Luckily, there are ways to protect your tresses throughout the season.

Check Your Brushing Habits

A low-quality brush can be worse than no brush at all. The ideal brush sports boar bristles, which help to manage moisture in your hair by spreading it evenly and easily. If you’re working with your hair while it’s wet, it’s better to stick to a comb with wide teeth because this is less likely to yank out your hair than a brush will. Wet hair is prone to breakage, and brushes are often too rough on the strands while they’re in this state.

Protect Your Hair Against the Elements

In the summer, don't forget sun protection for hair.

Sun protection for hair is critical in the summer.

When you’re facing extreme temperatures, a great conditioner can work wonders for your hair. It can help to keep moisture from seeping too deeply into your hair, along with the help of a cap. There are a number of products you can turn to for sun protection for hair, including sprays. Hats are another great option for those on a budget and easy to coordinate with your summer wardrobe! Sunlight and its UV rays can easily sap the moisture from your hair, which means it will need all the help it can get! A hydrating shampoo will be equally useful for protecting your hair.

Don’t Overdo It With Your Styling Tools!

We know what a lifesaver your curling and/or flat irons can be, especially on those days your hair refuses to cooperate. However, artificial heat is damaging to hair and, when combined with natural heat from the summer sun, can pack quite a detrimental wallop! Consider styling your hair differently from time to time by wearing it up in a bun or some other low-maintenance style. It will be easy on your hair and cute enough to wear on a day out! Alternatively, if you must use heat, adjust the temperature lower. Ionic tools can be helpful as well because they work with the water in your hair to style it and trap moisture within it, which can safeguard your hair against the heat. No matter what you decide to do with your hair, be sure to apply a heat protectant to it as a safeguard!

At RemySoft, we’re 100 percent dedicated to helping you manage your hair, no matter the time of year. Contact us to learn more great tips for dealing with dry hair and other common problems!

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How You’re Damaging Your Hair Without Even Knowing It

Battle dryness with sulfate free shampoo.

Sulfate free shampoo can help battle dryness.

You may be using the best sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, but did you know you could still be causing your dry hair? Many people understand they need to use the best hair care products, but they aren’t aware of the other things they may be doing to damage their hair. Once you are aware of these dangers, you will be able to make adjustments to your routine to reduce damage and ensure healthy, beautiful hair.

Washing Your Hair

Believe it or not, washing your hair can actually cause damage, especially if you do it too often. Even the simple process of getting your hair wet can make your hair susceptible to breakage. If you aren’t using quality sulfate free shampoo and a leave in conditioner, your hair products could be causing damage.

Brushing Wet Hair

Before styling, use a leave in conditioner.

A leave in conditioner before styling can help.

It’s tempting to brush your hair while it’s still wet to save the heat of blow drying and to get moving more quickly. However, while your hair is wet, it is more likely to become damaged. Running a brush or comb through your wet hair will cause breakage and snapping.

Towel Drying

Instead of the blow dryer, many people reach for the towel to dry their hair to avoid the heat. Unfortunately, this can cause even further damage to your hair. When you rub your vulnerable wet hair with a towel, it damages the cuticles of the hair, making it look frizzy and increasing the occurrence of damage later on.

Blow Drying It

Did you know your blow dryer can cause dry hair?

Your blow dryer could be contributing to dry hair.

If you don’t have a lot of time, the blow dryer can be one of your first lines of defense to avoid leaving your home with a wet head. However, the hot air from your blow dryer quickly dries the outside of your hair, leaving the inside wet and causing the cuticles to become dry and brittle. When the hair bends, it will be more likely to crack.

Heat Styling Tools

Curling your hair or using a straightener can create the beautiful hair styles you’re looking for, but they will cause damage to your hair in the process.  Ironing dry hair will crack the edges of the cuticle, while using it on wet hair causes other issues. The heat of the iron will instantly evaporate any water, resulting in bubbling and buckling of the cuticles.

Dry and windy weather can cause a lot of damage to your hair, but your hair care practices can also play a role. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware what they are doing is actually harming their hair. For this reason, it’s important to make sure you take a closer look at your favorite practices and make adjustments so you can reduce the amount of damage that occurs to your hair. Along with using the right sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner, you can eliminate your dry hair and enjoy healthy, beautiful hair.

If you’re looking for the right hair care products to protect your hair, contact us. We carry sulfate free shampoo and leave in conditioner for healthy, beautiful hair.

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