Almost everyone has to deal with the negative effects of humidity when it comes to their hair. However, most people just go with the flow and never really understand why they have so much trouble styling their hair when it’s humid outside. Understanding why your hair won’t cooperate with you is the first step in learning what you can do to deal with it. Here are some of the reasons you have so much trouble with your hair during the humid days of the year.

Hair Absorbs Moisture

When the air outside is dry, water molecules will move from your hair into the atmosphere. The opposite happens when it’s humid. Your hair can actually swell by as much as 16 percent due to the absorption of moisture. With the added density, it’s no wonder you can’t have the hairstyles you want!

All Hair Strands Don’t Act Alike

Get help with a leave in conditioner.

A leave in conditioner may help.

Not only do the various hair types react differently to humidity, but your own individual hair strands do sometimes as well. Since the proteins aren’t uniform throughout your hair, some strands may absorb more moisture than others. The result is twisted or frizzy strands. A sulfate free shampoo and conditioner may help with the uniformity, but sometimes it’s tough to fight against Mother Nature and humidity.

Hair Types React Differently

When exposed to humidity, naturally curly hair could curl even more or become frizzy. Fine hair could become thicker. Excessively dry hair could retain the most moisture of any hair types. While a leave in conditioner can help, different hair types are going to have some sort of reaction to humid air.

Even quality hair care products are no match for humidity at times. When it’s humid outside and you’re struggling to have a good hair day, understand you aren’t alone. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let your hair down loosely and naturally. The more you try to work with your hair, the worse it can get.

If you have any questions about your specific hair type and how humidity affects it, contact us. We can provide you with more information and recommend certain products you can try to manage your hairstyle despite the difficulties you will face!