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Here’s How to Prevent These Common Hair Washing Blunders

Quality hair careThere are many techniques and strategies people use when washing their hair. The fact is everyone has different hair, so there’s no one true way to wash it properly. However, there are some mistakes you could be making, depending on your hair type. The key to a good quality hair care routine is learning about how your hair reacts to different products and adjusting accordingly. Here are some of the mistakes you could be making when washing your hair, and how to prevent them.

Washing on a Schedule

If you have to have a set schedule for the days you wash your hair so you don’t forget, then go for it. However, you could be making a mistake by sticking to the schedule religiously. You may not want to wash your hair every day, but if you’re outside in the sun using various products, it’s actually better to wash it daily and use some leave in conditioner occasionally. If you can manage it, wash your hair on demand rather than sticking with a schedule no matter what.

Not Using The Proper Shampoo

Some shampoo will dry out your hair, while others will make it more oily. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is the first step in preventing mistakes when washing your hair. Just be careful about using too much shampoo too often as well!

Not Rinsing Out The Shampoo and Conditioner Thoroughly

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not rinsing shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. The result could be flat hair and scalp irritation. Even the best quality hair care routine won’t work as well if you’re having to deal with shampoo and conditioner residue in your hair.

Leave in conditionerUsing Water That’s Too Hot

Nothing is better than a hot shower at the end of the day. However, hot water temperature can actually dry out your skin and hair. You can still take a hot shower, but when it’s time to wash your hair, turn back the temperature a little bit for the best results.

At Remysoft, we hear about all of the common hair washing mistakes everyday. Using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is sometimes the best solution, but we are here to help with each individual’s needs. Feel free to contact us at any time for the best quality hair care products or advice on washing your hair properly.

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Our Official Oily Hair Care Guide

Great sulfate free shampooYour hair naturally creates oils to help keep it protected and healthy. However, some of us generate more oil than others, which can be irritating. Oily hair can make your hair look greasy, attract dirt and eventually build up grime on the scalp if you don’t take proper care of your hair.

Sometimes it may seem like you’re doing everything you need to do with your quality hair care routine to care for your oily hair, but it still isn’t getting any better. Here is a quick guide on how to better take care of your oily hair.

Don’t Overwash

Many people think washing their hair every day, or multiple times a day, will help get rid of the oils in their hair. However, it actually does the opposite. When you overwash your hair, you’re actually tricking your hair into thinking it needs to produce more oil to protect it. Instead, find a great sulfate free shampoo and wash your hair every 2-3 days. This will help regulate the oil production and get your hair back on a routine you can live with.

Limit The Use of Conditioners

Conditioners can make your hair look greasy at times. If you feel the need to use a conditioner every time you wash your hair, then try using it only on dry areas of your hair. There are plenty of other hair products for Remy hair you can use besides conditioners to help make your hair look great without being oily. A great sulfate free shampoo is one of those products.

Use Cool Air to Blow-Dry

Using hot air to blow-dry your hair can actually encourage your glands to produce more oil. Use cool air instead and only brush as needed. Touching your hair with your hands as little as possible will also minimize the oily appearance.

Be Careful With Product Usage

When you use the right hair products for Remy hair, you can keep your oily hair in check. You may be tempted to try a multitude of products to tame your oily hair, but you actually may be doing more harm than good. Reach out to a professional hairdresser or other experts to find the best quality hair care products instead of using them all at once.

At Remysoft, we understand the challenges of dealing with oily hair. That’s why we offer only the best products and have experienced professionals to help you determine the right ones for you. Be sure to contact us if you’re struggling with oily hair and want to take the right steps in caring for it.

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Beat the Heat With These Easy Summer Hairstyles!

Summertime is meant for being outdoors and attending fun activities. While you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair this summer, there are some great looks you can achieve with minimal time. And the best part about a few of these hairstyles is they are designed to help you stay cool during the summer heat. Just don’t forget about your sun protection for hair, so you won’t end up with damaged ends at the end of the day. Here are some of the easiest hairstyles you can achieve this summer to help you beat the heat.

Braided Ponytail

Sun protection for hairThis hairstyle is as simple as it sounds. Braid your hair however you prefer and stick it back in a ponytail. Braids are popular during the summer, but just be sure to use some protective hair serum to keep your hair healthy when the sun is beaming down on it. You won’t have to spend a lot of time on a braided ponytail, but it will look great and keep you cool at the same time.

Pigtail Braids

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

French braids and pigtails…how could you go wrong? Nothing says summer hairstyle like pigtail braids. The great part about this hairstyle is you can achieve it with long hair and mid-length hair, and it won’t take you long at all. Depending on how long you’ll be out in the heat, you may want to use some sun protection for hair so you won’t have to worry about damaging it.

Ponytail Bun

A common theme you’ve probably noticed with these summer hairstyles is how easy they are to achieve. The ponytail bun is probably the most popular hairstyle you’ll see this summer, since it gets your hair off your neck to keep you cool, but still looks great. You may need to use some sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to help you work with your hair a little easier, but this is an easy style just about anyone can achieve.

At Remysoft, we are all about sporting an easy hairstyle to stay cool this summer. The main thing you have to remember is using your sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy, and then just style how you please! Be sure to contact us for more tips on hairstyles and the proper products to use.

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These Tips Will Help You Get Perfectly Straightened Hair!

Sometimes you just want to go out with perfectly straightened hair—but, sometimes, your hair just won’t cooperate and you’ll end up with a frizzy mess. One of the main tips we can offer to achieve perfectly straightened hair is to not rush the process. The conditions have to be right, and you need to be using the proper hair products for Remy hair to help you out as well. By following these tips, you’ll be able to reduce some of your frustration and be able to walk out of the house and come back home at the end of the day with straight hair.

1. Work With a Hot Straightener

Everyone sleeps late occasionally, which causes us to rush our hair care routine. However, if you’re going for a straightened hairstyle, you need to be patient and let the straightener get up to the proper temperature. If you try to straighten your hair while the straightener is in the process of heating up, you’ll end up with a frizzy mess. Repetitive movements with the straightener may seem like the solution, but you’re actually just making it worse.

2. Dry Your Hair Completely

When you wash your hair with the best sulfate free shampoo you have, be sure to let it dry completely before attempting to curl it. If you don’t have time to let it dry naturally, you can blow-dry it briefly to speed up the process. The blow-drying process doesn’t have to be perfect. All you’re looking for is to make sure your hair is completely dry.

3. Opt for the Brush Instead of the Comb

There are times when the comb is better than the brush, but straightening your hair isn’t one of them. The general rule is to use the comb when your hair is wet, but use a brush when it’s dry. If you comb your dry hair, you run the risk of creating static and causing split ends. No matter how much protective hair serum you use, you can’t make up for the disadvantages of using a comb versus a brush.

4. Work Slow and Steady

It’s worth mentioning again that you need to take your time to achieve perfectly straightened hair. Wash your hair with the best sulfate free shampoo, dry it however you would like and then work the straightener through slow and steady. If you rush the process, you might as well choose a different hairstyle for the day since you won’t achieve the straight look you’re aiming for.

At Remysoft, we not only offer the best hair products for Remy hair, but we also can provide you with some great hair care routine tips. If you’re constantly struggling with achieving straight hair with your straightener, be sure to contact us.

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Is It Really Worth It to Wash Your Hair Daily?

RemySoft best sulfate free shampooIt may seem natural to wash your hair every night after a long day. However, are there any real advantages to washing your hair that often? It’s hard to give a definite answer since everyone has different hair types. Most people will agree to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to maintain healthy hair, but the frequency of the washing still comes into question. There are several different factors to consider when deciding how often to wash your hair, and many of those factors come down to personal preference.

Think About Your Desired Hairstyle

It’s widely known that slightly oily hair is easier to style than perfectly clean and washed hair. Hair with a little moisture is easier to work with, so that is one benefit to not washing your hair every day. Some people may be able to go several days or even up to a week without washing their hair, depending on the types of natural oils it produces. Adding some leave in conditioner will help you go even longer without washing.

Too Much Shampoo Can Remove Natural Oils

Natural oils are essential to having healthy hair. However, too much or too little oil isn’t always a good thing. When you wash your hair daily, you aren’t giving it time to replenish the natural oils. As a result, you’ll be working with dry and brittle hair with split ends.

We recommend washing your hair every 2-3 days with the best sulfate free shampoo you can find. You can increase or decrease the frequency of your hair washing after you see how it reacts. By washing your hair every other day at most, you’ll give it time to replenish the natural oils it needs to stay healthy.

Shampoo Causes Hair Color to Fade Quicker

If you have highlights or color in your hair, shampooing every day will make the color fade away more quickly. Even the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will eventually fade out your locks when you wash it every day. The best way you can preserve your desired color as long as possible is to reduce the frequency of your hair washing.

Who Needs to Wash Their Hair Daily?

People who have very oily hair should wash their hair daily with the best sulfate free shampoo no matter what. Also, if you sweat a lot during the day or are outside during humid times of the year, you may consider washing your hair every day.

There’s a fine line between washing your hair frequently for health reasons and washing it less frequently for styling purposes. At Remysoft, we are here to help you find the perfect balance so you can have healthy hair that looks exactly how you want it to. Feel free to contact us at any time for the perfect products to make your locks look stunning.

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2017’s Hottest Prom Styles

Prom season is here, which means it’s time to begin coordinating your look for the big night, starting with your hair! Now is the time to stock up on sulfate free shampoo and conditioners to see which ones work the best for your hair. A lot of time and thought goes into creating the perfect hairstyle for prom. It only comes once a year, after all, so we understand how important it is to impress. Sometimes you just need a couple hair products for Remy hair to look like a princess on your prom night. Here are some of the hottest styles to consider for prom this year.

1. Wavy with Braids

If you’re looking for a classy, but relatively simple hairstyle for prom, wavy braided hair may be perfect for you. Just a simple braid or subtle waves don’t seem like very dressy hairstyles, but when you combine them with the perfect hair products for Remy hair, you’ll be sure to impress.

2. Side CurlsRemySoft best sulfate free shampoo

People with longer hair can easily pull off the glamorous side curls look. Use some of the best sulfate free shampoo you can find first to make sure your hair will curl perfectly. Afterwards, all it takes is curling your hair and sweeping it off to the side. This is one of the easiest (and most elegant) hairstyles you can choose for prom this year.

3. Twisted Halo

If you’re going to the prom, you’ll want to look like a princess on your big night! Wave your hair (if it isn’t already naturally wavy), then twist your waves around the back of your head to create a halo. With the right hair products for Remy hair, you’ll be able to look and feel like a princess at this year’s prom.

4. Half and Half

We know a prom hairstyle takes a lot of thought and consideration. If you’re deciding whether you want to wear your hair up or down, why not do both with this half and half style? You can dress it up even more with different hair accessories, and it looks even better combined with an off-the-shoulder dress.

These certainly aren’t the only hairstyles to consider for prom this year, but they definitely are some of the classiest and easiest to recreate. For recommendations on other hairstyles or hair products for Remy hair, be sure to contact us.

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Caring for Your Hair This Spring

The cold weather is coming to an end, and it’s time to start preparing your hair for the warm spring months. A lot of the habits you maintained during the wintertime need to change now, since different weather means different hair care. By combining a little effort and the best quality hair care products, you won’t have any problem caring for your hair this spring. Here are some of our best tips for ensuring you have the best-looking hair this spring.

Trim Off Dead Ends

Just like with your home, you need to do some spring cleaning with your hair. Take a trip to the salon and trim off the unsightly dead ends that developed during the winter. It’s likely the cold air was rough on your hair, no matter how many quality hair care products you used. No need to get a drastic haircut to start the spring, but just enough to freshen up and make your hair look and feel healthy.

Use The Proper Shampoo

Once your locks are trimmed, it’s time to start thinking about your regular products. Find the best sulfate free shampoo and use it routinely
this spring. You’ll need to move away from the moisturizing shampoo you’ve been using for the dry winter air. Spring air is more humid, meaning a hydrating shampoo will add more moisture to your hair than it needs and lead to a frizzy mess. With a quality sulfate free shampoo, RemySoft quality hair careyou’ll be able to eliminate some frizz and ensure your hair is ready for the humid air this spring.

Protect From The Sun

Springtime means being in the outdoors at events, parks or just hanging out at your house. Even if the temperatures aren’t extreme yet, you still need sun protection for hair. Not only could the sun damage your hair, but it could also bleach it if you’re outdoors for a substantial amount of time. Give your hair a break from the sun occasionally, but at the very least, incorporate a protective serum in your daily hair care routine.

Spring is one of the best seasons since temperatures start rising. You don’t want to ruin it by not taking care of your hair. Be sure to contact us for more tips about how to take care of your hair this spring.

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How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

In order to get the very most out of your hair extensions, you have to give them the proper care they deserve. Doing so will allow you to enjoy them for several months without fear of damage. The good thing is you don’t have to treat your extensions much differently than your natural hair. Using the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions is a great investment. Here are the steps you need to take to wash your hair extensions.

Use The Right Shampoo

Fill your sink with some warm water and gather your hair products for Remy hair. Add a generous amount of the best sulfate free shampoo to the water and then submerge your extensions. It’s important to use a sulfate free shampoo, since you want to be as gentle on your hair extensions as possible. Plus, a shampoo containing sulfate could dry them out.

Then, just swish your extensions around in the water. Just be sure to wash them one-by-one to avoid the possibility of having a tangled mess when you’re done.

RemySoft best sulfate free shampooRinse, Condition and Rinse

When you’ve lathered them up and have let them soak for a couple minutes, rinse them with clean warm water. You want to make sure you rinse them thoroughly, because even the best sulfate free shampoo can make hair extensions look unsightly if too much is left behind.

Then you need to use a deep conditioner and run it through the extensions with your hands. Put them back in the sink submerged for a few minutes before rinsing them thoroughly again. Be sure to use cold water on your last rinse cycle to restore the shine.

Apply Heat, Brush and Dry

Spray some heat protectant on each extension and brush through them. At this step, you want to make sure they are free from tangles and knots. Once they are straightened out, let them air dry as long as you can. If you’re in a rush, you can use a low heat hair dryer, but you can prevent damage completely by allowing them to just air-dry. Once they’re dry, you’re ready to clip them in and style!

Washing your hair extensions isn’t much different from washing your natural hair. As long as you have the best hair products for Remy hair, you’ll be able to rock your extensions for a long time. Be sure to contact us for the best products or for more tips.

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Is Your Hair Thinning? We Guarantee These Myths Aren’t the Reason Why!

For many, autumn signifies one thing alone: the seemingly inevitable loss of hair, dwindling from your scalp with the simplest nightly brushing. It’s lamentable at best. For others, it causes a great deal of stress. If the weather isn’t directly related, you may be at your wit’s end wondering what could be causing your scalp to thin so much. Sometimes even the best sulfate free shampoo can’t help! While there are all sorts of answers to this question, not all of them should be believed. Here is our list of some of the worst hair loss myths, as well as the truth about them.

Your Daily Trek to Work Could Be Affecting Your Hairline

This myth comes from the belief stress has major negative effects on your scalp and hair health. However, while commuting and the inevitable traffic jams are certainly stressful, they aren’t quite enough to cause you to lose hair. You have to be going through much worse trauma for your hair to reach that point. Actual causes of stress-related hair loss can include sudden and intense dieting, childbirth and severe illness.

Too Much Hair Dye Causes Hair Loss

The best sulfate free shampoo may not be able to help.

Sometimes even the best sulfate free shampoo can’t help.

The reasoning for this myth may lie in all the chemicals you have to use to render your hair the perfect shade, whatever that may be for you. However, with the help of some of the best sulfate free shampoo, your strands will be pretty safe! It isn’t simply dyeing your hair that can cause it to fall out. Rather, it’s the quality of your hair care that ultimately affects your hair health. Experts prove it isn’t the type of products you use on your hair, but their frequency of use. Whether you’re fond of braiding, straightening or a favorite brand of dye, you likely know and understand the toll this can take on your hair. If you take the proper steps to keep your hair strong to make up for chemical and heat exposure, you won’t have to worry.

The State of Your Maternal Grandfather’s Hairline Determines the Fate of Your Own

In other words, many believe hair loss is entirely genetic. Science once again debunks this myth by proving baldness depends on a little more than a specific line of genetics. Rather, it’s a whole host of genetic jumbling and other factors that can lead to your hair falling out. If you have several family members who’ve lost hair during their lives, there’s a good chance it’ll happen down the line for you. However, if it was only your grandpa, there’s no need to fret. Keep using your trusty bottle of leave in conditioner and you’ll be fine!

These are only a few of the myths surrounding hair loss. Many more float around on the Internet and other means so you’ll have to learn how to distinguish truth from fiction. If hair loss currently plagues you, we suggest you consider looking into full cap partial cap hair replacement to give your hairline a helping hand. For any other questions about hair loss and general hair care, contact us!

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These Are Four Hair Myths You Should Never Believe!

We’ve all seen information being published left and right regarding what to do and what not to do with our precious heads of hair. From the time you first started caring for your hair yourself, you’ve likely been exposed to all sorts of advice from the media, friends, family and even salon staff. What’s worth believing, and what isn’t? Is it possible you could be believing and following hair advice that holds no real water? Keep reading to learn which common statements about quality hair care are, in fact, myths and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

1. Hair Growth Is Affected By Cutting Your Hair at Certain Times of Day

This first myth originates from Brazil, and states that getting a trim or a cut when the moon is full will influence your hair to grow thicker and longer than cutting your hair at any other time of day. In actuality, the entire premise of having your hair cut bolstering the growth of your hair is false! The best purpose for getting your hair cut is to help or stave off breakage issues. What truly helps your hair grow fast and rejuvenated is maintaining a quality hair care routine and lots of patience!

2. Brush Your Hair at Least 100 Times Per Day

Everyone’s heard this old wives’ tale, and maybe even seen it playing out on film and television. Supposedly, this practice is supposed to help keep your hair sleek and healthy. However, it really does everything but! Brushing your hair—especially too often—can yank your hair strand by strand, actually rendering it frail. As such, your brush is best wielded in the midst of the styling process, not as part of your bedtime routine.

3. Afro-Textured Hair Is the Strongest of All Hair Types

RemySoft hair products for remy hairUnfortunately, there’s no evidence to back this statement up. The contrary turns out to be true! Afro-textured hair—whether kept natural or straightened—is prone to dryness, breakage and a myriad of other issues that straighter hair types are less likely to experience. Protective styles can influence its health, but relying on them too much can also prove harmful, especially where braids are concerned. Many black women have suffered thinning edges and balding due to excessively tight and frequent braiding. No matter what hair type you have, hair products for Remy hair can keep your follicles healthy and strong!

4. You Have to Shampoo More Than Once

RemySoft best sulfate free shampooClose, but no cigar! You really only need to go through the shampooing process one time to get your hair clean and fresh. Anything more and you risk damage, such as dryness and dulling. That’s the opposite of why you invest in high quality hair care! If you’re concerned about whether your current shampoo can really get the job done in one go, however, you can always invest in the best sulfate free shampoo on the market to assuage your concerns.

We hope we’ve thoroughly debunked these hair myths for you so you know more about what’s what. For more information on quality hair care and what not to buy into, get in touch with us anytime!

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