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How to Keep Your Wig Looking Good Day After Day

When you wear a wig every day, keeping it looking great can be somewhat of a challenge. Knowing the basics of how to care for a wig will extend its lifespan and ensure it’s easy to style how you want. Whether you have one wig or multiple wigs in your collection, here are simple and effective tips for keeping your wig looking amazing every single day.

Don’t Sleep In Your Wig

It’s tempting to just go to sleep with your wig on after a long day. However, the friction from the pillow rubbing against the strands can cause serious damage to the point where it may be impossible to restore its normal shape. It’s well worth your time to take a few minutes every night to take it off safely and store it properly until the next morning.

Wash With A Designated Wig Shampoo

If you’re not already using a quality wig shampoo, it’s definitely a good investment. A designated wig shampoo will have the proper ingredients needed to keep the strands looking healthy and shiny. And when it comes to the frequency of your washes, consider washing the wig gently once every week. It’s usually not necessary to wash your wig every day, unless you are very active and sweat a lot throughout the day and feel the need to do so.

how to care for a wigKeep A Wig Rotation

Wearing a wig every day can take a toll on its appearance when you think about the amount of styling done to it, the weather elements and other factors. Consider investing in three or four different wigs if you have not already done so. Having a rotation can keep them all looking fresh for a longer period of time. You also won’t have to wash them as frequently, and if you time it just right, you can wash them all at once every couple of weeks and they will always look perfect.

Store Your Wig Properly Every Night

The second-most important thing next to the wig care products you use is the method in which you store your wig every night. If you simply lay it on the counter, you may end up with flat spots that are hard to even out. Be sure to place it on a wig stand and in a dry and cool place. Wigs are durable for the most part, but you can help them tremendously just by keeping them stored safely every night.

RemySoft believes proper wig care can be made simple by following the right steps. Once you learn how to care for a wig, you can feel confident knowing yours will look great every day. We are here to help you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more tips and advice.

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Our Ultimate Wig Guide

Sometimes investing in a good wig is the best decision you can make for your hair. Whether you’ve decided on a full cap or partial cap hair replacement, you have many different styling options at your disposal. However, if you’re a first-time wig owner, there are a few things you need to know to maintain your wig. Remember: your wig needs for just as much as or more care than your natural hair. Be sure to incorporate these tips to help your wig look fabulous!

Cleaning Your Wig

When learning how to care for a wig, the first thing you need to learn is how to clean it. If you wear your wig daily, it needs to be washed once a week at least. If you don’t wear it as often, it can be washed every other week or so.

Be sure to invest in the proper wig shampoo, since it’s much milder and will be softer on your wig hair strands. Simply fill your sink with cool water, add in some of your wig shampoo and slowly work your hands through the hair like you would wash your natural hair. Allow it to air dry as much as possible before styling it.RemySoft wig shampoo

Styling Your Wig

Styling your wig is just as easy, if not easier, than styling your natural hair. Using your wig shampoo will help to keep the hair strands feeling natural and can be worked with most brushes, curling irons, hair dryers and more. Just be sure to take extra care so you don’t damage the cap itself. With the right wig hair care products, you’ll never have to worry about a bad hair day again!

Storing Your Wig

One of the most overlooked aspects of how to care for a wig is the storage method. The best places to keep your wig would be on a designated wig stand, a Styrofoam head or even in a box on its own. Just make sure you don’t have it near a window where it could absorb any sunlight and damage the strands or change colors. Your main purpose when storing your wig is to maintain its shape and color so it will look great for a long time.

For more tips on how to properly care for your wig, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Top Tips for Preserving Your Remy Wig

Top Tips for Preserving Your Remy Wig

RemySoft wig care productsYou’ve spent a long time mulling and shopping around for your wig, and now it’s finally here! With a new wig comes an undoubtable level of excitement as you enjoy how it makes you look and feel. However, in order to maintain your great new style, you’ll first need to know how to care for your wig. This article is written to teach you that exact task. There are a number of important steps to wig care you need to know to care properly for your wig.

Where Do I Keep My Wig?

While the temptation may be there, you can’t wear your wig 24/7. Therefore, you should have a place for it to go whenever it isn’t in use. Keep it away from light and heat and on a wig stand. You should invest in one as soon as possible. It’s great not just for your home, but for when you travel as well. A wig box is also vital to the latter circumstance because it ensures your wig’s safety.

How Do I Clean My Wig?

Washing a wig doesn’t work in quite the same way as it would with hair attached to your scalp. You have to use much gentler methods for a wig. The company that made your wig will supply you with a guide to cleaning it properly. There’s a specific process you should follow.

First, fill a bowl with lukewarm water. You can then use wig shampoo to get the wig clean. Focus on the ends and comb the suds through for maximum coverage. Then use the bowl of water you prepared before to rinse the shampoo out. Afterward, you can towel off the wig with gentle patting motions, comb it and return it to your wig stand. The drying process should take around two days to finish, after which you can wear your wig as normal.

How Do I Style My Wig?

Learn more about how to care for synthetic wigs!Styling your wig will be the first step in your new wig ownership and, much like the washing process, will take gentler methods. Again, you’ll need a full arsenal of wig care products on hand.

Remy wigs are far more susceptible to heat damage than your natural hair is because they aren’t being regularly nourished and replenished by minerals and other elements that keep our hair healthy. Try to avoid using heat as much as possible when styling your wig, especially when it comes to blow dryers! Blow dryers can melt the glue adhering the cap to the hair of your wig. This will cause it to fall apart. If you have to use any styling tools, put them on the least intense setting.

We hope this guide will be useful for caring for your new remy wig and enjoying it to the fullest! On our site, you’ll also find tips on how to care for synthetic wigs. For other advice and general inquiries, feel fee to contact us!

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Keep Your Comic Con Wig Looking Great All Weekend Long

Keep your Comic Con wig looking great with wig care products.

Wig care products will keep your Comic Con wig looking great.

Comic Con is coming, and it’s your time to shine. You have been planning for and looking forward to this event all year long. You’ve spent plenty of time crafting the perfect costume to pay homage to your favorite character. It goes without saying your wig is the centerpiece of your costume. Keep your look fresh throughout all of the event’s festivities by taking proper care of your wig in the hours it’s not sitting gloriously atop your head.

Read on to learn how to care for a wig so it maintains its beauty and serves you well throughout this year’s Comic Con fun, as well as for many years of festivities to come!

Synthetic Hair Isn’t All That Different from Real Hair

Before heading to Comic Con, learn how to care for a wig.

Learn how to care for a wig before Comic Con.

Your real hair becomes dull and dirty if you don’t care for it properly. The same is true of your synthetic hair too. Wigs are more delicate than human hair so they require a gentler cleaning approach. If you don’t care for them properly, portions of your faux locks could break off. Unfortunately, they won’t grow back like the hair on your head will.

Caring for Wigs Requires Special Products

The most important thing you need to know about how to care for a wig is this: never use the same hair brushes, combs, shampoos, conditioners and styling products you use on your real hair on your wigs. That is a sure way to ruin your wig – and your Comic Con costume!

When you are packing for Comic Con, make sure to include the special wig-care products and wig shampoo you will need. Without it, you will be stuck with a dingy wig. Also make sure you have a head mannequin. It is not an absolute must-have (as special wig care products are), but it will make your wig-care routine much easier.

The ABCs of Wig Care

Achieve the perfect look with wig shampoo.

Wig shampoo will preserve the perfect look.

Once you’ve settled in for the evening and have removed your wig, put it on your faux head and brush it gently from the bottom of the hair up to the top, working in inch-long sections. Place the brushed wig in a sink full of cold (never hot) water. Add a teaspoon of wig shampoo to the water and gently swirl the wig around for a couple of minutes. Never rub the wig. Rinse in cold water, remove all shampoo, gently dry it with a towel, then put it atop a hairspray can (not the mannequin head) to dry.

Place your wig on the mannequin head only after it is totally dry. Spritz on a wig conditioner, brush and style. Voila! You’ll be ready to meet your favorite characters with the confidence you look amazing!

For the best products to care for your wig, contact us at RemySoft Solutions. We’ve got what you need!

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How to Pick the Best Costume Wig for Comic Con

Use the right wig products for your Comic Con wig.

The right wig products help your Comic Con wig looking great.

A trip to Comic Con just isn’t complete if you don’t dress the part. While having the perfect outfit is one of the most important aspects, finding a great costume wig will finish off the look. If you aren’t someone who typically wears wigs, though, you’ll need to learn how to care for a wig with the right wig products, as well as how to choose the right style to meet your needs.

Check the Construction

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your wig, it’s important to pay attention to its construction. A low-quality wig won’t look great, but it also won’t last for long. Even if you use the best wig shampoo, the fibers of a poorly made wig will begin to fall out, leaving behind bald patches. If Comic Con is on your list of things to do every year, you want a wig that will hold up. Cheaper wigs typically have a skull cap or hair net underneath, while better wigs are typically crafted on hair lace, which is much thinner and more easily replicates the look of natural hair growing out of your head. Depending on your goals, a better wig may be the best option.

Understand the Types of Wigs

There are several types of wigs from which you can choose to finish your Comic Con costume. Understanding the different types can help you determine which one will best fit your needs and will provide the effect you’re looking for.

  • Lace Wigs – Lace wigs can be constructed of synthetic or human hair. These wigs look the most authentic of them all and typically replicate natural growth patterns in the hair for a realistic look. If you choose this option, you need to learn how to care for a wig properly because they are quite delicate.
  • Synthetic Wigs – If you’re looking for a wig to wear with your Comic Con costume, synthetic wigs may be the best option because of the unnatural look of many of the hairstyles you will find in comics. Synthetic fibers are often more durable and don’t require the careful care a natural wig may require.
  • Human Hair Wigs – Even though you are recreating the look of a comic character, human hair wigs can still be a great option. However, these wigs can be more expensive and will require the use of special wig shampoo and other products to ensure they remain in good shape.


While your outfit for Comic Con may have most of your attention, buying the right wig is just as important to create the look you want. Not only do you need to make sure the wig you choose is the right color and hairstyle for your character, you also need to make sure it’s of good quality so you can wear it for years to come. With the right wig products, you can continue to dress up as your favorite character.

If you’re looking for wig shampoo to care for your Comic Con wig, contact us. We carry a vast selection of wig care products to keep your wig looking great.

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Can I Use Regular Shampoo on Synthetic Wigs or Hair Extensions?

Find out how to care for synthetic wigs.

Learning how to care for synthetic wigs will keep them looking new.

You may wear them on a regular basis but do you know how to care for synthetic wigs or hair extensions? There are a lot of varied opinions regarding what type of wig shampoo and conditioner to use. Often up for debate is whether it is okay to use the same products you use for your real hair.

The Answer Is No

Your real hair is made of protein, while synthetic hair comes from specially formulated plastic. Clearly, these are quite different. Conditioners made for human hair include ingredients to penetrate the cuticle, thus providing strength, moisture and lubrication. These conditioners are mainly water-based and also contain mild detergents, oils, humectants and proteins. Most of the ingredients in conditioners for human hair are absorbed by our hair and are rinsed out easily. Since synthetic hair cannot absorb anything, it doesn’t need anywhere near the number of ingredients to cleanse and style it.

Synthetic hair has a few basic needs. It should be kept clean since dust and environmental pollution can weigh down the fibers and make it look dull. Regular shampoos are often too harsh since synthetic hair does not need the strong detergents to keep it clean. Regular conditioners also include too many ingredients and will weigh synthetic hair down, which can result in a dull-looking wig.

Your Synthetic Hair Care Routine

It is important to develop a consistent routine to care for your synthetic wig or extensions. Take some time to gently but thoroughly brush your hair with a wig brush. Do not brush a curly wig; just use your fingers to remove the tangles. Purchase wig shampoo formulated for synthetic wigs. Turn the wig inside out and place it in your sink. Mix cold water with two caps of shampoo. Let the wig soak for five minutes. Rid the wig of shampoo by rinsing gently and then repeat the same steps with wig conditioner.

To dry, wrap your wig in a towel and pat the excess water out. Do not rub the wig against the towel. Do not comb or brush the wig while it is wet. Allow your wig to air dry on a wig stand. You should not use a curling iron, hair dryer or any other heated products. Doing so will damage the fibers. After the wig is dry, you can comb or brush it to style and add finishing spray for shine.

The upkeep for synthetic wigs and hair extensions requires only a small amount of time and effort. However, you should be careful not to use the same products for synthetic hair as you would your real hair. Using specially formulated wig shampoo and conditioner can keep your synthetic hair looking stylish and presentable.

If you need information on wig shampoo and conditioner for synthetic wigs or hair extensions, contact us. We have the products you need to help maintain your look.

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