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Men and Women Have Worn Wigs for Centuries

People have worn wigs throughout history.

Wigs have an important part in history around the world.

Most people know wigs are a popular option for those who are unhappy with the look of their hair; however, wearing wigs is not a new trend. In fact, using wigs as a hair enhancement has been a common practice in many cultures throughout history.

Ancient Cultures

The ancient Egyptians completely shaved their heads to stay more comfortable during the hottest months and prevent lice infestations from spreading. They would then use full cap hair replacements made out of human hair, wool or natural fibers, depending on their status. Wigs helped the Egyptians protect their heads from the sun and allowed them to wear elaborate styles, such as gold adorned braids. Full or partial cap hair replacements were also used by:

  • Greeks
  • Romans
  • Assyrians
  • Phoenicians

On the other hand, in ancient cultures, such as in China and Japan, hair enhancement wigs were only used by actors performing in theaters or worn for ceremonial traditions.

Wigs in Christianity

During periods of Christian influence, wigs became less popular as women were often required to cover their heads. Beauty became less ornamental and more austere, leading people to use less makeup, hair enhancement and fashionable clothing to keep themselves looking good. After the beginning of the Renaissance, however, women started adorning their heads and hair with veils and sparkling jewels. The increased attention to their hair led many women to wear wigs that featured elaborate hairstyles, such as curls, braids and other styles that would be difficult to fix every day.

France and England

Perhaps the most famous examples of hair enhancement come from France and England. In France, the trend started after French leader Louis XIII began prematurely balding. To disguise his condition, he began wearing partial cap hair replacements. Eventually, wigs and other full cap hair replacements became essential fashion pieces for members of French high society looking for big, curly and elaborate hairstyles.

In the same way France’s leaders popularized wigs, England’s Queen Elizabeth also made hair enhancements popular in her country. Wig making became a lucrative profession during her reign because most court-going citizens used them to be in style for everyday events and balls. Large, powdered wigs were essential additions to any wardrobe of the time.

Current Trends

Although wigs are not quite as popular now, they are still used by many people to cover medical conditions like balding or add more to existing hair styles. Full and partial cap hair replacements allow many people to cover their heads with confidence and improve their looks.

If you are looking for stylish hair enhancements, contact us. We have the experience needed to provide you with the latest style, care and product information to keep your wig looking great!

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wig: Part Two

Change your look with the use of a hair system.

A hair system can transform your look.

Whether you are looking to change your hair style or cover hair loss from a medical condition, wigs are a great option to help you look your best. With so many styles and options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the best decision. If you are looking for the right full cap hair replacement, there are some things to keep in mind to make your decision easier.


Wigs are available in many varieties, including full cap hair replacement made from either human hair or synthetic materials. There are several differences between the two hair system types:

  • Human hair can be colored and styled with hot tools capable of damaging synthetic fibers
  • Synthetic wigs are more affordable than human hair
  • Human hair wigs are more susceptible to rain and humidity
  • Synthetic wigs do not provide the same natural look as human hair

Depending on how you will use your hair, you may want to look into either option for your full cap hair replacement. For example, if you are only using your wig for a short time, it might not be worth paying for a human hair wig.

Cap Options

To get the most comfortable fit, select the best cap for your needs. Caps can either include hand stitched options, or you can even choose a wig without a cap. Capless hair systems use a honey comb design and offer better ventilation.


To ensure your full cap hair replacement does not fall off, it’s important to get a wig with a well-designed anchoring system. Options for anchors include:

  • Straps
  • Fasteners
  • Tape tabs

Some options are more comfortable for different wearers so make sure you try each option before making your choice.


Different wigs can weigh more or less, depending on the size, material and length. Human hair wigs weigh more than synthetic hair systems, and long wigs can be heavier as well. Because wig weight is important in determining comfort, try different styles to ensure the one you select won’t be too heavy and hurt your neck or head.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks to make wig shopping easier, contact us. Our professional staff provides the best information on selecting, caring for and wearing your new wig.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Wig: Part One

Learn how to use the right hair enhancement.

A full cap hair replacement can often be your best choice.

If you are looking for a full or partial cap hair replacement to add to your existing style or cover medically related hair loss, choosing the right wig may seem confusing and difficult. With so many options available, you may struggle to narrow down all of your hair enhancement options. To make the best decision for your new hair, there are a few things to consider.

Face Shape

Before you begin to consider the color or material for your hair system, it’s important to know your face shape so you can choose the best look. When choosing a wig, consider the following face shapes:

  • Oval: Most hair styles look great on oval faces
  • Square: Longer wigs with many layers
  • Oblong: Curly wigs
  • Heart shaped: Chin length wigs

If you don’t know your face shape, use your measurements to determine which wig would look best on you. Wig experts can also help you determine which hair enhancement would best highlight your features.


It’s important to consider your lifestyle, hobbies and profession when choosing a full cap hair replacement. If you work in a professional office, you may need to consider natural colors, rather than bright, unnatural looks. For those who work in the heat or humid environments, full or partial cap replacements made from human hair can easily lose their style; synthetic hair may be a better choice in this case. You should also consider how much you’ll need to touch your wig. If you go to the gym every day and need to put your hair up, for example, you might want to look for wigs that are easily styled on the go.


One of the most important factors when choosing a hair system is fit. Wigs that are too large or small for your head fall off easily, which could be embarrassing for everyone involved. To avoid such mishaps, measure your own head or seek the advice of a wig expert to make sure your hair enhancement fits properly and won’t cause any problems.


With so many style options available for full cap hair replacement, it’s essential to find the color that looks the best on your skin tone. Consider the natural color of your hair, eyebrows and eyes to find the perfect match for you.

For the latest information on wig care and other hair enhancements, contact us. Our professional stylists are here to help you choose and care for your wig.

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