Wicked-Wide (Wide Tooth Comb) by RemySoft




✔ YOUR HAIR BRUSH DOESN’T HAVE A FLAT HANDLE, so why does your comb? ★ The hair tool gurus at RemySoft asked themselves the same thing! ★ In the end, THERE WAS ONLY ONE ANSWER: create a revolutionary comb that changes your detangling habits for the better.

✔ WITH ITS ONE-OF-A-KIND HAIR BRUSH HANDLE, this ergonomically correct wide tooth comb will become your must have first step in the battle against the NASTY SNARLS that are common with replacement and enhancement hair.

✔ RUBBER-COATED FOR ADDED PROTECTION against cheap plastic comb snags, the Wicked-Wide can be used on WET OR DRY hair. ★ Durable, easy to clean, and nearly indestructible, this comb will quickly become your new favorite go-to in your BATTLE AGAINST TANGLES.