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Our Top Tips for Styling Your Wig

When it comes to wig ownership, wearing a wig versus actually styling it are two totally different animals. To wear a wig, all you have to do is fit on a wig cap, slip on your wig and you’re ready to go. Styling a wig is done prior to wearing the wig and involves quite the intricate process. If you’re learning how to care for a wig, having ample knowledge of styling techniques is an important part of the maintenance process. In this blog article, you’ll find our best tips for styling a wig so you can enjoy all the versatility it has to offer.

Wig Spray Works Wonders

As you get used to owning wigs, you’ll learn wig spray is one of the most valuable wig care products you could own. Wig spray can help your wig more easily retain the style you’ve set it into, lessening its chances of falling limp as the day wears on. There are two specific ways of using your wig spray, but neither is considered the best option. It all depends on what you’re more comfortable with. You can either:

  • Spray from a distance of six inches, combing through your wig’s follicles with your fingers and paying special attention to its roots, or
  • Spray a fine mist from a 12 inch distance all around your head, from back to front.


Regardless of how you apply your wig spray, you’ll want to make sure not to overuse it. Doing so will not only weigh down the hair, but it can cause it to need more washing than it should, which can harm its overall lifespan. For best results, we recommend applying wig spray only after applying wig conditioner and using it only as needed.

Learn how to care for a wig.

Do you know how to care for a wig?


Sometimes your wig doesn’t need a whole new style to look good! In cases like this, you may be happier with your wig’s look simply by changing its color. Be warned you can’t dye a wig to the same extent you would your natural hair. Generally it’s best to go with a lighter or darker shade within the same color family your wig rests in. A good wig conditioner will help to protect your wig throughout the coloring process so be sure you’ve got a bottle on hand!

Add a Professional Touch

A subtle trim can also help spruce up a wig. Sometimes the hair installed in your wig can become a bit too much, after all, which is when there’s no better time to snip away at a few strands. However, it’s better to seek out a professional for this kind of work. They will know exactly how much to remove and can adjust the layering to keep your wig looking natural and attractive. A stylist can also help to customize the cut of the wig according to your specific tastes, especially if it’s brand new or just doesn’t look the way you want it to.

These aren’t the only tips for how to care for a wig, but they’re a great way to jazz things up if your old favorite has suddenly grown stale. Contact us to learn other ways to take the best care of your wig!

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5 Famous Wig Wearing Celebrities

Wig care products will keep your hair looking great.

Celebrities who wear wigs use the best wig care products.

People decide to wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Hair loss, which affects just about everyone at some point in their lives, is a common reason. Others may wear them due to their versatility and ability to provide a new look without spending hours at the salon. Using hair products for remy hair makes styling and maintaining your wig a lot easier and lower maintenance for many compared to their natural hair.

You may be surprised to learn many male and female celebrities also frequently wear wigs and hair pieces. Here are five famous folks who wear wigs.


Though it may be difficult to tell, Beyoncé’s long locks are often the results of a wig and hair pieces. Beyoncé has naturally thick and curly hair but seems to prefer her tresses to be shiny and straight. She could straighten her natural hair, but the constant travel and dancing on stage would likely cause her hair to revert back to its curly state. Wigs are much easier to maintain and look great if you use the best wig care products.


You may have noticed how Rihanna frequently goes back and forth between her short natural hair and long hair using wigs. Shampooing and using wig conditioner helps keep her wigs looking shiny and beautiful. There is some speculation Rihanna may have a minor case of hair loss because her natural hair is thinner than it used to be. Rihanna’s front hairline may be damaged as well from regularly wearing extensions.

Gwen Stefani

Many people do not know Gwen Stefani sometimes wears a wig because her wig is similar to her natural hair. Gwen is known for her platinum bleached blonde hair, and it is plausible she wears a wig because she may not want to get her roots done for every event. Gwen has dyed her hair light blonde and other colors for many years, which can be damaging, but she does not seem to have any hair loss.

Robert Pattinson

Actor Robert Pattinson has admitted he wore a wig during reshoots of the final Twilight film due to having shaved his head earlier that year. It’s unknown if Robert’s hair is thinning or if he is experiencing the first signs of male pattern baldness. However, it is quite common for men in their early 20s to develop the first signs of baldness — a receding hair line, deteriorating hair texture and slight thinning on top.

John Travolta

The thick, full head of hair John Travolta had during his Welcome Back KotterSaturday Night Fever and Grease days is long gone. Over the past few years, he has been photographed with little hair on one day, and then with thicker hair just a short time later. In some close-up photos, you can clearly notice the edges of his wig. However, many people who may only take a passing look at magazines or online photos do not even realize he wears a wig

If you are looking for wig care products, contact us. Our wig conditioner and other hair products for remy hair will keep your wig shiny and beautiful.

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