Choose the right wig shampoo and conditioner

Wig shampoo and conditioner will keep your wig looking great.

As one of the latest hot hair trends, requests for ombre hair are heating up salons across the country; however, there is another option for the busy woman who doesn’t have time to maintain a salon-based hair care regimen and that’s ombre hair wigs and extension. The right wig shampoo and conditioner can keep your ombre hair looking fresh and fabulous so there is no need to make numerous trips to the salon.

What Is Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair refers to the graduation of hair color. With this hairstyle, the underneath hairs are streaked with light color instead of applying highlights on top hairs. It will appear that the hair color is slowly sinking into another color. The point of transition can be at any level over the entire length of your hair.

Ombre wigs and hair extensions can range from dark into bright shades. This style of hair is suitable for any length: short, medium or long. The key to great looking ombre hair is a smooth gradient transition.

Is It More Than Just a Fad?

Around the year 2011, pictures of celebrities sporting ombre hair could frequently be found in many magazines. People wondered if this two-tone hair was a new style or if celebrities were just being lazy with their hair coloring and letting their roots grow out. It turned out ladies like Khloe Kardashian were wearing this style on purpose, and many others sought to mimic the hairstyle.

Now, years later, it is still a popular style and seems like more than just a fad. Long ombre locks are all the rage and look alluring on longer hair because the graduated color can be exaggerated. Another way some women are wearing their ombre extensions is in a high ponytail. This look produces a nice contrast between dark roots and light colored ends.

Reasons to Choose Ombre Hair Wigs and Extensions

Still need convincing? Here are the top five reasons you might want to choose ombre hair wigs and extensions.

Natural looking—No one will know it’s not your real hair if you don’t tell them.

Offers choices—Numerous color combinations are available.

Saves time—You don’t have to color your roots every six weeks.

Flattering—The right colors will flatter your skin tone, and the highlights will frame and compliment your face. Darker roots will make your eye color stand out and will showcase your groomed eyebrows.

Exciting—If you’ve been bored with your monotone hair color, ombre hair will add some spice to your look.

Fashionistas are always looking to mix up their style. If this describes you, then you will certainly turn heads with your ombre wig or hair extensions. It’s a perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on hair care and maintenance. To keep your ombre wig or hair extensions shiny and beautiful, be sure to use the proper wig shampoo and wig conditioner.

If you are considering ombre hair wigs and hair extensions, contact us. Our experts can offer the advice you need on how to care for your hair extensions.