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How to Control Your Oily Hair

When you have naturally oily hair, having a good hair day can seem impossible. You can take a refreshing shower at night and wake up the next morning to an oily mess on your head. You may have tried using a variety of quality hair care products with no luck. In actuality, it’s possible what you’re doing is actually making your hair more oily. You may have tried some of these tips before, but give them a another shot before you spend a ton of money on other hair products.

1. Don’t Touch Your Hair

Just like the rest of your body, your hands produce natural oils throughout the day. The oils increase even more as you touch different things. Whether you have a nervous habit of touching your hair or if you just subconsciously do it, it’s time to be more conscious and keep your hands off. The less you touch it, the less oily it will be.

2. Consider Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a quality hair care product you should consider. Its main purpose is to RemySoft sulfate free shampoo and conditionersoak up the oils on your hair to give it a less oily appearance. Plus, you don’t have to wash it as often and other people won’t even notice if you’ve gone a few days without washing.

3. Wash Your Hair Less

Speaking of washing your hair less, by using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, you shouldn’t have to wash your hair as much. In fact, washing your hair too much can prompt your body to create oils at a faster rate in order to replenish its supply. The more you wash your hair, the more oils are produced, so you’re fighting a losing battle.

4. Use the Proper Hair Care Products

No matter if you prefer a hydrating shampoo, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner or other quality hair care products, you can reduce the oil in your hair with at least one of them. Every person’s hair is different, so you just have to find the right combination for you. A trial and error approach is usually the best way to go until you find something that works.

At RemySoft, we have some of the best quality hair care products on the market. We have helped people control their oily hair in many different ways, so if you have similar struggles, be sure to contact us at any time.

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Our Tips for Taming Your Frizzy Hair

Sometimes the weather can contribute to overly frizzy hair, but some people just have naturally frizzy hair that’s hard to tame. If you can relate, we understand what you’re going through! A lack of moisture in your hair can be a big reason why it’s frizzy all the time. Humid weather also plays a big role because your hair is trying to absorb all the moisture. Here are some of our best tips to help you control your frizzy hair.

1. Use the Right Shampoo

A good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner may be all you need to calm down your frizz. This type of shampoo will help hydrate your hair from the inside out and will provide a coating on the hair to keep the moisture in. You can’t go wrong when you choose sulfate free!

2. Condition More Than Shampoo

Washing your hair too much can lead to it drying out more often. Even if you use a quality hydrating shampoo, you could be causing more harm than good by washing too much. Find a good leave in conditioner instead, which will help keep your hair moisturized and clean even without frequent washing.

3. Air Dry Instead of Blow Dry

Your blow dryer is extremely convenient when you get out of the shower, but it also dehydrates your hair significantly. To prevent frizzy hair in the morning, allow your hair to air dry and use a blow dryer on a low setting just to finish it off. Letting your hair air dry most of the way will keep your hair strands smooth and straight.

RemySoft hydrating shampoo4. For Emergencies, Use a Little Water

Sometimes a hydrating shampoo won’t even do the trick on humid days. For a temporary fix, spray a little water in your hair to tame the frizz. Of course, you can’t walk around with a spray bottle all day, but you can put a little on it every time you go to the bathroom.

Having frizzy hair can be frustrating, especially when it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. If you haven’t already, be sure to invest in a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to see how it helps. For other tips and recommendations, feel free to contact us at any time.

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Guys, Here’s How to Rock That Grey

The days of trying to hide grey hair are long gone. In fact, younger people who don’t have naturally grey hair are beginning to find grey dyes in order to rock the color. Grey hair shows a lot about your personality and style, so it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of hiding it, embrace it and find some quality hair care products to make it look even more stylish. Here are some tips on how you can rock your grey hair, whether it’s naturally grey or dyed.

Embrace the Grey

If your hair is turning grey naturally, it’s time to embrace it. The sooner you come to terms with your hair being grey, the sooner you’ll be able to accept it as being part of your life and roll with it. There are plenty of different hairstyles you can choose to highlight your grey hair, but most of them start with a good hydrating shampoo. The more you try to hide your grey hair, the more your hairstyle will look unnatural. Embrace the grey and create a natural hairstyle to make you feel more confident and stylish.

RemySoft hydrating shampooKeep Up With Maintenance

People who opt to go with the grey look by dyeing their hair have to understand the maintenance involved. Sometimes even a good leave in conditioner isn’t enough to keep grey-dyed hair looking good. If you choose to go grey before the natural grey comes out, you have to stick with it. Expect to spend a good chunk of money going to the barbershop and buying quality hair care products to help with the maintenance of your hair.

Grey Hair Looks Old, But Don’t Act Old

No matter if your hair is naturally grey or if you dye it grey, it doesn’t mean you are old. The best way to rock your grey is to do some things that suggest you aren’t as old as you look (within reason, of course). Grey hair is still generally associated with older people, so you will seem a lot younger than you actually are simply by not acting old.

Once you’ve decided you want to roll with your grey hair without hiding it, be sure to contact us. We will help you get on the right track with your quality hair care products and help you embrace your hair color.

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2017 Men’s Trend: Naturally Long, Messy Fringe

With the New Year finally upon us, you may be wondering how you are going to change in 2017. Instead of making some outlandish resolutions, why not keep it simple and just reinvent your hairstyle? Not only will a new hairstyle create a “new you” in terms of appearance, but it also won’t cost you a ton of money. The naturally long and messy fringe will be one of the trendiest men’s hairstyles in 2017, and it’s not as difficult to achieve as you may think. With some quality hair care practices, you can achieve this popular hairstyle to create a “new you.”

mens-fringe (2)Embracing the Long Hairstyle

The first step in feeling confident about your hair is to embrace the change. You may have had a shorter hairstyle for a long time, but long hair isn’t hard to get used to when styled properly.

When you go to your barber, they will trim your hair short on the back of your head and the sides with a fade on top for the longer hair. An uneven cut on top will create somewhat of a wavy appearance that looks natural and textured. With the proper quality hair care products, you can achieve a messy look with ease.

Texture is the Key

Volume is important when having a hairstyle with longer hair. Using a good hydrating shampoo will go a long way in achieving the texture you desire. Your barber will cut your hair in a way to make it look textured, but from that point it’s up to you to maintain the look. The naturally long and messy fringe takes some work to look great every day, so don’t neglect your quality hair care practices.

Use the Right Products

Everyone’s hair is different, so using the proper hair care products will help you achieve the daily hairstyle you desire. Many men opt for leave in conditioner, while others only use a hydrating shampoo. You may have to experiment with different products to see how your hair reacts differently.

With one of the main 2017 hairstyle trends for men being the natural look, it may be time to throw away your products that make you hair look greasy and slick. Lightweight products are becoming more popular, since they add texture to your hair without weighing it down.

For more information on what products are right for you to achieve the long, natural hairstyle, be sure to contact us.

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Curly Girls Will Benefit from These Autumn-Oriented Protective Styles

When it comes to afro-textured hair, the more that can be done to retain moisture, the better. No one wants to be caught with dry edges and ends, especially during autumn because the humidity dwindles and gives way to brisk, cold air. Yes, autumn truly is a one-of-a-kind time of year, bringing with it the possibility of having to wage war against the weather to protect your hair. Luckily, you have us on your side! In this article, you’ll find suggestions on protective hairstyles to wear this autumn to keep your hair healthy and looking good!

Protect your hair with a good hydrating shampoo.

A hydrating shampoo will help protect your hair.


We all know there are going to be times where we lack the time and/or the energy to spend on styling our hair just so. Sometimes you may want to look cute with not as much effort. Other times, you may just be running a quick errand and won’t feel it’s worth it to take your hair down. Regardless of your circumstances, just know headwraps are one of the best hair products for remy hair and they are here to the rescue! Simply take a satin scarf and tie it around your hair, knotting it at the crown. If you want, you can leave a few strands hanging out in front.


There’s probably nothing more classical than a set of braids! While it takes quite a few hours out of your day to complete this style, especially if you add in hair extensions, your braids will last some time and are versatile enough to be worn in a variety of styles. You can also play around with the thickness of your braids for different looks, ranging from box braids to microbraids to crochet. If you want a low-maintenance hairstyle, braids are likely one of your best bets.

Faux Dreads

This look has become quite popular over the last few years, and for good reason. They’re just as versatile as actual dreadlocks but without the commitment. In fact, they’re quite a bit more like braids in terms of the flexibility they offer because they can be woven in with your natural hair and, if cared for well, can last quite a long time. Some report their faux dreads last as long as three months!

Whether you like dreadlocks in an aesthetic sense, but don’t want to commit to wearing them for an indefinite amount of time, or you want to test whether dreadlocks are a good permanent style for you, this low-maintenance style is sure to help keep your hair both secure and attractive. Just be sure to research hair products for remy hair beforehand to learn the best care techniques!

We hope this brief list serves as a bit of inspiration for you as you navigate autumn. The sooner you’re prepared for the cold weather, the better, which is why there’s no better time than the present to stock up on hydrating shampoo and styling ideas. To learn how else you can care for and protect your hair, no matter the time of year, contact us!

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How Can You Safeguard Your Hair Against Cold Weather?

Now that autumn has arrived, you’re likely bracing yourself for the incoming cold in all sorts of ways. Now is the season of warm lattes, toasty sweaters and tall boots, spiced apple cider and enjoying the crisp air and gentle, swaying dance of falling leaves before the first snow touches down. However, while you may be enjoying the change of weather, your hair certainly isn’t!

As the holidays start closing in and winter begins to replace autumn, you may find yourself dealing with especially dry hair. While you may chalk this up to simply being one of the less enjoyable parts of winter, you can also do something to lend your hair a helping hand. Here are some tips!

Make Your Humidifier Your Best Friend

Simply staying in the warm indoors isn’t enough to keep your hair properly moisturized! It’s often just as dry as the air outside but with an unwanted bonus of static electricity that can cling to your hair. A common humidifier can help assuage this problem by providing a bit of extra moisture for your hair to absorb. No longer will you have to worry about frizz since the harmful excess humidity you’ve felt in autumn will be long gone!

Try to Limit Your Shampooing

Hydrating shampoo can be a great option.

Use hydrating shampoo sparingly this winter.

When it comes to dry hair, you may consider hydrating shampoo to be your ultimate savior. However, using it too often can bring its own poor results. It’s worth mentioning, first off, chilly air and soaked hair do not mix. The cold weather will immediately dry your hair out. Try to cut back on washing your hair by doing so every other day or up to three times per week.

Bundle Up

All the warnings Mom gave you about bundling up before leaving the house really do hold true! Wearing a hat is a great way to shield your hair from the frosty air outside. This will help to retain moisture. Of course, you also want to avoid your hat ruining your perfectly styled hairdo! To keep your hair as sleek as it was when you first left the house, pair your hat with a scarf made from moisture-protecting materials, such as silk.

Invest in Extra Protection

There’s no such thing as being too careful! If you’ve followed every step and find your hair is still a little on the dry side, it may be worth your while to invest in some protective hair serum to really lock in your hair’s moisture. Even a little bit worked into your follicles can help stave off cold air and its unwanted effects.

While autumn and winter have plenty of wonderful benefits, you don’t want to enjoy them at your hair’s expense! RemySoft is here to help you protect your hair no matter the time of year, which is why we offer the best products to ensure your hair remains constantly healthy and sleek. Contact us to learn how else you can help your hair thrive in cold weather or to pick up some of our top-notch hair care products!

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Consider Rocking These Adorable Hair Accessories This Fall!

Unfortunately, some parts of hair styling are too often overlooked. Hairstylists, both professional and amateur, tend to pay far more attention to shaping the hair itself rather than unique ways to decorate it and help it stand out. When was the last time you rocked a dazzling hairclip or knotted a scarf in your hair? Oftentimes our hair accessories become an afterthought when they’re just as deserving of consideration as the rest of our outfit! Here are some hair accessories and hair products for remy hair you can wear this fall that are sure to enhance your ‘do!


Hear us out: ribbons aren’t just for little girls! Adult women can actually incorporate ribbons into their hair in ways that are far more mature and elegant than the typical giant bow slapped onto the side of the head, though you can certainly wear that look if it appeals to you! If braiding is your preferred hairstyle, ribbons are the perfect complement.

You can create two thin braids on the side of your head and weave a ribbon between them, corset style; or you can go a bit simpler and weave a thick ribbon into your braid, tucking the full braid either around the crown of your head or leaving it down. If you want to look dainty, an even more classic look is simply tying the ribbon around the end of your braid.

Fancy Pins

Hair extensions look fabulous with hair accessories.

Use hair accessories with your hair extensions.

There’s way more to hair pins than the bobby pins you use to fasten those pesky flyaways! You can easily obtain a far fancier variety, affixed with baubles, sparkly bits and other ornaments sure to catch eyes and turn heads (in a good way)! Fashion designers, such as Dolce and Gabbana, are capitalizing on this particular brand of hair accessory, and many in the industry tout the flexibility pins offer.

You can truly combine them with any outfit, wear them to any occasion and fit them into just about any hairstyle imaginable. The sky’s the limit! Simply take a glimpse around your nearest hair supply store the next time you’re shopping for hair products for remy hair and you’ll find a host of gorgeous and appealing hair pins to choose from, at quite affordable prices, no less! Try tucking ornate pins into the side of your loose hair or incorporate them into a bunned style. You’re sure to look great!

Cuff Bands

You can wear cuffs not just on your ears and wrists, but in your hair as well! Plenty of designers are starting to release cuff-style bands for ponytails, creating a unique and chic look previously only seen in television costuming. There are all sorts of styles to choose from, but the most popular form of these ponytail cuffs are metallic. They’re perfect for adding a bit of character to your ponytail when you want a bit more than a simple band holding it up—and they slide right over! This type of hair accessory also plays well with hair extensions.

All of these hair accessories truly shine alongside high quality hair care so be sure to invest in some hydrating shampoo to bring out as much luster as possible! Contact us to learn more about other hairstyling trends, as well as ways to help your hair look its best.

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Our Quick Autumn Survival Guide for Curly Girls (and Guys!)

People everywhere consider autumn to be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times of year for many reasons. From the trees trading their brilliant green coats for warmer golds, reds and oranges to the cooler weather settling in to the potential for pumpkin spice everything and steamy apple cider, there’s a lot to look forward to this time of year. The only thing most people despise about autumn in any sense is the potential damage to their hair, especially if their hair type is of the curled or coiled variety. We understand your pain. That’s why we’re coming to your rescue with this handy guide on how to help your hair survive these next few months of autumn!

Watch out for Hats

Now that the weather’s cooling off, you’ll definitely be tempted to bust out different varieties of hats than the standard summer baseball caps and floppy sunhats. If you have curly or afro-textured hair, however, you’ll have to be judicious when it comes to the types of hats you wear. Pay special attention to the fabric your hats are made from. Thicker fabrics, such as cotton or wool, are well known for their vampiric qualities toward your hair’s moisture.

To help your hair stay hydrated, you may want to stick to lighter materials, such as silk and satin. Investing in a quality hydrating shampoo would be a good idea as well. If you prefer feminine styles, try investing in some scarves to add to your wardrobe. There are also a few online shops specializing in satin-lined beanies and other types of hats to ensure you can stay on trend without drying out your follicles.

Don’t Overdo the Protein

Keep curly hair tamed with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner keeps curly hair tamed.

It’s true your hair needs just as much protein as the rest of your body, but not too much! Tons of protein can easily combine with the cool autumn weather to render your hair into more of a helmet. This comes from protein strengthening your hair on a structural level. The trick to preventing this is to keep your hair as hydrated as possible. In addition to any oils you may use, you should also invest in a high-quality leave in conditioner, which will add extra moisture to your hair. A great hydrating shampoo wouldn’t hurt either!

Fine Tune Your Moisturizers

Don’t assume your summer supply of oils and other moisturizing products will be enough to carry you over into autumn. As it turns out, you need to switch up your products from season-to-season to help your hair adjust to the accompanying weather changes. For the colder months, you’ll want to use denser products than you may have relied upon throughout summer and spring. One of the best investments you can make in this area is products that can easily blend with your sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, as well as be used straight out of the bottle.

With the help of these tips, getting through autumn with your hair intact should be a bit more of a breeze. Feel free to contact us with any and all questions you have about maintaining your hair health year ‘round!

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Guys, Let’s Talk About the Undercut

We’ve seen it all over. The undercut is coming back into style for girls and guys alike. You may be an undercut veteran yourself or interested in trying the look for the first time. After all, it’s attractive on so many other people, so it may be worth giving a chance. First, we’d like to say kudos to you for either finding a hairstyle that works for you or being willing to try something brand new. Here are a few ways you can rock an undercut and look great doing it!

The Swoop

Sometimes you may want to add a bit more flair to your undercut. Maybe your hair’s already naturally on the unruly side, but you still want to help it look managed. Sometimes a product as simple as a protective hair serum can help. Alternatively, maybe the limp look just isn’t your thing. In any case, you can always muss your hair forward to create a stylish swoop effect. This can take many forms, from a messy and high, slightly spiked look to a new spin on the Caesar cut. Of course, you can always rock a fringe, too! You just want to make sure you get them cut in a way that coordinates well with your facial shape and features.

The Traditional Look

RemySoft protective hair serumAs the old adage says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you’re a newbie to the wide world of undercuts, you may want to start off with its usual interpretation: long on top and slicked back. This look works well for just about any occasion and is easy to care for with regular quality hair care.

The Pompadour

It seems the ‘50s aesthetic is back in full swing, and the pompadour has made a modern resurgence! This look will take gel and maybe some protective hair serum to maintain, but we guarantee it’s easy to pull off! Just make sure to ask your stylist to leave you an ample amount of hair up top. The bigger the pompadour, the better (and sexier, if that’s the look you’re going for)!


Not all undercuts are made of gel and careful mussing. You may be interested in a more natural look, which is attainable through the help of layering the top portion of your hair. This is great for those with thin hair or who just want their undercut to look a bit more interesting and “bigger” without making it too long or using a ton of product. This look may prove to be a bit experimental for some, however. You may want to ask your stylist to play around a bit with length until you can both agree on what looks best.

The Top Knot

It seems these days it’s all about either the man bun or the undercut—but now guys are combining both for two times the charm! Naturally, you’ll need to keep the top section of your hair long. All that’s left is to bundle it up into a quick bun near the crown of your head. With the right amount of length, you’re guaranteed to look great!

While these aren’t all the ways you can rock an undercut, we hope this list of suggestions will give you some ideas. No matter which style you choose, be sure to invest in some hydrating shampoo to keep your look sleek and healthy. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for more style suggestions and hair care tips!

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Five Ways Curly Girls and Guys Can Maintain Maximum Hair Health on Campus

Student life can be hectic at times. It’s easy to neglect a lot of things in your personal life when your week is dedicated to attending your college classes and studying. However, you can still maintain maximum hair health for your curly hair, no matter how busy your schedule is. With a little time management and using the resources you have available, you can continue to look good as you go about your busy day.

A great curly hairstyle can make you feel more confident as you get through the day. Check out these five ways anyone with curly hair can maintain maximum hair health in the middle of a busy school schedule.

1. Keep Your Hair Healthy

The key to having quality curly hair is to maintain its health and hydration. In order to keep your hair from becoming broken or damaged, most hair care professionals will recommend you use a protective hair serum occasionally. Don’t neglect your hair and give it what it needs to stay healthy.

2. Save Some Time for Your Hair

Since you get to pick your schedule, be sure you allow enough time to take care of your hair. Either wake up earlier in the morning or pick a time mid-morning to do something with it. The health of your curly hair may not seem important when you’re bombarded with homework and studying, but it’s worth the effort. Block off some time in your schedule now so you won’t have to choose between caring for your hair and doing something else later on.

3. Train Your Hair Early

Keep your curls looking great with protective hair serum.

Protective hair serum keeps your curls looking great.

If you have an idea of what hairstyle you want to go with this school year, now is the time to start training it. Depending on the hairstyle, you may need to invest in a quality hydrating shampoo. Giving your hair a few weeks to get trained will make the process much easier on a daily basis.

4. Don’t Forget to Wash

Never go more than a week without washing your hair! If you’re worried about abusing your shampoo and stripping your curls of valuable moisture, consider washing with conditioner, co-washing, instead. We also recommend using a leave in conditioner after each wash to help keep it healthy and stylish.

5. Be Fly and Confident

People find confidence in a lot of ways. It’s amazing what a perfect curly hairstyle will do to your confidence level. Spend a little time fixing it up and go dominate your day!

These are just some of the tips we have for people with curly hair. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our products and recommendations tailored to your specific hairstyle!

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