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How to Pick the Best Costume Wig for Comic Con

Use the right wig products for your Comic Con wig.

The right wig products help your Comic Con wig looking great.

A trip to Comic Con just isn’t complete if you don’t dress the part. While having the perfect outfit is one of the most important aspects, finding a great costume wig will finish off the look. If you aren’t someone who typically wears wigs, though, you’ll need to learn how to care for a wig with the right wig products, as well as how to choose the right style to meet your needs.

Check the Construction

Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your wig, it’s important to pay attention to its construction. A low-quality wig won’t look great, but it also won’t last for long. Even if you use the best wig shampoo, the fibers of a poorly made wig will begin to fall out, leaving behind bald patches. If Comic Con is on your list of things to do every year, you want a wig that will hold up. Cheaper wigs typically have a skull cap or hair net underneath, while better wigs are typically crafted on hair lace, which is much thinner and more easily replicates the look of natural hair growing out of your head. Depending on your goals, a better wig may be the best option.

Understand the Types of Wigs

There are several types of wigs from which you can choose to finish your Comic Con costume. Understanding the different types can help you determine which one will best fit your needs and will provide the effect you’re looking for.

  • Lace Wigs – Lace wigs can be constructed of synthetic or human hair. These wigs look the most authentic of them all and typically replicate natural growth patterns in the hair for a realistic look. If you choose this option, you need to learn how to care for a wig properly because they are quite delicate.
  • Synthetic Wigs – If you’re looking for a wig to wear with your Comic Con costume, synthetic wigs may be the best option because of the unnatural look of many of the hairstyles you will find in comics. Synthetic fibers are often more durable and don’t require the careful care a natural wig may require.
  • Human Hair Wigs – Even though you are recreating the look of a comic character, human hair wigs can still be a great option. However, these wigs can be more expensive and will require the use of special wig shampoo and other products to ensure they remain in good shape.


While your outfit for Comic Con may have most of your attention, buying the right wig is just as important to create the look you want. Not only do you need to make sure the wig you choose is the right color and hairstyle for your character, you also need to make sure it’s of good quality so you can wear it for years to come. With the right wig products, you can continue to dress up as your favorite character.

If you’re looking for wig shampoo to care for your Comic Con wig, contact us. We carry a vast selection of wig care products to keep your wig looking great.

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Parting Your Hair: Is Middle the New Side?

Keep your hair looking great with quality hair care.

Center parts look better when you provide quality hair care.

In recent years, the trend has moved toward using a side part to soften the face, while other hair styles eliminated the part altogether. Today, it’s becoming more popular to part the hair straight down the middle instead. Many of the latest runway styles at fashion shows have sported this part, making it clear a center part is becoming a popular option for those who wear wigs, as well as those who choose other methods of creating the hair they’ve always wanted. Along with quality hair care, this trend should continue to grow.

A Partial Part

Instead of parting your hair down the center from your forehead to the back of your head, consider stopping in the middle of your head. This can give you the trendy look without the same severity as a full part. Teasing the hair near the back of your head can give it an extra lift for a great look.

A Messy Look

A great hair style no longer requires a clean, sleek look. Even if you use hair products for remy hair that keep your hair looking smooth, you can enjoy this fun look for just about any occasion. Secure your hair into a ponytail at the base of your neck and let the flyaways and frizzies shine. You don’t have to worry about giving your hair a smooth look. With the part and the slightly messy look, you’ll be ready for any casual event.

Bends and Curls

While straight hair was once the preferred accompaniment to a side part, today’s hair styles require a little more. Instead of leaving your hair hanging straight down from the center of your head, add a little curl or some bends to the hair near the bottom. As long as you know how to care for a wig or hair extensions, you can safely create these looks without causing damage.

Keep It Short

A side part no longer requires long hair to look chic and fashionable. You can even wear this style with a shorter hair style, particularly when you are wearing a short wig. Tucking the hair behind your ears will give you a more casual look.

Volume and Texture

Volume and texture are important to pull off a look like the side part. While a slicked-back look may be your goal, many styles do better with added volume and texture. Whether you use a wig or hair extensions to achieve this look, you will quickly pull off an amazing middle part.

The center part has quickly become more popular than the older trend of using a side part to soften the face. While this look doesn’t work well for everyone, there are many hair style options you can use with a center part as well. As long as you exercise quality hair care, your options are limitless.

If you want to learn how to care for a wig or other artificial hair pieces, contact us. We offer the resources you need to take great care of your hair.

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Must Have Runway Wig Styles

Look amazing with the proper wig care.

Proper wig care will help your trendy wig look amazing.

Of all the major hair trends that graced the 2014 summer runway, there were a few that definitely stood out, and they weren’t beehives or pixie cuts. On the contrary, the outstanding trend was synthetic hair. Before you start picturing princess-like, flowing, feminine hairpieces, let us stop you right there. What we saw on the runway were extravagant, fearless and thrilling styles.

For the spring/summer 2014 shows, models strutted down the catwalk flaunting choppy layers and electrifying prints that were actually dyed onto the synthetic hair fibers. These wig styles show this year will be the time to make a statement like never before — branching out with wigs and the best wig care products.

The Bowl Cut

Surprised to hear bowl cuts and latest trends in the same sentence? If so, you might want to brace yourself. This season, the Marc Jacobs show featured ultra-straight, choppy plays on the bowl cut. These styles include chin-high sharp layers along the face and matching bangs. The creator of the wigs, British hair stylist Guido Palau, approached this project with the goal of bringing the bowl cut back to life in a chic, trendy way. According to Vogue, he wanted to give the wigs an “L.A. surfer” vibe while making it look like the models had cut the hair themselves. It looks like we can say mission accomplished on this one.

More on bowl cuts: The Fendi show also showcased bowl cut wigs. On this catwalk, the models wore identical wigs in order to look like clones of one another. A creation of hairstylist Sam McKnight, this collection of wigs was inspired by a combination of Canadian model Linda Evangelista’s hairstyle in the ’80s, the Beatles’ famous bowl cuts and Japanese hairstyles. The end goal with the wigs was to make them look exaggerated and synthetic.

A Spin on Bobs

Sam Knight also created wigs that appeared on the Chanel runway. These beauties consisted of fully-fringed, shoulder-length bobs with an outward angle. The models walked down the runway wearing brown, black and extra-blond variations of this style wig. These wigs were apparently inspired by Darth Vader and 1970’s flipped-out do’s, with the ultimate goal of capturing the vibe of downtown New York.


This may be the first time we’ve seen zebra print on hair. For Rodarte’s summer 2014 catwalk, models wore wigs with black zebra patterns printed onto ice blond synthetic fibers. Created by French hairstylist Odile Gilbert, this hairstyle takes Rodarte’s repertoire of outrageous runway hair to another level.

If this has inspired you to try wig styles and trends yourself, be sure to do your research on how to care for a wig and what products to use on it, including the best wig shampoo and conditioner.

If you’d like to learn more about how to care for your wig with the best wig care products, contact us. Our hair products for remy hair will keep your extensions soft and tangle free so you can rock the latest trends.

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What Is Virgin Hair?

Find out why virgin hair is your best option.

The best hair extensions are made from virgin hair.

If you’ve never had a wig or hair extension before, you may be perplexed about the term “virgin hair.” You probably wonder what it is and whether it’s desirable. Read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about virgin hair.

What Is Virgin Hair?

Let’s begin by telling you what it is not or what it could be but certainly doesn’t have to be. Virgin hair isn’t necessarily hair that comes from a virgin. Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed (dyed, permed or bleached). Chemical processes damage the hair cuticle and cause dryness, split ends and uneven texture. Virgin hair is healthy, uniform and natural. If you weren’t sure if you should seek out hair extensions or wigs that use virgin hair, the answer is a resounding, “yes!” assuming you want to look your best.

What Is Remy Virgin Hair?

Remy virgin hair is another term you’ll probably see and hear if you’re contemplating getting a wig or hair extension. No — Remy is not the name of the person who provided the virgin hair. Remy is the name for the way the virgin hair is extracted from a donor’s head. In the remy process, hair is extracted in a way that ensures the hair cuticles remain healthy and aligned properly. The hair’s exterior cuticle is responsible for its shine and strength. A healthy cuticle helps a hair strand maintain moisture. Hair with optimal moisture looks sleek and vibrant, not dry and dull.

If you are seeking a full cap or partial cap hair replacement and want your new donor hair to look like your hair, insist on remy virgin hair. It’s the gold-standard in hair replacement.

How Should You Care for Virgin Hair?

Once you get a wig, weave or full or partial cap hair replacement, your first concern will probably be how to care for a wig, weave or replacement made of virgin hair. That’s an important question, because the last thing you want is for your wig, weave or replacement to become damaged. You want to keep it looking as sleek and silky as the first day you proudly saw your new hair in the mirror.

The best way to care for a wig is to remove it before you sleep, swim, bathe, shower or do anything that could damage it. Store it in a secure location away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, pets and children. Use quality products to clean it. Weaves and replacements are different. You can’t remove them from your scalp. Instead, gently cleanse them as needed with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

If you want to enhance your look with hair extensions, replacements or wigs, look for options made of virgin hair. Virgin hair is natural, healthy and will last longer than hair that has been damaged from chemical processing. Contact us to learn more about the remy process and products that will keep virgin hair looking amazing.

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