Hair care is important when wearing wigs.

The right hair care will ensure your wig stays looking natural.

The idea of losing your hair can be one of the most difficult aspects of going through chemotherapy. For many people, the idea of wearing a lace cap and wig can make them feel uncomfortable or inadequate. There are many misconceptions floating around, especially in terms of whether they are color safe and what type of hair care they require. Understanding the myths can help you feel more confident so you can maintain a sense of normalcy during and after your treatments.

It Looks Fake

The biggest concern for cancer patients is whether the wig looks real. If you are afraid the wig will look obviously fake, you are mistaken. In fact, many lace cap and wig manufacturers take great pride in creating realistic wigs that are virtually impossible to differentiate from real hair. Even if you choose a synthetic wig, chances are no one will be able to tell. Cancer patients can look just like they did before they lost their hair.

Wigs Make Your Head Sweat

The idea of a sweaty head is unappealing to most people. Fortunately, with the right hair care, your color safe wig shouldn’t make your head sweat any more than your real hair. Using a cap under your wig helps absorb any moisture and keep your head cool and dry.

A Wig Must Be Taped On

Just the thought of taping something to your head is enough to make you cringe. Fortunately, most wigs cancer patients use have an adjustable belt under the wig to ensure it fits securely. While some people prefer to use a thin layer of glue, the temporary use makes belt adjustments a more suitable option. There’s no need to use tape or any other adhesive.

Good Wigs Cost Too Much

If you need a lace cap and wig because of cancer treatments, chances are you won’t have to spend a lot to get a good wig. Many organizations offer special discounts to make high-quality hair replacements more affordable. Some places even offer free wigs to those who need them.

A Wig Slows Natural Hair Growth

After your treatments are over, you want your natural hair to grow back as quickly as possible. When it comes to wigs, some people believe wearing one slows natural hair growth. While it’s important to keep your wig off for periods of time, wearing it won’t cause problems with regrowth.

Wearing a lace cap and wig doesn’t have to carry a negative stigma, especially when you need one because of cancer treatments. For many people, wigs are a color safe option that look just like your natural hair. With the right hair care, no one will ever know you are wearing a wig. Don’t let the common misconceptions about wearing wigs turn you to scarves or keep you at home. A wig can be a great way to restore a sense of normalcy and aid in the emotional aspect of your recovery.

If you wear a wig due to hair loss and need the best hair care products, contact us. We carry a full line of products designed with wigs and hair replacement pieces in mind.