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Caring for Your Wig in the Rain

Rain requires a good sulfate free shampoo.

The right hair products for remy hair can help you protect your wig from rain.

If you wear a wig, chances are it’s going to get wet at some point. Even if you normally take precautions when it rains outside, there may be times you are caught by surprise. Using the right hair products for remy hair, such as a sulfate free shampoo, is just one part of properly caring for your wig when it gets wet. Learning how to take good care of your wig, regardless of the conditions, will ensure it lasts longer and gives you the look you’ve always wanted.

Wear a Cover

There are many ways you can cover your wig when it starts to rain. Umbrellas are an obvious solution for most rainy days; however, if the rain is blowing in the wind or coming down hard, you will need extra protection. Wearing a hat or a plastic cover can be the best way to keep your wig from getting too wet in the rain. A good silk scarf is another alternative, especially if you don’t like to wear hats or don’t care to wrap your head in plastic.

Wash It Right Away

If your wig still gets wet despite your best efforts to protect it from rain, it’s important to wash your wig as soon as you are able. Using a high-quality sulfate free shampoo is the best way to keep your wig clean. This type of hair product is designed for both remy hair and synthetic wigs, helping them last as long as possible.

Always Air Dry

It can be tempting to pull out the hair dryer to speed up the drying process. This is not advised for use on wigs, regardless of whether they are synthetic wigs or remy hair wigs. Instead, remove your wet wig and place it on your wig rack so it can dry naturally. This will protect the fibers of the hair from damage due to drying out from the use of heat.

Let It Dry before Brushing

Many people are quick to brush out their wig when it gets wet because it may look frizzy or unkempt. This can easily damage the fibers, whether it is a human hair wig or one made from synthetic materials. Even after you use hair products for remy hair, it is important to allow the hair to dry completely before brushing it. This will maintain the smooth look you expect from your wig.

Keeping your wig protected from the rain can be a difficult task, especially if the rain catches you by surprise. If your wig does get wet, it is important to take the proper steps to resolve the issue. Washing with high-quality hair products for remy hair, such as sulfate free shampoo, will keep your wig in great shape. Once you wash it, allow it to air dry and then brush it out once it is completely dry.

If you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo for your wig, contact us. Our specially-formulated shampoos are ideal for use on your wig.

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Hair Systems for Men Are Trending This Year

Men's wigs and hair pieces require sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

A hair system shampoo and conditioner is idea for men’s wigs and hair pieces.

When most people think of wearing hair systems or wigs, they think of women who want to change the look of their hair quickly and easily; however, hair systems are becoming a trend for men as well. Whether you want to change the look of your hair or you want to cover up hair loss, choosing a good hair system shampoo and conditioner will ensure your new hair system will look natural and last longer.

Full or Partial Hair Systems

If you are looking to improve your style with a hair system, your first decision will be choosing between a full or partial one. In most situations, men choose partial systems because they still have a significant amount of their own hair to work with, which means they don’t want to cover up all their hair. Instead, a partial system blends into your natural hair to create the look you want. To ensure yours looks its best, make sure you choose a hair system that matches your natural hair color and type.

Add Volume

One of the most common reasons men use hair systems is to add volume to their hair. Even if you still have your full head of hair, adding a hair system can increase volume and help you create the look you want. When you wash your system withsulfate free shampoo and conditioner, it will add even more volume to the hair. This allows you to create unique styles that follow all the latest trends. While not all celebrities are using wigs and extensions to create their amazing styles, more of them are using hair systems to get the look they want.

A Confidence Booster

Another reason more men are choosing hair systems is to boost their confidence. Many men are susceptible to losing their hair as they get older. This can reduce your self-esteem and prompt you to look for ways to regain a more youthful appearance. Turning to a hair system to cover your hair loss is an ideal solution for thinning hair and bald spots. While there’s nothing shameful about losing your hair, it can give you the confidence you need to feel better about yourself and look younger in the process.

More men are starting to wear hair systems for a variety of reasons, ranging from changing their hairstyle quickly and easily to adding volume to thinning hair. When you use the right hair system shampoo and conditioner, you will be able to keep yours looking great.

If you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair system in great shape, contact us. We offer the hair care products you need to properly care for your hair system and natural hair.

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Is There Proper Wig Etiquette for Cancer Patients?

Medical wigs require a great sulfate free shampoo.

A great sulfate free shampoo keeps medical wigs looking great.

One of the most emotionally difficult aspects of going through cancer treatments is the idea of losing your hair. Unfortunately, this is a common side effect of chemotherapy that often causes patients to turn to wigs for aesthetic reasons and to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Quality hair care, including a great sulfate free shampoo, can keep wigs looking natural. If someone you love is wearing a wig to cover hair loss, it is important to practice proper etiquette to avoid causing them additional stress.

Don’t Ask to Touch It

You might be curious about your loved one’s wig and may request to touch it; however, handling wigs more than necessary could damage the fibers, causing premature wear and tear. The oil and dirt on your hands could also damage the hair, whether it’s remy hair or synthetic.  If you are interested in touching a wig, make sure your hands are clean and handle it with care so you don’t damage the hair.

Never Ask Someone If They Wear a Wig

You may be genuinely curious or want to show your support, but asking someone if they are wearing a wig may not be well received. While some cancer patients don’t mind talking about it, others can be sensitive and may not want people to know. Instead, it is best to talk about how great the person looks. Tell them how much you like the new hairstyle or color. Giving compliments will help them feel better and let them know they are important to you.

Wig Removal

Some patients may be nervous about removing their wigs in the company of other people. While a few may be perfectly comfortable baring their bald heads in public, others are more discreet and want to remove it in privacy. If you are going through treatments and using a wig, it’s up to you how you handle removing it when you need a breather. If your loved one is shy about removing their wig, make sure you give them the privacy they need in order to be more comfortable.

Cancer patients often find the need to purchase a wig after treatments. While this is not required, many patients choose to do so because it makes them more comfortable. Understanding the basics of wig etiquette in regard to cancer patients is important to ensure no one feels uncomfortable or embarrassed by the situation. After all, with the use of quality hair care products, such as a great sulfate free shampoo, it can often be difficult to determine if someone really is wearing a wig.

If you are looking for a great sulfate free shampoo for your wig, contact us. We offer the best products on the market for real and synthetic wigs.

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