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Popular Short Styles for Summer

Exercise quality hair care for shorter styles.

Short styles require quality hair care too.

With the heat of summer, long hair isn’t always as appealing, making shorter hair a popular trend. Shorter styles are easy to maintain in the summer months and help keep you cooler too. With quality hair care, such as sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, along with sun protection for hair, you will be sporting a cute new do that won’t have you trying to find ways to tie your hair back.

Asymmetrical Side Sweep

If you’re looking for a more feminine twist to your short hair, an asymmetrical side sweep can be the ideal option. There are several ways to accomplish this style. Jennifer Hudson sports this style with her hair short in the back and longer in the front with an extreme side part. Peta Murgatroyd has her hair cut in a similar way. With the use of a few quality hair care products and a flat iron, you can achieve the same style.

Layered Crop

Use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for beautiful hair.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner help keep your hair looking great.

Just because you’re interested in a shorter hair cut doesn’t mean you have to stick to one length. The layered look can create a beautiful hair style that complements just about any summer outfit. This style is extremely versatile so you can dress it up or dress it down. A smoothing cream and hair straightener can help you smooth out the look.

Undercut Crop

Not everyone wants to deal with any length of hair during the hottest months of the year. If this describes you, the undercut crop can be the perfect style. This short hair style may seem like a boy’s cut, but it can be feminized to achieve a great look for women. Miley Cyrus has rocked this hair style for several years now, while Jennifer Hudson has a slightly longer version that gives her versatility with the help of a few styling products.

Feminine Bob

Sun protection for your hair is essential.

Don’t forget about sun protection for your hair.

Bobs are among the oldest short hair styles for women. This slightly longer style brings with it many options for styling, including the use of headbands or barrettes. You can also choose to wear this hair style down without feeling too warm during the hot summer months or feeling like you need to sweep your hair up before you leave the house. However, some women love to add some curl or wave to their bob to ensure a more feminine look. Celebrities like Coco Rocha and Amy Newbold have kept this style on-trend.

Quality hair care is a must at any time of the year, regardless of the length of your hair. However, as the weather heats up, it may be time to consider sporting a shorter do to keep you cooler without worrying about a lot of styling. These hair styles require little care beyond using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and sun protection for hair, allowing you to get up and go, regardless of where you’re going.

If you’re looking for the right hair care products to care for your short haircut, contact us. We carry a vast selection of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, along with other products.

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Beautiful Braided Wedding Hair

Consider sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for beautiful hair.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner can make your hair look great.

Braids are often considered a casual hair style, but you can easily transform braided hair into an amazing wedding style everyone will envy. With the help of hair extensions, these braided hair styles can take a traditional wedding style and add a romantic twist that will make your wedding day even more special. These options will make a great alternative to the wedding styles you’re used to seeing.

A Braided Bun

Buns are a common choice for brides because it elegantly pulls the hair out of the face and works well under veils and other popular headwear for brides. Instead of a traditional bun, however, brides can dress up this hair style by braiding the hair before coiling it into a romantic bun. Leaving a few curls around the face can complete the look and make every bride a vision for her special day.

A Loose Braid

Exercise quality hair care for the perfect wedding style.

Quality hair care will make your braids shine.

A simple braid may seem plain, but you can still use this as a great option for wearing your hair beneath your veil. Instead of braiding your hair tightly, try a looser braid secured at the nape of your neck. While this won’t keep all of your hair secured into the braid, any hair that escapes can be styled in any way you prefer. When you exercise quality hair care with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, your hair will look amazing in this style.

A Braid Crown

Many brides are choosing a tiara or a floral crown to adorn their heads rather than a more traditional veil. If you are looking for a different way to make these hair pieces pop, consider creating a crown from your hair first. Braiding your hair and wrapping it around your head, secured with hair pins, will create the perfect foundation for anchoring a floral wreath or tiara to the top of your head. Consider weaving a ribbon into this hair style.

An Inverted Braid with Top Knot

Create fuller braids with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can create fuller braids.

Another popular hair style for brides is the top knot because it nestles beautifully within a tiara or floral wreath. However, if you want to mix things up and create a unique look, run an inverted braid from the nape of your neck up toward the bottom of the top knot. This is perfect for brides who aren’t using a veil and can create a fun look that stands out.

Flower Child Braids

If you look back at hair styles of the 60s, you’ll notice a lot of braids wrapped from the front of the head, around to the nape of the neck. These were often accented with flowers. Today, this is a great option for brides who want to use flowers as their hair pieces. This look is perfect for more casual affairs.

Finding the perfect wedding hair style can be stressful. There are many choices, which can make the decision even more difficult. Some of these styles are more casual, while others are just as romantic and elegant as other traditional bridal styles. When you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner on your hair extensions before your wedding, any style you choose will be perfect.

If you’re looking for quality hair care products to get your hair ready for your big day, contact us. We carry a full line of products designed for hair extensions.

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Great Groom and Groomsman Styles

The men in your wedding party can look great with quality hair care.

With quality hair care, the men in your wedding party can look great.

The bride is often the main focus when planning a wedding, but this doesn’t mean the groom and his groomsmen don’t want to look their best as well. Men may not make an appointment with the barber for the big day, but there are things they can do to make sure their hair looks great too. Quality hair care with a hydrating shampoo that is free of sulfates will ensure you have a hairstyle you can be proud of for your wedding day.

Prepare Before the Wedding Day

There’s nothing worse than scrambling around the day or week before the wedding to make sure everything is just right. There are plenty of things that have to wait until this time period, but your hair isn’t one of them. Several months before the wedding, make sure you switch to a sulfate free shampoo to strip your hair of the damaging chemicals found in other shampoos.  A quality hydrating shampoo will help restore your hair to great condition. If you plan to get a haircut, schedule it for no less than a week prior to your wedding. This will allow any potential mistakes time to grow out a bit.

Choose the Right Hair Products

In addition to quality hair care, you will need to choose hair products to use to create the perfect groom and groomsman styles. Instead of choosing a product that creates a wet or slicked look, choose a styling product that creates a matte finish. A slicked hairdo may look great on you in person, but in photographs, the flash will reflect off your hair and won’t look as sleek. The goal is to make your hair look as natural as possible.

Create the Ideal Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is a reflection of your personality. When you’re preparing for the big day, creating the perfect hairstyle may not feel like a top priority, but it should be. For instance, one popular wedding hairstyle involves cropping the sides short and leaving your hair a little longer on the top. With a little styling gel, you can sweep your hair to the side or back to complete the look. These days, a slightly messy hairdo can be the perfect way to style your hair before you walk down the aisle. If you prefer longer hair, using a matte hair product to sweep your hair away from your face will provide a finished appearance that isn’t overdone.

Whether you’re preparing to walk down the aisle or you’re standing up with a good friend or close family member, it’s important to make sure every aspect of your appearance is just right. This includes your hair. It all starts with quality hair care with a sulfate free shampoo and ends with the hairstyle you choose to complement your look and create a perfect day.

If you’re looking for the best hydrating shampoo for your wedding day look, contact us. We carry a full selection of quality hair products designed for healthy hair for men and women.

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La Oscura Realidad Acerca de los Sulfatos

la-oscura-realidad-acerca-de-los-sulfatos-remysoft-1Si usas productos para el cabello del supermercado o una tienda departamental, lo más probable es que estés exponiendo tu pelo a los efectos dañinos de los sulfatos. Si quieres saber cómo cuidar las extensiones de cabello, debes entender qué productos para cabello remy funcionan mejor. Una vez que conozcas el riesgo de los sulfatos, entenderás la ventaja de usar champú y acondicionador libres de sulfato.

Irritación de Piel y Cuero Cabelludo

Los sulfatos, un agente desengrasante de alto rendimiento, son considerados químicos agresivos. Aunque estos químicos son efectivos en eliminar los aceites de tu cabello, algo que muchas personas creen necesitar, pueden además causar irritación severa en la piel y el cuero cabelludo, y puedes llegar a sentir comezón o ardor en la piel. Los sulfatos son también el ingrediente responsable de quemar tus ojos. Por otra parte, si comienzas a utilizar productos para cabello remy libres de sulfatos,  eliminarás la irritación y te sentirás mejor después de lavar tu pelo sin comprometer el nivel de limpieza del mismo.

Eliminando Aceites Esenciales

Es probable que no quieras que tu cabello se vea aceitoso, pero tampoco quieres eliminar todos los aceites naturales que tiene. Sin sus aceites naturales, el cabello se vuelve seco, quebradizo y es más susceptible a quebrarse. El champú y acondicionador libres de sulfato pueden remover efectivamente el exceso de aceites sin causar ningún daño a tu cabello.

Pérdida de Cabello

la-oscura-realidad-acerca-de-los-sulfatos-remysoft-2Debido al daño que puede sufrir tu cabello con el uso de sulfato, es más probable el riesgo de que tu pelo se caiga completamente.  Aunque la calvicie puede ser hereditaria, sobre todo en hombres, en algunas ocasiones puede ser causada por el uso de champú y acondicionador con sulfato. Utilizar productos libres de sulfato te ayuda a reducir el riesgo de sufrir la pérdida del cabello.

Un Daño Potencialmente Severo

Aunque todavía se requieren más estudios, los datos preliminares demuestran que los sulfatos pueden causar daños severos al cuerpo humano. Además de lastimar la piel, los sulfatos pueden ser parcialmente responsables en el desarrollo de cáncer y daños causados al sistema inmune. A pesar de que no existen pruebas concretas, no vale la pena tomar el riesgo cuando puedes elegir una alternativa que puede ser más segura.

La mayoría de las personas desconocen los ingredientes que se encuentran en el champú y acondicionador que utilizan, sin embargo, si quieres saber cómo cuidar las extensiones de cabello y pelucas, el champú y acondicionador libres de sulfato deben ser tu primera opción. Con estos productos de gran calidad, mantendrás tu cabello luciendo genial sin sufrir los efectos negativos que se atribuyen a la presencia del sulfato en champús y acondicionadores más baratos.

Hemos creado una línea de productos de alta calidad que mantendrán tu cabello limpio y sano, contáctanos para conocer más acerca del mejor champú y acondicionador libres de sulfato.

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Long Hair Care for Your Remy Locks

Create beautiful long hair with hair extensions.

Hair extensions can help you create beautiful locks.

When you have long hair, whether naturally or because of the addition of hair extensions, taking good care of your hair is different than if you have a shorter do. For starters, you need to use hair products for remy hair, such as the Glam Rocker sulfate free shampoo. In addition to using the right shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair, these tips will ensure your long locks look great and stay healthy.

Brush Your Hair Often

Regular brushing is one of the best ways to promote the health of your hair and help it continue to grow well. Using a wide toothed comb will help you gently detangle your hair and reduce the occurrence of breakage. When you do brush and comb your hair, make sure to pull gently. Being careless will cause more pain and can lead to brittle hair that easily breaks. Excessive pulling can also cause your hair extensions to come loose.

Wash with Care

Keep your long hair looking great with sulfate free shampoo.

Sulfate free shampoo helps your long hair look great.

Washing your hair when you’re wearing hair extensions doesn’t need to be done on a daily basis. In fact, if you wash your hair too often, you could weaken the connection between the extensions and your own hair and cause them to loosen prematurely. In addition to reducing the number of times you wash your hair, make sure you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to ensure the longevity of your locks.

Use Care in Styling

Styling your long hair is a necessity because you need to make sure you protect your remy hair to prevent damage. This means staying away from heat as much as possible. There are several natural methods of achieving the curls and waves you’re looking for. If you must use a styling tool, keep the heat low. For ponytails and other updos, don’t pull elastics too tightly to avoid damaging your hair extensions.

Sleep on Silk

Cotton and other synthetic materials may feel soft to the touch, but they can easily snag your hair and cause tangles, especially with longer hair. Silk is your best option for keeping your hair healthy while you sleep. Choose silk pillowcases and consider wrapping your head in a silk scarf. The smooth silk will prevent tangles, which can lead to breakage when you’re coming or brushing.

Consider Vitamin E

Vitamin E has a lot of benefits for your natural hair and can also benefit your remy hair extensions. Regularly massage this vitamin oil into your hair and scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. You can use this oil by itself or consider mixing it with coconut oil.

Taking care of your long hair, especially when you have hair extensions, can be a challenge. If you want your extensions to last longer, it’s important to use these tips to ensure your hair is clean and beautiful. These steps will help you protect both your natural hair and any replacement pieces you are using to enhance your look.

If you’re looking for the best sulfate free shampoo for your hair extensions, contact us. Our Glam Rocker products are designed with extensions and remy hair in mind.

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The Dirty Truth About Sulfates

Improve your hair with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner keeps your hair looking great.

If you’ve been using hair products from your local grocery or department store, chances are you are exposing your hair to the damaging effects of sulfates. If you want to know how to care for hair extensions, you need to understand which hair products for remy hair will work best. Once you know the dangers of sulfates, you will see the advantages of choosing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Skin and Scalp Irritation

Sulfates, which are a heavy-duty degreasing agent, are considered harsh chemicals. While these chemicals are effective at removing the oils from your hair, which is what most people think they need, they can also cause severe skin and scalp irritation. You may feel itchy or your skin may burn. Sulfates are the ingredient that is also responsible for burning your eyes. When you switch to sulfate free hair products for remy hair, on the other hand, you will eliminate this irritation and feel more comfortable after you wash your hair without compromising the level of cleanliness.

Stripping Essential Oils

You don’t want your hair to appear oily, but you also don’t want to remove all of the natural oils from your hair. Without natural oils, your hair will become dry and brittle and will be more susceptible to breakage. Sulfate free shampoo and conditioner can effectively remove excess oils without causing damage to your hair.

Hair Loss

Make sure you're using the right hair products for remy hair.

Choose the right hair products for remy hair.

Due to the damage that can occur to your hair because of sulfate use, your hair is at a greater risk of falling out completely. While baldness can sometimes be hereditary, especially in men, some situations could be caused by using a shampoo and conditioner that includes sulfate. Switching to sulfate free alternatives will help reduce your risks of experiencing hair loss.

Potential Serious Damage

While more studies are required, preliminary data shows sulfates can actually cause serious damage to the human body. In addition to harming the skin, sulfates may be partially responsible for the development of cancer, as well as damage to your immune system. Despite the fact there is no solid proof, it isn’t worth the risk when you can choose another alternative that has a better chance of being safe.

Most people aren’t aware of what ingredients are in their shampoo and conditioner. However, if you are trying to determine how to care for hair extensions and wigs, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should be your top priority. With these quality hair care products, you will keep your hair looking great without experiencing all the negative effects attributed to the presence of sulfate in cheaper shampoos and conditioners.

If you’re looking for the best sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, contact us. We have created a line of quality hair care products that keep your hair clean and healthy.

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Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors

Keep your hair color looking great with hydrating shampoo.

A hydrating shampoo will keep your hair color looking great.

There are three key elements that create a beautiful, flattering hair style: the way the hair is cut, the way the hair is styled and the color (or colors) of the hair. When you want to make a big statement, changing your hair color is a great way to do that. Topping the summer 2015 hair trend list is integrating vibrant, bold colors into natural hair or adding hair extensions. Summer is all about fun, and color beats blah every time.

Be a Blonde Bombshell

Summer is the perfect time to give your hair a sun-kissed glow. Depending on your personal style and your skin tone, that may mean going Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, Owen Wilson strawberry blonde, Keith Urban honey blonde or Hayden Panettiere golden blonde. The key is to go blonde with a plan and to incorporate plenty of highlights and lowlights that will really pop under the sun’s bright rays. Blonde hair tends to fade faster than other shades so keep it healthy by using a hydrating shampoo and UV-resistant protective hair serum to make sure your color lasts.

Brunettes Pop with Subtle Accents

Keep your hair looking beautiful with hair products for remy hair.

Hair products for remy hair will keep your hair looking beautiful.

Brunettes have options galore for kicking up their hair color this summer. A big trend seen at this year’s hair shows was the addition of warmth (in homage to the sun itself!) with copper, golden or chestnut accents. The exact accent shade will depend on eye color and skin tone. The hombre look is still popular and allows you to mimic that natural “growing out my roots” phase in strategic fashion. Keep end color from turning brassy by using only a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

Who Says Color Has to Be “Natural?”

Another fun yet more surprising look for the summer is decidedly not natural accent colors on both brunettes and blondes. Much emulated and on-trend designers like Badgley Mischcka really pushed the envelope during this year’s runway shows by outfitting their models with bold streaks of electric blue or yellow, pumpkin orange, sea-foam green and even fuchsia. Imagine being able to match your hair color and even your eyebrow color to your pedicure shade. It is possible and on-trend this summer thanks to hair chalks and bright highlight colors. Winter may be dark and gloomy, but summer is about light, bright, colorful fun. Extensions are a great way to bring this look to life. Among the available hair products for remy hair is an amazing recovery cream that’s a must-use if you opt for extensions.

Ready for a Noticeable Change? Go for It This Summer!

If you have always been tempted to change up your hair color, there is no better time than summer 2015! Guys – you know you’ve always wanted to try highlights. Now is the ideal time! Whether you decide to go bright and bold with primary colors or simply go a shade darker or lighter than your natural hue, you will be on trend. Make sure to keep your color looking vibrant longer by using only sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and hair products for remy hair on your extensions.

When you need to buy these products, contact us at RemySoft Solutions. We’ve got a full array of the products and tools you’ll need to keep your remy hair looking brand new!

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Summer’s Hottest Hair Styles and Accessories

Keep your hair looking great with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner keeps your hair looking great.

Summer is synonymous with fun and that includes having fun with your look. This year’s hair shows are full of playful, whimsical looks anyone can emulate with help from hair extensions, styling tools and hair products. This summer’s hottest hairstyles invite you to unleash your creativity. Just don’t forget to spritz on sun protection for hair as your final prep step this season and to use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to protect your locks and retain your color.

Make a Bold Color Statement

Speaking of color, expect to see surprising hues on fashionable heads this season. If you haven’t yet discovered hair chalk, now is the time to start experimenting. Use it to add streaks of blue, orange, pink, green or yellow to your locks. You can enjoy a fun, fresh style with the peace of mind in knowing you can rinse it out when your mood changes.

Show Equal Parts

Center parts are showing up on long and short styles. This is a quick way to create a sleek, classy look without too much fuss.

Swept Away

Don't leave the house without sun protection for hair.

Sun protection for hair is essential this summer.

Another big trend this season focuses on the part. This time, though, it involves a more dramatic side part. Dress it up with plenty of product or keep it cool and loose for a casual look.

Go Natural

Casual, low-maintenance beachy hair is a time-honored summer staple that continues to be big for 2015. Simply embrace your natural waves and curls rather than trying to tame them. Voila, consider yourself very much in style!

Go Straight

Long, straight, shiny hair never goes out of style. For summer, pair it with flirty and fun clips, head bands and sparkly hair accessories that shimmer in the sunlight.

Go Half and Half

Can’t decide whether to rock an updo or keep your locks loose? Enjoy the best of both worlds with trendy half up and half down hair. Grab a cute hair accessory and a handful of bobby pins and experiment. Easily incorporate other trends like wet-look and pastel-streaked hair into the half and half look.

Embrace Wet Head

Get special care for your hair extensions.

Hair extensions need special care in the sun.

When most people think of summer, they usually think of water in the form of oceans and swimming pools. The wet, just stepped out of the shower look is trendy for summer and super easy to pull off with just a comb and the right products!

Pony Up

The ever-versatile ponytail never goes out of style and that holds true for summer 2015. Wear it high and tight or wear it low and loose. Whatever your preference, head out with the confidence you’re on trend, especially if you add accents and accessories to complete your look.

Crimp It

That’s right — this 1990s throwback is back in style. Rifle through the back of your bathroom closet and dust off that crimping iron.

If you want to look amazing and on trend this summer, hair extensions definitely belong in your arsenal of props. Versatility is the name of the game this season, and extensions offer that in spades.

Contact us at RemySoft Solutions for all of your remy hair care needs. We are your go-to source for all things needed to keep your synthetic hair looking beautiful.

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VIDEO: Introducing RemySoft Glam Rocker Long Hair Protection

Do you wear hair extensions or wigs or simply have long locks? Learn why the RemySoft Glam Rocker products are right for you!

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Top 5 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Emulate celebrity wedding hairstyles with shiny hair extensions.

Shiny hair extensions can help you emulate celebrity wedding hairstyles.

There’s much to do before your big day: dresses to buy, fittings to attend and hairstyles to plan for. With photos that will likely be prominently displayed in your home and your relatives’ homes for all to see, your wedding hairstyle should not be an afterthought, but well planned and executed!

When deciding how to wear your locks, take a cue from recent celebrity weddings. These people have teams of experts and stylists advising them on the best styles. The best part is, you can emulate them without spending a ton of money. Here are a few versatile looks that truly turn heads. Unless you’ve been blessed with naturally long, thick hair, hair extensions will help you achieve these winning nuptial looks.

Kate Middleton

Make sure your hair looks great with sulfate free shampoo.

Sulfate free shampoo will ensure your hair looks great for your wedding.

You know a hairstyle is a winner when it’s chosen for a long-awaited, much-celebrated royal wedding. Kate’s demi-chignon combined the best of both worlds: part updo and part long flowing tresses. Both shiny hair extensions and natural hair will set off your veil nicely if you wear one, as Kate did. For you, a non-royal, a tiara is optional but could be a nice, unexpected, sparkly way to top off your wedding look!

Gwen Stefani

Known for having an edgy side and gravitating toward punk style inspiration, it’s no surprise Gwen’s wedding hair-do was as unique as she is. Her wedding coif featured height toward the crown, and then was meticulously combed back for a sleek look. She topped off her hairstyle with a beautiful, elegant hair accessory that shone as bright as her platinum tresses.

Amal Alamuddin

Who better to emulate than the beauty who finally enticed eternal bachelor George Clooney to walk down the aisle? Shiny hair extensions are a must to recreate this simple, yet stunning look. Amal wore her hair down, parted in the center, in loose waves. If you value simple, classic and elegant looks, this style is for you. It’s especially well-suited for brunettes, whose locks really pop with a high-sheen look.

Kate Moss

Copy your favorite hairstyles with the help of hair extensions.

Hair extensions can help you create more hairstyles.

Blondes look especially radiant in the tousled, wavy style Kate rocked on her special day. The long, soft waves looked ultra-feminine. Hair extensions will work especially well when recreating this look because they’ll add body and volume so your style stands up to all of the dancing you’ll be doing at the reception.

Jackie Kennedy

Some hairstyles never go out of style and that is true of Jackie Kennedy’s iconic wedding ‘do. Jackie’s classic bouffant has been a much-emulated wedding look for decades. It’s timeless, traditional and as beautiful now as it was then.

If extensions will bring your favorite wedding look to fruition, contact us at RemySoft Solutions for products like sulfate free shampoo, paddle brushes and conditioning sprays that will keep your extensions looking as beautiful as the day you get them.

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