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How to Control Your Oily Hair

When you have naturally oily hair, having a good hair day can seem impossible. You can take a refreshing shower at night and wake up the next morning to an oily mess on your head. You may have tried using a variety of quality hair care products with no luck. In actuality, it’s possible what you’re doing is actually making your hair more oily. You may have tried some of these tips before, but give them a another shot before you spend a ton of money on other hair products.

1. Don’t Touch Your Hair

Just like the rest of your body, your hands produce natural oils throughout the day. The oils increase even more as you touch different things. Whether you have a nervous habit of touching your hair or if you just subconsciously do it, it’s time to be more conscious and keep your hands off. The less you touch it, the less oily it will be.

2. Consider Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a quality hair care product you should consider. Its main purpose is to RemySoft sulfate free shampoo and conditionersoak up the oils on your hair to give it a less oily appearance. Plus, you don’t have to wash it as often and other people won’t even notice if you’ve gone a few days without washing.

3. Wash Your Hair Less

Speaking of washing your hair less, by using a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, you shouldn’t have to wash your hair as much. In fact, washing your hair too much can prompt your body to create oils at a faster rate in order to replenish its supply. The more you wash your hair, the more oils are produced, so you’re fighting a losing battle.

4. Use the Proper Hair Care Products

No matter if you prefer a hydrating shampoo, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner or other quality hair care products, you can reduce the oil in your hair with at least one of them. Every person’s hair is different, so you just have to find the right combination for you. A trial and error approach is usually the best way to go until you find something that works.

At RemySoft, we have some of the best quality hair care products on the market. We have helped people control their oily hair in many different ways, so if you have similar struggles, be sure to contact us at any time.

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Our Tips for Taming Your Frizzy Hair

Sometimes the weather can contribute to overly frizzy hair, but some people just have naturally frizzy hair that’s hard to tame. If you can relate, we understand what you’re going through! A lack of moisture in your hair can be a big reason why it’s frizzy all the time. Humid weather also plays a big role because your hair is trying to absorb all the moisture. Here are some of our best tips to help you control your frizzy hair.

1. Use the Right Shampoo

A good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner may be all you need to calm down your frizz. This type of shampoo will help hydrate your hair from the inside out and will provide a coating on the hair to keep the moisture in. You can’t go wrong when you choose sulfate free!

2. Condition More Than Shampoo

Washing your hair too much can lead to it drying out more often. Even if you use a quality hydrating shampoo, you could be causing more harm than good by washing too much. Find a good leave in conditioner instead, which will help keep your hair moisturized and clean even without frequent washing.

3. Air Dry Instead of Blow Dry

Your blow dryer is extremely convenient when you get out of the shower, but it also dehydrates your hair significantly. To prevent frizzy hair in the morning, allow your hair to air dry and use a blow dryer on a low setting just to finish it off. Letting your hair air dry most of the way will keep your hair strands smooth and straight.

RemySoft hydrating shampoo4. For Emergencies, Use a Little Water

Sometimes a hydrating shampoo won’t even do the trick on humid days. For a temporary fix, spray a little water in your hair to tame the frizz. Of course, you can’t walk around with a spray bottle all day, but you can put a little on it every time you go to the bathroom.

Having frizzy hair can be frustrating, especially when it seems like there’s nothing you can do about it. If you haven’t already, be sure to invest in a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to see how it helps. For other tips and recommendations, feel free to contact us at any time.

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How to Store Your Wigs

There really isn’t a perfect way to store your wigs, but there are plenty of wrong ways. Taking care of your wig is important if you want it to remain looking full and maintain its shape for a long time. No matter if you have a full cap or partial cap hair replacement, you can’t just throw it on the bed or on the floor when you get home at the end of the day. Proper storage of your wigs will go a long way in ensuring you get plenty of use out of them. Here are some tips on how to properly store your wigs.

Ensure Clean and Dry Wigs Before Storage

When learning about how to care for a wig, you probably heard many times how to clean one. One mistake people make is washing their wigs and then putting them in a storage box before they are completely dry. This could cause the wig to lose its shape, among other things, and possibly make it unwearable the next time you need it. Always use a good wig shampoo and conditioner and dry it completely prior to storing anywhere.

Store Inside a Box

People who don’t wear wigs on a daily basis will sometimes store them in the box they came in. Before you do that, you need to keep the shape of the wig by putting in a paper insert and covering the outer part with a hair net. As long as it is completely dry after using the wig shampoo and conditioner, this is a good method for long-term storage.

Store on a Mannequin Head

If you wear wigs on a daily basis, then storing them in a box would just be inconvenient. Instead, you should invest in a mannequin head for easy access and storage. This is a much better option than putting them on a bedpost or on your dresser, since you want to maintain the shape as much as possible. Many mannequins are space-efficient, so you can place them on your vanity or dresser without cluttering up the area.

People who don’t spend the time learning how to care for a wig will be frustrated when the time comes to style it. Properly storing wigs is one of the most important and will allow you to protect your investment in quality hair pieces. For more information on wig care, be sure to contact us.

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These Are Four Hair Myths You Should Never Believe!

We’ve all seen information being published left and right regarding what to do and what not to do with our precious heads of hair. From the time you first started caring for your hair yourself, you’ve likely been exposed to all sorts of advice from the media, friends, family and even salon staff. What’s worth believing, and what isn’t? Is it possible you could be believing and following hair advice that holds no real water? Keep reading to learn which common statements about quality hair care are, in fact, myths and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

1. Hair Growth Is Affected By Cutting Your Hair at Certain Times of Day

This first myth originates from Brazil, and states that getting a trim or a cut when the moon is full will influence your hair to grow thicker and longer than cutting your hair at any other time of day. In actuality, the entire premise of having your hair cut bolstering the growth of your hair is false! The best purpose for getting your hair cut is to help or stave off breakage issues. What truly helps your hair grow fast and rejuvenated is maintaining a quality hair care routine and lots of patience!

2. Brush Your Hair at Least 100 Times Per Day

Everyone’s heard this old wives’ tale, and maybe even seen it playing out on film and television. Supposedly, this practice is supposed to help keep your hair sleek and healthy. However, it really does everything but! Brushing your hair—especially too often—can yank your hair strand by strand, actually rendering it frail. As such, your brush is best wielded in the midst of the styling process, not as part of your bedtime routine.

3. Afro-Textured Hair Is the Strongest of All Hair Types

RemySoft hair products for remy hairUnfortunately, there’s no evidence to back this statement up. The contrary turns out to be true! Afro-textured hair—whether kept natural or straightened—is prone to dryness, breakage and a myriad of other issues that straighter hair types are less likely to experience. Protective styles can influence its health, but relying on them too much can also prove harmful, especially where braids are concerned. Many black women have suffered thinning edges and balding due to excessively tight and frequent braiding. No matter what hair type you have, hair products for Remy hair can keep your follicles healthy and strong!

4. You Have to Shampoo More Than Once

RemySoft best sulfate free shampooClose, but no cigar! You really only need to go through the shampooing process one time to get your hair clean and fresh. Anything more and you risk damage, such as dryness and dulling. That’s the opposite of why you invest in high quality hair care! If you’re concerned about whether your current shampoo can really get the job done in one go, however, you can always invest in the best sulfate free shampoo on the market to assuage your concerns.

We hope we’ve thoroughly debunked these hair myths for you so you know more about what’s what. For more information on quality hair care and what not to buy into, get in touch with us anytime!

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Curlies: Make Every Day a Good Hair Day

Despite the hair envy from people with bone straight locks, curly hair may often seem like the absolute hardest hair texture in the world to manage. In fact, some days it may feel like the better option would be to shave it all off so you never have to deal with it again. We totally understand your frustration! With constant shedding, matting and other woes, maintaining quality hair care can be a real struggle. However, your hair type is far more manageable than you may think. To help you make the most of your curlicue mane, we’ve put together a few helpful and handy tips.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Products

Of course, there’s always the old adage that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you have a product routine that’s already helping your hair flourish, feel free to go right ahead and stick to it! No harm, no foul. However, if you find your current routine still leaves much to be desired—whether through excessive dryness or textural issues—you owe it to yourself and your hair to shop around for new (and hopefully better) products. You never know what miracles your hair can undergo unless you take a first leap! By playing around with different products, you may wind up with hair far more manageable than you could ever have imagined.

Cut Down On Your Shampooing

RemySoft leave in conditionerWhile it’s important to maintain hair hygiene and keep your curls clean, it turns out using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner too often can create harmful side effects. More specifically, shampoo can strip the moisture from your hair, creating an unappealing, limp effect that leaves your hair harder to manage and potentially less visually appealing. Instead, it may be worth your while to invest your time and money into co-washing rather than doing a full shampoo with each wash. Conditioner, however, is always perfectly safe and beneficial to your hair, so don’t worry about having to skip out on that part of the washing process! We recommend investing in a good leave in conditioner to help maintain your hair’s bounce, body and shine.

Don’t Forget to Trim

Even the world’s best products and washing routines won’t entirely save damaged hair. In fact, curly hair can often be a hidden minefield for split ends and other forms of damage, which are all inconveniently concealed by your hair’s thickness and spiraling texture. One of the most important aspects of quality hair care for curly hair is going in for a trim on a regular basis. This will eliminate split ends and encourage your hair to grow. Getting trims also eases your maintenance routine, as too much damage often leads to easier tangling and more time spent yanking knots and matting from your scalp.

While these aren’t the only ways to care for your curly hair, we hope these tips will set you off to a good start! To learn more about how to care for your hair, no matter the texture, feel free to get in touch with us for advice, products and much more.

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How to Fight Your Fall Frizz

It happens even to the best of us. No matter how much effort and TLC we put into styling our hair, or how much we invest in quality hair care, the seasonal humidity can always creep right in and undo all of our hard work. This is just a frustrating fact of life…or is it?

What if we told you there are ways you can easily strike back against the frizziness plaguing your hair throughout the fall months? Skeptical? Well, let us convince you through this list of easy, frizz-fighting tips to unleash this season!

Start Up a Strengthening Regimen

RemySoft leave in conditionerSometimes a huge factor in how well your hair handles the fall humidity lies in how strong and prepared it is. Oftentimes we don’t give our hair enough of a safeguard against the weather, leading to frizzy disasters and other problems that ruin our perfectly coiffed hairdos.

If your hair is naturally on the thicker side, a sturdy leave in conditioner will become your new best friend! You can use it and related products to deep condition your hair on a regular basis. This will ensure your hair has enough moisture so it has no need to go sucking up moisture from the air around you, thus lowering the chance of a surprise fall frizz.

For those with thin hair, hot oil can work a different, but just as helpful, kind of magic! Prior to starting up your regular washing routine, just apply the hot oil to your hair. This will give your strands extra strength, allowing it to more easily combat frizz and stay in the style you intended.

Use Protectants

Of course, upping your regular washing routine won’t always be enough to protect your hair. It may very well need a little extra help. This can come in the form of a smoothing cream, which is specifically designed to prevent frizz and keep your hair sleek, or other hair products for Remy hair. People with thin hair may find oil treatments and styling sprays work best for keeping their hair manageable in the fall.

Style Your Hair Effectively

Certain hairstyles are far more protective than others. This includes braids and buns, which can create a smoothing effect that will leave your hair looking much neater overall. Say goodbye to those unsightly cowlicks and hello to cute fall hair instead!

Overnight Care

We understand you’re a busy person and may not always have the time or energy to devote to providing quality hair care in the mornings. If this is usually the case for you, letting your hair set overnight may be the better option. This entails going along with your usual washing routine, then adding styling cream to your hair before bed. Bundle your hair into a bun before you drift off to sleep, and you’ll wake up to sleek and smooth waves the fall humidity won’t be able to touch!

We hope these tips will help you better manage your hair in the face of fall. For other tips on how to prep for the season, as well as help your hair thrive all year long, get in touch with us!

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How to Keep Your Remy Wig Safe and Comfortable This Summer

We'll give you only the best tips on how to care for a wig.You want to look good every time of year, but especially during the summer. The problem, however, comes from all of the heat bearing down, persistent and at times overpowering. If you’re a wig owner, this can present a special conundrum altogether. You don’t want to go without your wig for the day during an outing, but you don’t want to sweat it out either. What is there to do?

With these tips from us, you’ll not only know how to care for a wig throughout the summer months, but be able to rock it just as easily as you do during the rest of the year!

Cover Yourself

RemySoft full cap partial cap hair replacementOne easy way to help your wig look its best this summer is to protect it in the same way you would your natural hair, with a shady accessory like a hat! A hat, scarf or similar addition to your outfit is a great way to stay cool and block your wig from those harmful UV rays. Best of all, a well-coordinated piece of head wear will boost your summer wardrobe tenfold! If you’re worried about your wig losing its grip as you take your hat off, you can always invest in a liner. This will take care of any sweat beading up along your hairline and keep your wig nice, dry and tidy.

Ditch the Cap

While this idea may certainly sound unorthodox, you’ll be able to stay that much cooler if you stop relying on a wig cap during the summer. In fact, you can buy wigs that are perfectly wearable without a cap! You won’t have to worry about the quality of the wig, either. Wigs without a cap are just as wearable as wigs with caps. The only differences are breathability and their weight because they’re designed to be worn during warm weather months.

Invest in Protective Products

Because wigs cannot replenish their moisture the way hair attached to the scalp can, a wig is far more prone to heat damage and dryness, which shortens its lifespan tremendously. To fix this, start using wig shampoo and conditioner. This will help keep the wig hydrated and less vulnerable to harmful sun rays, enabling you to wear your wig as much as you want, even when it’s scorching out! There are other products you can invest in as well for the health of your wig. This includes sprays meant to boost the sheen of your wig. Finally, you should give your wig a nice shampoo after wearing it for five times in a row, at the most. While this may seem excessive, taking the time to perform a wig wash will help eliminate damage from your sweat.

There are many other ways to protect your wig from the summer heat, but these few suggestions are some of the most important to follow. We at RemySoft can help you with any dimension of your remy wig care needs, including full cap and partial cap hair replacement and more. Contact us to learn how you can help your wigs stay at their fullest potential!

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Top Five Quick Hairstyles for Travelers

RemySoft quality hair careYou always want to look cute, even when you’re on the road. We completely understand! After all, you didn’t pack the best parts of your wardrobe for nothing. However, coordinating a great look while ducking in and out of airports and planes tends not to mesh well. Combine this with jetlag and exhaustion and maintaining your quality hair care routine easily becomes the last thing on your mind. What can you do? We have a few tips or, more accurately, easy hairstyle suggestions to keep your hair at its best while also making the idea of fussing with it the least of your cares while you’re seeing the world!

Fishtail Braids

RemySoft leave in conditionerThe classic fishtail braid is not only easy to style your hair into but is extremely cute! Whether you’ve freshly washed your hair and worked in a bit of leave in conditioner or are throwing it up as-is, you’re sure to look great as you board your next flight or stop at the nearest airport Starbucks kiosk for a little pick-me-up. You can simply comb through your hair with your fingers while it’s wet or dry, then twine it into a fishtail braid on the side of your head and secure it with a band. After that, you’re ready to go!


Buns have to be the ultimate low-effort hairstyle, but they work wonders with any outfit! Best of all, styling your hair this way takes mere minutes and keeps it safely secured while you’re out and about. You won’t have to worry about it tumbling down into your eyes and get all the benefits of looking quite fashionable without investing too much of your time.


Chignons are the siblings of the top-heavy bun and provide a more elegant touch to your travel style. While chignons take a little more effort, they hold up well no matter how far you’re traveling. Just be sure to bring plenty of hair pins to keep it in place.

Side Ponytails

If chignons are the siblings of buns, side ponytails are the cousins of fishtail braids. They have the same orientation, but a side ponytail isn’t bound up the way fishtail braids are—literally! This hairstyle combines easily with a hat to help you maintain some sun protection for hair if you’re anticipating going anywhere with lots of sunshine. Simply push all your hair to one side of your head and over your shoulder, then secure it with a good hair tie. Now you’re ready for adventure!


This hairstyle is a great solution for those with long hair who aren’t interested in fussing with it whatsoever in between flights. Again, this will require a bit of time and some pinning and pulling, but you’ll be able to glide through customs with ease, grace and the state of your hair being the farthest from your mind!

To learn how else you can maintain quality hair care both on and off the road, contact us at RemySoft Solutions! We’re here to help you look your most chic no matter the occasion.

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The Top Three Summer Hair Problems (and How to Resolve Them!)


While summer is perhaps one of the most enjoyable seasons for many, thanks to its ample supply of free time and opportunities for outings with friends, it isn’t so good for your hair. The summer sun inflicts a lot of damage on your hair and can easily render it a barely manageable mess. If you’ve dealt with this unfortunate downside of the summer, we are here to the rescue! Here are a few handy tips for sun protection for hair, as well as helpful information and why and how your hair can go wrong.

For Frizziness…

Nearly everyone has dealt with this beast of a hair problem at some point, when a frayed, cloud-like mass takes over the space where your lovely hair used to be. People who treat their hair frequently with chemical products tend to experience this problem the most. In fact, the chemicals are the problem. Perms, dyes and other similar hair styling tools we rely upon on a frequent basis can harm our hair by stripping it of the oils and moisture it needs to thrive. As a result, your hair becomes brittle and dehydrated to the point it will take in moisture wherever it can get. Summer humidity tends to be the perfect source.

To remedy this problem, you want to first invest in sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, which will help restore and lock in moisture within your hair. You may also want to consider relying on anti-frizz products until the next time you wash your hair.

For Dull Hair…

This problem is quite the opposite of what we discussed above. Rather than your hair puffing out, you may experience it weighing down until it becomes a lackluster straggle hanging floppily from your scalp. What’s the deal? Again, it’s the summer humidity! The excess water hanging in the air will easily latch onto your hair and make it far heavier than it should be.

To fix this, you want to try using a leave in conditioner and related products to boost the amount of proteins in your hair, which will make it more resistant to weighty moisture. In the meantime, you can use sprays that fight off moisture to help your hair thrive.

For Chlorine-Damaged Hair…

This problem is especially relevant for pool lovers. The sunlight and chlorine from the pool (and/or simply using far too much product) can combine to create less than desirable effects upon your hair, eliminating the sheen. Either way, your hair suffers from one of two problems: too much residue or too much dryness.

Again, a good sulfate free shampoo and conditioner should do the trick by cleaning your hair of any residue and restoring necessary moisture. You can also flat iron your hair to tide you over until your next wash day.

Interested in other quality hair care tips? Feel free to contact us to learn how else we can help you and your hair!

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Slide into Summer with These Unique New Hair Trends!

With the advent of summer comes a whole slew of opportunities, from vacations to outings to splurging on a new wardrobe. Why not change up your hairstyle while you’re at it? Many trends are arising this summer, which you may not want to miss out on. Luckily, we’re here to inform you of what these trends are and how you can join in on them yourself! Read on to learn all about them.


Blue is a seemingly underutilized hair color, despite its flexibility and ability to look great on just about anyone. Blue comes in such a large variety of shades that, if you are interested in trying out an unnatural hair color, you should be able to find the perfect hue for you. Furthermore, there are many ways to implement it into your locks, such as through a bit of peekaboo highlighting on your ends, covering your entire hair or streaking it through and blending it in with a cool shade of black. Either way, you’re sure to turn heads with hair of this color, as well as love the way it looks on you!



You may have heard of bronde hair. Ronze is essentially bronde’s counterpart but tailored toward those with naturally ginger locks. Much like blue hair, ronze is flexible enough to look great on anyone. While the style essentially consists of bronzy and coppery shades blended together, it can be altered, depending upon your skin tone. If you’re darker-skinned, you’ll want a much deeper version of this hair color. Paler people will want to go brighter. Ultimately, the shade of this particular look is up to you and your hairstylist!


Platinum Blonde

This is one hair hue that will never die out in terms of trendiness! While upkeep depends greatly on regular maintenance and a well-fortified supply of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, you can easily make it work for you! Much like the other colors we’ve listed so far, platinum blonde isn’t limited to the snowy white you’ve most commonly seen. There are all sorts of shades for all types of skin tones, meaning you can experiment with as many hues as you want until you find the right one.



Named after their youthful inspiration, the natural highlighting found in children with blonde hair, babylights are a great way to try out highlighting, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to regular maintenance. The best part of this coloring style is it will blend easily with your root color as you allow your hair to grow. Since babylights are more about technique than color, you can apply this look to any hair color imaginable. Just be sure to invest in a leave in conditioner for that small bit of maintenance you need to take care of!

No matter what style you end up going for, you must remember to invest equally in sun protection for hair in order to help your new style flourish. Feel free to contact us for more hair advice!

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