RemySoft great sulfate free shampooEveryone has heard of how blow drying damages hair. However, most people aren’t aware they could also be damaging their hair by air drying it. Of course, air drying is generally the best option if you have the time to let it dry on its own. However, you need to keep a few things in mind to ensure you minimize the damage as much as possible during the air drying process.

Avoid Hygral Fatigue

Hygral fatigue is when your hair has too much moisturizer or water in it. Your hair is like a rubber band; it expands and contracts when wet. The more this process happens, the harder it is for your hair to return to its original texture. With a great sulfate free shampoo, you’ll be able to minimize the amount of times you wash your hair, so it won’t have to get wet every night. The longer you leave your hair wet, the higher your chances are of inducing hygral fatigue.

Minimize The Damage as Much as Possible

Using the best hair products for Remy hair can help minimize damage. You can also take a few other steps. People with thicker hair could be damaging their hair more than people with thin hair, simply because the hair takes longer to air dry. Additionally, going to sleep with your hair wet is one of the worst things you can do, so avoid it as much as possible!

Use the Right Hair Products to Help Your Cause

Great quality hair care starts with being conscious of how your hair reacts to certain products or environments. If you notice your hair doesn’t react well to air drying, or it just takes too long to dry, consider using a great sulfate free shampoo instead of the product you’re currently using. Trial and error is necessary sometimes until you find what works best for your hair.

The bottom line is air drying is one of the best ways to dry your hair, but it still has the potential to damage it if you aren’t careful. At Remysoft, we offer the best hair products for Remy hair to help you keep your hair in the best shape, even if you air dry it frequently. Be sure to contact us for more tips or to find the right products for your hair.