RemySoft hair products for Remy hairPeople who don’t have bangs are usually jealous of the people who do. People who have long bangs are sometimes envious of the people who have shorter bangs. The point is, having bangs is a love-hate relationship. This is especially true when it comes to styling them. If you don’t use the right quality hair care products on a regular basis, it’s tough to keep long bangs under control at times. Styling your bangs doesn’t have to be too difficult when you follow these four different styles.

1. Swept to the Side

There are times when your bangs simply won’t cooperate with you, no matter how many hair products for Remy hair you use. When that happens, consider this side-swept look. As you blow dry your bangs, brush through your bangs and part them to the side. This technique will help keep your bangs in place. Run your curler through the bangs to give them a bit of a textured look and you’ll have a new go-to hairstyle for your bangs!

2. Simple and Long

Growing out your bangs can be a tough transition until they get to the length you want them to be. Until that time comes, consider going with a simple look with a part in the center. The key to this look is using a quality sulfate free shampoo to ensure your hair will remain in the position you place it. Consider running your curler through your bangs after you give them the middle part for a little added polish.

RemySoft sulfate free shampoo3. Long and Sleek

If you’ve got long hair, you could pull off the long and sleek look with your bangs as an everyday hairstyle. Even if you don’t have long hair, you can use hair products for Remy hair, like hair extensions, to pull it off. The key to this hairstyle is using the best sulfate free shampoo you can find and straightening your hair often.

4. The Top Knot

The top knot hairstyle takes a little more work to pull off, but it’s well worth it! Grab your bangs and pull them back to create a messy bun as far back on your head as you can and secure it using multiple bobby pins. You can use different quality hair care products to help pull off the exact look you’re going for.

At RemySoft, we take pride in providing some of the best quality hair care products on the market to help our customers style their bangs. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice on styling your hair or different products to use.